Comments about Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Dual-Band Wireless-N Router (HD45R)

Hawking Technology Hi-Gain Dual-Band Wireless-N Router (HD45R)

Product Description

Hi-Gain Dual-Band Wireless-N Router creates a Dual-Band Wi-Fi network to share a single wired internet connection with multiple users. Compatible with 802.11a/ b/g/n networks, the HD45R is an ideal solution to upgrade and improve your wireless experience. The HD45R combines revolutionary Dual-Band technology with removable external antennas to upgrade your overall wireless experience. Boosting speeds of up to 750mbps, the HD45R transmits both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wireless signal simultaneously. As a result, it provides a stronger and more solid wireless connection to improve overall performance, such as improving the data transfer speed and reducing lag while streaming or downloading multimedia content (video, music, etc.). The HD45R is quick and easy to install. Its Hassle-free installation feature lets you configure the device within minutes using a tablet, smartphone, Mac or Windows computer.

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bought this because i was always having dropouts on my previous wireless N routers..(yup i tried 2 different ones, both tp links of different types) I was always happy with the tplink until the dropouts started

I run road runner turbo so it is supposed to be faster. I saw some speed increase on the N routers.

Now we get to this one. It was a bear to connect to my laptops, until i figured out you have to delete all previous connections related to old router especially since i wanted to keep the ssid and passwords. once that was done it went swimmingly. The hook-in was a major wow. Mail speed increased 50% facebook, no lag. searches, zowie... loving it.
would I buy another - oh yes. dual band is amazing. my phone connection extender is better, my roku no skips, my grand kids and our phones, tablets and 4 laptops co-exist wonderfully. I have had it for a week now and if there is any change i will update this.

I HAVE used this router for a few months and will continue to say it is the best is have ever owned of about 20. Lots of wireless in my house, phones tablets 5 computers, 2 Roku. Never a hiccup. Love this router, have recco to many friends. Just one caveat, I have Time Warner Turbo, but when I had another expensive router before this one, it still dropped out. NO MORE. I love this piece of tech

I have had a couple of other wireless routers, and neither of them had enough range to reach our entire home. This one sure does! We have 2 laptops, 2 iPod Touches and an iPad that all connect to the router at various time sof the day, and all of them connect easily, with a great signal anywhere in the house (a 3-level, 4,000 sf house), and no sign of it slowing down during times of high activity. I am definitely glad I read the reviews for this and other routers and settled on this one!

I bought this because the Wi Fi router-DSL modem combination provided by CentryTel could not hold up to the the demands of Skype. I an currently running both Wi Fi devices on widely separate channels in the 2.4 b/g frequency band. This Hawking router is solid, Skype is smooth. I recommend this router without reservation.

I recently upgraded to this Hawking router on the recommendation of a family member. We have three smartphones, 1 Android tablet, a Chromebook, and 3 laptops using the wireless connection. The ability to stream movies on one band while others access the internet on the other band is great.

I used this on a Campus and it works as expected.
This is what I offer my customers. And I allways have Hawking products in stock.
I am using Hawking for over 5 years now.

I have bought several Hawking routers over the past few years: one for my house, one for my office, one for my brother's house, and one for my sister-in-law. The products work great. The Hawking instructions are not the best, and neither is their customer service, but their products are excellent.

This is a great dual band wireless router. It was so easy to setup and use. I don't have but 2 wireless computers and 2 smart phones that use it but it's still fast. I have not noticed any slow downs. I would recommend getting one.

Overloaded my old router. Bought this one due to rating. Took about 5 minutes to set up and works great. Didn't even have to call tech support.

Excellent product. Performs without glitches. Strong connection, works great through walls. Awesome software. Installed at office and so far the best i ever had.

My roommate hooked it up in no time,works great,downstairs and upstairs,The tv,computer,my phone,laptop.Six things at once,cant beat that.Everyone should have one.

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Product DescriptionGo online and instantly share your internet access between computers in your home or office! Using the state-of-the-art wireless technology, Hawking’s HAWNR3 Hi -Gain Wireless-300N Router with Range Amplifier delivers a solid networking experience for home and office users.