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Nexaira Business Class II 3G/4G High Availability Router

Product Description

The Nexaira Business Class II Router offers reliability and security protocols with wireline and 3G/4G Broadband connections. NexWare provides business continuity for existing network connections (i.e. cable modem, DSL, or T1) with a seamless failover to 3G/4G cellular networks. Customizable features like failback with Anti-Flap ensures network stability. NexWare supports secure remote management and configurations for multiple sites via SSH and CLI and provides the ability to monitor and manage your router remotely using SNMP V2. NexWare VRRP (compatible with Cisco, Juniper etc.) means no single point of failure. VRRP delivers business continuity for existing wireline routers and network connections, with 100% redundancy. Nexaira’s Business Class Router leads the industry in 3G/4G data card support, ensuring service from the carrier of choice such as AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, Verizon, Bell, and Telus. Using 3G Primary Service means you are using cellular technoogy for your primary service which lowers infrastructure costs by replacing traditional wireline such as T1 and DSL with ease of installation and instant set up offering reliability, speed and value. The Business Class II Router also works with DSL, Cable, and T1 networks. Features Xtreme Speed to optimize your connections to the internet or corporatenetworks for maximum speed or bandwidth performance. Improves user experiences with functions like e-mail, VoIP, business applications or simply web surfing. Nexaira's 3G/4G wireless firmware supports iPSec for your business and home security. Security features include: VPN, IPsec with AES and 3DES, meets PCI-DSS requirements, Corporate data security, Easily deployed wireless solution. The Business Class II router also creates a secure on-line transaction for all your companies needs for point-of sale transactions and IPsec meets PCI-DSS requirements.

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Very good router. Just about the only one that currently works with Verizon 4G UML290. Does not drop connections.

As described

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