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Belkin Wireless Play Router (F7D4302)

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Belkin's Play Wireless Dual-Band Router optimizes multiple media files like streaming HD video and games

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router is easy to install and works great but i get a little week signal from my room so dont know if its the product or the layout of my place.

I can't believe so many hate this router! I've had trouble setting up routers in the past- hours of noodling. This one is EASY compared. Seriously, if you find this router difficult to get up and running, you have very limited experience with routers. This is by far easier than linksys or netgear- by FAR! All I can say is that for eight months now it's been fine. The firmware is up to date and all is well. I have desktops, wireless, and a CCTV dvr hooked up and all is running fine. I HIGHLY recommend you go into the settings and start a self-healing schedule, if you are having frequent wireless connection issues. No need to manually power cycle this router- the software does it automatically for you! Set a once a day internal reboot- perhaps early morning before you typically go online. Every day it'll automatically reboot and you'll have a fresh, faster router. In three months I could come back here and say the thing died, calling it junk. I'm not thrilled routers cost bucks and die so quickly. I can only say that at this point, all is well with this one. I'll check back in over time and update. Am I the lucky one with this router? Reading the negative reviews, it's seem like the bulk of people aren't really experienced with router basics. This one couldn't be easier to get going, at the very least.

I was looking for dual-band router to set up compatible 5GHz Frequency for using AE2500 dual-band Wireless USB adapter. Cisco-Linksys WRT610N is still very expensive, so I searched for less expensive dual-band routers such as Netgear WNDR3300. Then, I bumped into this Belkin Play router upon hearing from the news that Cisco is to sell Linksys home networking business to Belkin.

Checking Belkin Play F7D4302 Specs, I found out this router is almost the same as Cisco-Linksys WRT610N (version 2) with built-in CPU: Broadcom BCM4718A1. Configuring this Belkin Play router manually (without its Installation CD), I found this router provides two separate SSID bandwidth Channels; one channel is for a mixed N and A at 5GHz, another channel is for mixed-B,G,N 2.4GHz frequency.

Only one different thing between Cisco-Linksys WRT610Nv2 and Belkin Play is that WRT610Nv2 is a gigabit router BUT Belkin Play F7D4302 is NOT.

Updating to the newest firmware version 1.00.28 and testing router's functions, I found out this Belkin Play and Cisco-Linksys WRT610Nv2 share the same networking functions.

I bought this router at Costco despite all of the negative reviews. Costco has a liberal return policy and the price was right. The first thing that I did after unboxing the router was to upgrade the firmware to the August update using the address stated in some of the reviews. I now have 1 wired computer, 2 wireless computers, a wired blu ray player, and a wireless blu ray player connected. All currently function without any problems. The setup was easy and performance seems very good. This product may have been a problem at one time, but it seems like somebody (Belkin) may have been listening since this has been a very good router so far.
Just wanted to update my experience with the router since so many people are having severe problems. In my experience, you must update to version 027 of the firmware. If not you will have all of the problems mentioned by the other reviewers. I can't excuse Belkin for not getting it right earlier, but I am running that version with no problems.

I experienced many of the problems people are reporting in these reviews, including slowness, ping latency, dropping wireless connections and so forth. All of these were solved when I upgraded the firmware, which you can do by logging into the router and navigating into the upgrade menu.

I couldn't find any useful information on Belkin's site and was about to return the unit when I did this as one final attempt to troubleshoot the router. Once the firmware is upgraded, the router acts just fine. I'm still a fan of the Linksys routers over other makes, but hopefully this one will continue to not cause any slowness on my wired desktops. I hope this advice helps anyone who's having problems with the Belkin Play, since their documentation and support is practically non-existent.

*** Thanks to Belkin for improving their site and support resources recently. ***

I'm not too sure why people keep giving this router 1 star. Perhaps they need to try updating their firmware as that's very important for any computer accessory. In any case, out of the box this router was incredibly simple to set up. I power-cycled my modem then connected the router and turned them both on. After inserting the disc it really does the rest for you, including automatically updating your firmware. This router has amazing features and an even more amazing connection speed. After having bad encounters with other N routers, I figured I'd give this one a shot. I had lag free gaming on my 360 and PS3 and was still able to connect two laptops and the best part is, the connection speed didn't slow one bit.

I imagine I'll be using this router for quite some time to come. I've never really used Belkin brand anything because I always figured they were a lower-end company. If this router is any indication of the direction they're going then I'm very impressed. I was using a linksys router but I can only power-cycle a router so many times a day before I say it's time to move on.

For the features you get (especially the app that supports streaming via USB connection to an external HDD), you can't ask for a lower price. The linksys routers that had similar specs started at about $119. If you ask me, this is the router to go with if you're into gaming and streaming music/HD videos over your network.

