Comments about Edimax Dual-Band AC1200 Router/Extender/AP, 3-in-1 Smart Device, Provides iQ-Setup for Easy Installation via Smartphone/Tablet (BR-6478AC)

Edimax Dual-Band AC1200 Router/Extender/AP, 3-in-1 Smart Device, Provides iQ-Setup for Easy Installation via Smartphone/Tablet (BR-6478AC)

Product Description

Edimax BR-6478AC can work as Router, Access Point or Range Extender. Just configure the mode you need for your network environment using the smart iQ Setup wizard through your Smartphones or Tablets. BR-6478AC router provides simultaneous 2.4GHz (802.11n) and 5GHz (802.11ac) wireless network connectivity for maximum flexibility of use. With 300Mbps in 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps in 5GHz, the BR-6478AC is ideal for HD video streaming and large file transfers. Multi-SSID enables users to configure up to four separate SSIDs in order to group and manage users according to your requirements. In addition, each SSID can be assigned a different VLAN ID, so users with multiple VLANs can manage the network access level of each SSID - ensuring security and protecting confidential or critical network resources. It also supports a guest network to provide connectivity while isolating guests from your primary network. iQOS is Edimax's solution for a quicker, easier, and more effective way to manage Internet bandwidth. Edimax has redesigned QoS with user-friendliness and accessibility in mind. A simple and intuitive user interface allows users to arrange bandwidth priority settings in just a few clicks. With iQOS, you can enjoy gaming, video streaming, VoIP applications and BT clients at the same time without the usual nightmare of lag and interruptions. An original, efficient and effective means of managing your Internet bandwidth. Edimax BR-6478AC allows users to build secure connections with WPS enabled wireless devices simply by pressing the WPS button - there is no need for the hassle of complex set up and configuration procedures. And with the built-in WLAN on/off switch users can also easily switch on/off the wireless connection without logging into the user interface - an easy way to save electricity when it is not in use. For product and technical support, please contact Edimax USA tech support hotline 1-800-652-6776 or email " ".

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My son purchased this router to use at home. We have a two storey house and were getting poor signal in his room downstairs. He soon realized that to take advantage of the "range extender" feature, we would have to get anothe router, especially because he wanted to use the "ac" network. Upon purchasing a TP-Link router and trying to set up the Edimax as an extender. He encountered some problems. THe router connected, but was unable to connect to the internet. He spoke to an edimax technician who was very helpful by the name of Judy. She spent about 2 hours the first day diagnosig the problem but could not come up with a solution. On the second day however, she asked a colleague who had both the TP_Link and Edimax router to try to extend his network and he did it successfully.

She advised my son to upgrade the firmware on the Tp-Link router , which he did and then proceeded to set up the extender for him. It worked flawlessly thereafter. So, while the router may have been a pain to deal woth because he researched extensively to try to find a solution, in the end the Edimax support team deserves some praise. They did an outstanding job. With that being said, I definitly recommend this router.

Price is right, Setup is easy, Unplug old router, reboot modem, plug new one in, use ethernet cord, go to:, run through the internet detection (or skip it, it really does nothing for those on comcast, the default setting is fine) Super easy to type in passwords and SSIDs. I was up in running in three minutes.

My existing wifi N devices preform perfectly now, my old wifi N router was a peice of junk. Most of my devices now always say they are running at 300mbps or 244mbps (which for my older 2.4ghz only wifi devices this is amazing!)

My Nexus 5 is my only 5ghz wifi AC device as of writing, my nexus 5 now runs on my wifi at the full 433mbps it can support with its 1x1 mimo antenna.

No need to spend hundreds on a wifi AC router people, get this one and be set for years

Good range at a very affordable price. I've had zero issues with it after setting it up. Setting it up was a bit of a pain because of their odd setup. They really should just have an IP address and directly web connect to it. If you have ever set one up you should be able to get it configured quickly despite their quirky procedure. I used my smartphone to connect wirelessly and configure it to put it on my home network.

I bought two of these routers to extend part of my network across a narrow stretch of property.

I immediately noticed problems with documentation (both firmware and User Manual): spelling errors, grammatical errors, and overall hasty mistakes.

SECURITY ALERT: I also noticed that both passwords and encryption keys are exposed in certain areas of the web interface, and not just during setup. The industry standard is to always hide these behind placeholders unless explicitly allowed to be shown. Some people never know who might be looking over their shoulder.

I should note a few things which should have been included in documentation, but are not as of yet. This unit will only extend one network. For example, if you are using two of these units, either the main network or the guest network can be extended, but not both. Also, WPA (TKIP) encryption is not supported and does not seem to work when setup as an extender. The unsupported encryption is allowed as a configuration option, but causes unsurpassable connection issues.

Technical Support was quick to respond to my two initial inquiries and even offered some sort-of helpful advice for accomplishing what I was trying to do with my network. However, it did take more than a few e-mails to get my main problems resolved.

One outstanding issue remains, which Technical Support is still working on. The unit I have setup as a wireless extender shows a status of "disconnect" for both frequency bands. However, both frequency bands appear to be operating normally without any issues otherwise.

Range is good connection is rock solid way less problems then any other router I have owned. I have it set with 3 different WiFi up one for each band public and one not broadcasting for my private more secure setup.

Update 2 and a half years later. Runs Rock solid Never had a better router.

