Comments about TRENDnet 108Mbps Wireless Super G Broadband Router (TEW-452BRP)

TRENDnet 108Mbps Wireless Super G Broadband Router (TEW-452BRP)

Product Description

The Wireless AP/Router is the cornerstone of your IEEE 802.11g wireless network. Capable of speeds of up to 108Mbps, the TEW-452BRP built-in AP facilitates seamless wireless communication between your devices. The units router enables you to share a single Internet account with multiple users, while its 10/100Mbps 4-port switch gives you the flexibility to support wired Ethernet connections. With WEP and WPA-compliant encryption protecting your information, youll be able to share files, Internet connections, and other resources with the peace of mind you deserve. Other security features include a SPI firewall.

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10/18/2008 I read all the reviews before I bought this router and was a little sceptical about its claims. Within 20 minutes of its arrival it was up and running in both LAN and WLAN. First thing to do is check for updated software/hardware updates from TrendNet. Even though I received the latest version of this router I found I needed both. Flashing the router went real smooth as did software installation. Configuring was a bit tougher as even with the new software the configuration utility would not show up. I know networking so I knew how to bring it up and customize it for my purposes. GREAT RANGE My neighbor two doors down can log in and he gets a better signal strength from me than he does his own linksys.

Probably wouldn't recommend for a novice user but anyone with a little good experience should have no problems. I still haven't had the signal loss some people have complained about nor the near use drops in WLAN. Nice compact size with adjustable wireless signal strenth is great.

I am pretty happy with the purchase and hope you will be to.

This product has opened up a whole new world for me. I have a loptop I have not used much for 4 years now, and finally got this router to enable wireless internet access in my home. I now love my laptop and can sit comfortably anywhere in my home instead of sitting at a desk to use the internet. The router is small and unobtrusive and works very well throughout my home.

I've had this product for a few weeks and it has worked OK so far. If you're a Mac user, note that the setup/configuration software on the CD it comes with is for Windows only, and nowhere (that I could find) in the written instructions does it tell you what to do if you own a Mac. However, it is Mac-compatible; you can set it up through an internet browser. After some searching online, I found this solution:
which is similar to a solution buried in the more extensive setup instructions downloadable (in pdf form) from the TrendNet website.

TRENDnet 108Mbps Wireless Super G Broadband Router (TEW-452BRP) Inserted cd as instructed, 5 minutes later, after hooking up the power, I was connected. Extremely easy to setup and works very well. I'm glad I chose this wireless router out of all that's available. It has range to spare.

Works Fine

I have been using this produce for 4-5 years now. No problems seen so far.
I recommend this to anyone.

Easy to configure. Easy to manage. Consistent performer (I use it in a concrete/steel/brick multi-level setting. Only runs 108 when open, but WPA produces a solid 54mBps performance with the included MIMO.

decent router

I have been using this product and I am pleased with its quality and performance. Thank You.
Sita Bhagavan

TRENDnet 108Mbps Wireless Super G Broadband Router (TEW-452BRP)


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