I got this to replace my linksys n router than burned out. The first the router is easy to install unlike linksys which I had to call there support because their cd did not work and had to have them help me out. Belkins cd works and the setup was easy and I have setup my other wifi stuff with no problems. And it has the latest WPA security

Now I've been reading some reviews and I want to clear up some stuff

Signal strength: Do you honestly think your going to get the 300 speed, here's factors into the speed. 1 is your internet provider. Case in point I have comcast there speed is 100 mps wired I get 144 mps on the router. Second is whether you have any thing like metal, etc in your way, it says in the instructions not place near speakers etc. obstructions will affect and so will your distance.

Now i haven't had to reset but once and it wasn't it's fault the cable modem went(cable companies fault) down. Firmware is up to date(that's another key).

Overall it's a good product and I haven't had a problem with it.

This was the first item I've purchased that had an Amazon rating of two (as of 6/10/2010) or lower. From what I could tell, most of the negative aspects of the router were due to:

1) The router locking up, forcing a reset.
2) The reset losing configuration information.
3) Extremely poor N signal transmission distance.
4) Worthless/non-working "apps" that install on a windows pc
5) Lack of tweaking options, missing front panel connectivity indicator

I'm on a mac, so the apps weren't of interest to me. However, the other features of this router (dual band wireless, usb print/drive sharing) coupled with the low price did attract me.

I immediately upgraded the firmware, and it solved problems 1-3 for me. I've had no issues with connectivity, the router has not reset in at least a week, and I can get a strong signal from either transmitter from down the block if necessary. I cannot vouch for the "software" based installation method, since I did mine over the integrated webserver @ I also cannot vouch for the extra "apps" that this provides. Also, instead of a front panel connectivity indicator, this router just has a single "idiot" light which is green normally, but turns yellow or red if it is disconnected or having a problem. I normally want some kind of indicator panel, but since this router is getting tucked into a drawer, I'm not upset about it.

For a dual band, usb sharing router, this is surely worth the $80 or so that is being charged... provided you are savvy enough to know how to upgrade the firmware via the onboard webserver, aren't going to bother with the apps, and don't mind the absence of a front indicator panel.

A week ago the old wireless router at our church final went down. I bought this Belkin Play Wireless Router based on a review on [...]. I installed it hard wired to an XP machine, and connected wirelessly two XP, one Vista and one Win 7 laptops to it with no issues at all.

Setup: I found it easy to use. Yes in the tray is a grey icon. Right click on that and you get into the router, the manual and other features/apps. I think that is easier for people to use than remember the routers IP.

Printing: For XP machine printing, I did have to go into the print port and put in the correct IP address. With Vista and Win 7, I had no issues. It auto detected. We had an unrelated issue with the print drivers themselves but it was not related to the router.

Speed/Range: The wireless download speed from changing routers increased from 1.8M to 2.8M (we have a 3M DSL line) with about the same upload speed. The other thing I noticed, is the strength of the signal increased dramatically. In the same location (about 90-100 ft away) in the building, we doubled the signal strength. Before we had to put in a booster and still had issues getting a strong enough signal. No signal problem now.

Security: It comes out of the box ready to go. By default you can use the SSID and passphrase that comes on a card with the router.

Con: It powers off at night and the office staff told me it does not automatically wake up. I need to double check on that.

Yes, I read all of the negative reviews regarding loss of signal, lack of range, etc. In spite of these dire forecasts, I purchased a unit from Costco. After all, with their liberal return policy and since it was the only router available at the time, I thought I would give it a try.

First of all, there is no documentation in the box. There are just three tags which in pictorial fashion tell you to connect the modem, a computer, and the power cord to the router. A second tag tells you to turn on the power, and the final tag tells you to load the set up CD into the computer.

When I set up my previous two routers many years ago, I could not understand the written instructions with computer abbreviations that I had no idea what they meant. In both instances, I had to call customer service to help me get the router to work. With the Belkin, it was a snap. With just those three tags, I was up and running with three computers in my house. I could even connect the printer to the router without any problem. I could never get the printer connected to my previous two Linksys routers.

Everything ran smoothly for a week. Then one Wednesday morning, the dreaded red connection light was on. To get the router back online again I had to turn off the modem and the router, and then restart them in sequence and run the set up the program again. I believe the disconnect problems were caused by the self healing program in the router that, by default, ran every Tuesday night. Check the self healing settings on the router settings page.

Earlier this month, Belkin sent me an email saying they have an update for the router. Fixes included:
Improved ISP compatibility
Resolves intermittent wireless connectivity
Changed guest access subnet to 192.168.169.x
Increased network speed & performance
Resolves intermittent wireless connectivity
Fixed Self Healing feature so it does not reset to factory defaults.
Fix reboot issue when Self Healing is enabled
This update may have resolved the connection problem as I have not experienced any further connection problems.

Some short comments:
Speed: I have not noticed any appreciable increase in speed. Of course, my computer is old and probably has a G network card. My son, who has a new laptop with an N card, said he noticed a slight increase in speed.
Range: No difference in signal range as compared with my old G router.
Customer support: Belkin makes it difficult to contact their customer service. Nothing on those three installation tags gives the phone number or website for customer service.

Overall, it was simple to install. The process, including updates, should take less than hour. And it is still working. It's not all that doom and gloom.

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