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Cisco-Linksys WTR54GS Wireless G Travel Router with Speedbooster

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Create a wireless network wherever you go! Compact Internet-sharing Router with built-in SpeedBooster enhanced Wireless-G Access Point, in a pocket-sized box. The antenna and power supply are built-in for travel convenience. The Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router with SpeedBooster lets you carry a wireless network wherever you go. There's a built-in access point, which lets you connect SpeedBooster-enhanced and regular Wireless-G and Wireless-B devices to the network. There's also an Ethernet port to connect your wired PC. The Router function ties it together and lets your PCs share a wired or wireless Internet connection. The travel-friendly form factor includes a built-in power supply and antenna -- it even comes with a travel case! Create a temporary, personal, wireless access ""bubble"" in your hotel room. Just plug the Router directly into the wall, and connect the hotel's fast Internet service cable. Then use the Router's push button setup feature to easily connect and configure your wireless devices -- push the button on the Router and on your other SecureEasySetup-enabled wireless device to automatically create an encryption-secured wireless connection. You can also create a shared-access bubble attached to a wireless Internet connection to use multiple devices on a single hotspot account in a coffee shop or airport lounge. To protect your data and privacy, the Wireless-G Broadband Router can encode all wireless transmissions with WEP or extra-strength WPA Personal encryption. The Router can serve as a DHCP Server, has a powerful SPI firewall to protect your PCs against intruders and most known Internet attacks, and supports VPN pass-through. Configuration is a snap with the web browser-based configuration utility.

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I have just received this unit and it is superb! Being a long time client of Linksys I have come to expect the kind of flawless setup and full feature set. The novelty in this unit is that it may also connect to the internet wirelessly (other than the usual broadband wired connection). I have had a few travel routers (DLink PocketRouter, 3Com Travel Router as well as Linksys Compact Router). I have been replacing them in the order above and now have moved to the WTR54GS as my travel and mobile unit. I believe that now I'll settle down for this unit for a while.

A great travel package includes a PDA such as the iPAQ 5550 with LifeView LifeJAcket and ThinkOutside StowAway bluetooth keyboard and mouse, as well as the Linksys WTR54GS. With that one can use a hotel TV as monitor, keyboard and mouse and still enjoy a wireless connection in the room and neighbourhood. All works superbly!

I thought this is a very well designed router except for one flaw that I encountered. I really like the fact that there is no power adapter and the fact that plug retracts (so you don't have to worry about damaging other items in your bag). My one complaint has to do with the setup of this router. When setting up the router I put the plug from the modem into the wrong port and I was able to get on the internet with one pc but not share the connection. I called linksys tech support and they were unable to diagnose the problem. I then had to return the unit and the problem happened again when I setup the new router. At this point, I realized what the problem was and was able to correct the issue. Just seems that the setup software should have detected that I plugged the modem cord into the wrong port and told me such when I ran it. Would have saved me a 2 hour tech support call and them sending me a new unit.

This is an excellent travel router, extremely reasonably priced (at least when I bought it), with a great form factor, and at least one unique capability.

This device is no bigger than the Apple Airport Extreme travel router, but it's much cheaper. What makes it special is that it can bridge wireless networks. The source can not be encrypted. But, most hotels that charge for wireless access don't encrypt the stream, they just force you to pay on a sign-up screen. This device allows multiple laptops in your room to share the one paid-for wireless stream.

Highly recommended.

Are you a road warrior? Do you travel to Europe? Do you want a box that's easy to plug into your network to add wireless when you're home? If so, this is the box for you!

I set up two profiles - one to set up the box as a router when I'm on the road and want to plug into a hotel network, and another to make it act like a switch when I want to plug it into my home router to provide a wireless extension to my network.

The first was easy - just follow the setup wizard. Or if you have other "smart" LinkSys products, just press the button. Caution: DO NOT press the button after you have set it up - it'll reset to default settings and then go hunting for another LinkSys device.

Setting it up as a switch is a bit more difficult, but LinkSys support provided a clear answer within 24 hours. To make it work like a switch or hub:

1. Find out the base IP address of your router by connecting to its admin page. It'll be something like 192.168.xx.1.

2. Connect to this router's web-based pages. Default IP is

3. Set a static IP for this box to your router's address plus 1. For example, 192.168.xx.2.

4. Turn off DHCP on this box and click Save - you'll be disconnected.

5. Most Important: Now connect this box using the ETHERNET (not INTERNET) plug to your router.

Voila! You now have a wireless extension to your home network that will support multiple wireless connections.

Tip: As you set up the router, go to the Admin menu and save your profile. I have two separate ones saved on my laptop - one to turn the box back into a router for the road and a second to make it a switch at home.

The linksys WTR54GS wifi travel router comes with 5' of flat 100Mbps cable, a 2x4x5 black carry case and required software*. The hardware is light (almost flimsy) but has worked for a few weeks with no glitches. Range and signal about equivalent to my standard home router (I admit - I didn't push the range). Performance is satisfactory. The device has a retractable 100-240V U.S. plug and 1 Ethernet-out port; convenient, but needs some space around the power outlet to fit in.
*Note: the Easy Setup software would not run on my laptop and I was obliged to set up manually "Not Recommended" via instructions from the user manual .pdf file thankfully included on the CD. Indeed- not recommended for novices. Had to reset the device twice before getting it right.
Ultimately, the WTR54GS provides most of the features of a full-sized wireless router in a compact package.

Recently took my laptop and this travel router on vacation. I had occasion to use it as a wireless router with my laptop in wireless mode. There were also occasions where the lodging had wireless and then I used the router as a AP. In both cases, performance was what I expected.

My only complaint is that with the power supply built into the router, it ran quite warm if used for an extended period. However, there were no problems.

Just as advertised, this makes for an ideal travel router for use in a hotel room. I've been carrying it with me for months and never had an issue with it. Unlike some of the competition, I find the built in power-supply to really cut down on clutter. Simply plug in the ethernet cable and plug it into the wall, and you are all set.

This Linksys Travel Router is a fine portable product, and the one Ethernet port is convenient as it allows me to plug my office VOIP into it; though don't expect any decent long range reception if you will also be using it at home, etc.

The fact that it is all inclusive unit (no extra wires or power adapters) makes it extra attractive for travelers.

I've been using this router all over the world on a daily basis for 9 months now -- and the last 6 months it's been used every day in Europe for a team of 3-4 people, with no problems whatsoever. So not only is this great for travel (with the 110-240 volt range, small size, etc.) but in my experience it works a lot better than other non travel modems for every day use.

Absolutely love it. The perfect travel router. if you really want to, you can upgrade to DD-WRT and get better functionality.

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