Update - 01/10/2014

After running this router for about three months, without any glitches, I finally decided to contact Edimax customer service to address my ongoing QOS problem, as described below. I sent them an e-mail at 11:45AM yesterday and got a response back at 16:07PM, the very same day! To me that is unheard off. To make it better, the instructions in the e-mail worked and now I can load my network with everything, including torrents, without affecting my VOIP calls. At this point I am compelled to raise my inicial four stars rate to five stars. The last firmware (1.16)works great, I don't have any problems, whatsoever. As it is now, this router is amazing. Just take a look at its number at the router charts at "SmallnetBuilder". It ranks second in the overall number of supported simultaneous connections - 41533 - more than routers costing two or three three times its price. To make it even better, all that would wish for is the capability to make changes in the configuration without having to restart the modem, like the Engenius.

****** Original review - four stars ********

This router looks good and seems to be well built, for the price. Installation was apparently a breezy... until I was faced with a mistery. I have a mixed network with a wired (NAS, VOIP and two PC's) and wireless devices (one PC, two laptops and one Galaxy tablet). After I installed the router and setup a basic configuration I noticed that the wired PC's and the wireless devices connecting through the 5.0GHz band were behaving perfectly. However, the wireless devices using the 2.4GHz band were no able to access all web sites. Same pages would just show a message "Trying to connect.. " in the browser status bar and stayed there forever. I reset the router many times repeating the same very basic configuration, connecting devices one by one to find out at which point that anomaly started happening, but it seemed to be random. I spent a whole Saturday trying to figure out what the problem was. I will make a pause here.

I bought this router to replace a perfectly working Engenius ESR-9850. The Engenius is a very good router (see my review) but after a firmware update its QOS features stopped working and my VOIP calls started being affect if I was downlading huge files or torrents at the same time. Unfortunately, I did not save the old firmware file and it is not available at the Engenius support site anymore. As I see the good numbers/features of this affordable Edimax, I decided to try it.

That said, i was connecting the Edimax to my cable modem with the same cable I was using to hook the Engenius to the router. I was about to return the Edimax when, just to try one more thing, with no logic reason behind the attempt, I replaced that cable with the one supplied with the Edimax. After the cable swap I try everything again, from scratch and I could not believe... everything was working correctly! All the devices, wired and wireless, where browsing the internet without a glitch. I know, all the connections to the internet are using the same cable between router and cable modem then, how could only the connections through the 2.GHz band be having problems, even if there was any difference between the cables? Would that be just a coincidence? Whatever the case maybe, I was too tired of playing with the router to do any further research. I just let it working and it has been running flawlessly for the last two weeks. Not always was good, though: I setup the QOS feature to reserve enough bandwidth to maintain the quality of my VOIP calls. However it was of no avail. The calls continue to break as they did with the Engenius. The end of the story is that I have the Engenius turned off, sitting next to the Edimax, ready to to back in action if needed. At this point it seems to me both routers are equivalent in terms of quality and performance. The Edimax looks better, but the Engenius is easier to configure because you can make changes in most configuration pages without having to reboot the router. It takes about 14 seconds to reload the changed module. The Edimax, on the other hand, allows you to configure changes in more than one module and then apply all the changes at once, rebooting the router. The reboot process takes one minute.

It works. It took a bit to get it working, but once I'd finally married it to the CenturyLink PK5001 my ISP provides, it has been functioning without a problem. I have rather low bandwidth and needed a way to parse it between a Roku and four computers. The Edimax, properly set up, does that. I gave it four stars because it wasn't that easy to set up.

Best value you can find. Supports 3 modes - Repeater, Client Bridge, and Wireless Router.

This is the first time I buy the product from Edimax. One of my friends suggested me to get this model. It indeed works great!

This router is build very well and provides great throughput (1GHz) on wired connection right out of box. It was very easy and quick to set up and provides an excellent and stable wireless connection throughout my entire home. My Motorola modem (router0 is good but this Edimax AC router is BETTER. I will say Edimax is one of the better brands on the same quality as NetGear. Excellent value!

Great little router that delivers. I also purchase a dongle to use the 802.11ac. Have not used the 867 MB/s capacity yet. The highest data transfer rate peak has been 545 MB/s with a USB 2.0 enhanced port on my laptop.

My only complaint is that customer support is only open during business hours Monday through Friday. And that the tech support people are Taiwanese/Chinese that speak "ok" English. But they got the router running and have not had any issues.

The time lock out feature is not working the way it should. I think I figured out why. I need to set the time like one of those 7 day plug in timers for your lights or what not.

But I am trying to use the clock feature to "lock out" the 802.11b/g/n side, so the children do not go on U-tube, Netflix, etc and go the bed when they are supposed to. And because most device currently do not have 802.11ac, I can use it for myself.

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Product DescriptionModern homes and businesses need high-performance, reliable and secure Wi-Fi. The BR-6478AC V2 dual-band 802.11ac router features the latest 11ac standard for faster, better Wi-Fi and built-in VPN support to make VPN access easy across all of your devices. Easy, secure access to
Edimax Gemini RG21S, an AC2600 MU-MIMO Whole Home WiFi Roaming Router, faster AC2600 Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 800Mbps at 2.4GHz and up to 1733Mbps at 5GHz. Upgrade your home Wi-Fi to super high-speed 802.11ac and enjoy faster video streaming, online gaming and data transfers. The latest 11ac Wave
The Edimax BR-6478AC router provides simultaneous 2.4GHz (802.11n) and 5GHz (802.11ac) wireless network connectivity for maximum flexibility of use. Additionally, the BR-6478AC router features four gigabit LAN ports and one gigabit WAN port, offering data rates of up to a staggering 1000Mbps for