Comments about D-Link Wireless N300 PowerLine Adapter AV500 Gigabit Router (DHP-1565)

D-Link Wireless N300 PowerLine Adapter AV500 Gigabit Router (DHP-1565)

Product Description

The D-Link Wireless N PowerLine Gigabit Router (DHP-1565) router works seamlessly with D-Link's PowerLine AV adapters and switches (sold separately) to extend your network to anywhere in your home using the electrical wiring already installed in your walls. With speeds up to 500Mbps, this PowerLine router offers a connection fast enough to stream HD videos without so much as a stutter, and is the perfect solution for accessing your network - and all the devices on it - from any room in your home. If you also want the flexibility of N300 wireless or the wired connectivity of Ethernet ports, those are built right in too.

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I bought this router about 2 years ago, almost to the day, and it hasnt skipped a beat in that time. Not sure why everyone is having problems with theirs but mine has been rock solid, only restarted the thing maybe 3 times in that two year time span due to connectivity issues, probably not due to the router itself. ive used the AV500 spec powerline connectivity and it was slow in my old house, but I have recently moved (11/25/2017) and it is just as fast as using point to point with my powerline AV500 Nano adapters on the same circuit. The wireless isnt the fastest, but I run wires for almost everything because its faster and more reliable, period.

Please note that my review is based upon MY experience with this unit and may not line up with others you can read on here....
Very nice unit. Bought to replace an older Cisco/Linksys E series router and couldn't be happier. Sets up quickly out of the box, and during service restoration after a power outage, (which is fairly frequent here), boots up quickly. Wireless coverage is excellent in a 1750' single level home. My only caveat of any of the all-in-one units is the lack of an external antenna, (easily remedied by buying one WITH an external antenna lol), but this unit exceeded my expectations based upon the price I paid for it. If you're looking for a rock solid dependable unit, I can recommend this router. I have an 80meg download cable modem service from Armstrong Cable, and this router has more than ample throughput to handle multiple devices at the same time, with indiscernible latency for downloading music, playing games, and/or watching Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. I haven't needed to use the POE function, so I can't comment on the viability of that. I can say that as a technician for a telephone/cable company, I have years of experience with routing and network configuration, so a lot of the steps the average consumer would have to take to make any of these units perform as written in the manual were bypassed, so I won't comment on that. I've read a few of the other reviews and I can't comment on the quality control issues written about, but the 1 consistent theme regarding the Powerline adapters and wireless not working, I will. Powerline adapters WILL NOT PASS consistently through 2 common items in the home. Power strips and GFI......period!! GFI being "ground fault interrupter" circuits, are usually in the circuits in kitchens and bathrooms where there is water present as a safety feature. GFI circuits for whatever reason filter the data. I don't know the particulars as to why, they just do. Power strips view data transmission as surge due to the burst nature of data, and therefore are incompatible, so you really need to know how your home is wired before deciding to use that medium. The last comment I'll also make is regarding dual-band wireless. This is a MUST HAVE in a router these days IMO. 2.4 Ghz only routers with the A/B/G/N designations can be problematic when the following conditions exist: 1) The router is near a microwave oven due to the scattergun transmission of the microwave signal when used. Using a Wifi analyzer, I've seen microwave ovens cover the entire 2.4 Ghz spectrum during operation, effectively killing data transmission. This has caused service calls of "intermittent connectivity" that drove me nuts until I became more educated on the problem. 2) Wireless surveillance cameras....many models also operate in the 2.4 Ghz spectrum. These also have the potential to kill your routers wireless forewarned! And lastly, 3) If you have older equipment that uses the "B" wireless protocol, (11mbs), without a dualband router, every unit's speed on the wireless network will be throttled to 11mbs speed, at least while that "B" unit is connected. So before you blame your Internet service provider for slow speeds, check what you're connecting with......that could be the issue. With the dualband, you can take your iPad, Android, laptop, tablet, Xbox, Ps3, or whatever that has "G" or "N" capabilities, connect it on the higher spectrum and ensure that your streaming movie isn't being throttled by your mother posting on Facebook with her iPhone This review in no way is to diss other manufacturer's equipment, but I read reviews as do most consumers,to get educated on equipment, not to have Hans und Frans...."Pump Me Up" with cheerleader comments. I bought it at a good price, from Amazon who I like doing business with, works great for me......nuff said....

This router was very easy to set up.

A note to people considering this product… What you need to know about Powerline products in general is:

1. They can’t be plugged into power strips/surge protectors.
2. You need “something” on each end. (and by something I mean a “Powerline product”).
a. For instance… if you have a non-Powerline router, you need it to plug into a Powerline adaptor that is plugged directly into the wall.
b. If you buy “This” particular router… it’s both “all in one” (that’s why it’s bigger and heavier than most routers).

What I will caution you about is the “other end” piece. I read many reviews and people warned me that the wireless adaptor that you would put in a remote location has “troubles” a few months out.
These claims ARE TRUE… so buy at your own risk. I bought this router and one Wireless remote for my bedroom at the other side of the house and it worked great for 2 months… now it constantly disconnects and what is even more frustrating is my wireless devices (laptops, iPhones, iPads, Nexus tabs) all connect to it, but they won’t transfer any data… So infuriating. So right now, it’s a “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t”.

But anyway, this isn’t a review about the wireless adapter… the router itself is the best router I’ve ever had… it’s super-fast and really sharp looking and deserves the 5 star rating I gave it.

Set up was a snap. Cable modem -> router -> computer. Go to router admin page to reset admin login, set an SSID name and password and then connect to SSID on other devices. I have the option to buy powerline network adapter kit to easily extend my range.

This router replaced an older D-Link model that was dropping our android devices. It works great and the signal is good all over the house - no need for the extenders.

Item as described. Will buy from again. A+

All very well thanks

Excellent router, very fast and the price was the best. I recommend it 100%.
The connection with power line it's ok, could be more fast, but it's fine...

So far So Good!

Powerline routers should rule the market. It would be even better if it has a physical button for switching off wifi.

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