Comments about TRENDnet TEW-813DRU AC1200 Dual Band High-power Gigabit Wireless AC Router, 2.4GHz 300Mbps+5Ghz 867Mbps, One-touch WPS network connection, beamforming, USB Shareport, IPv6, Guest Network, parental controls

TRENDnet TEW-813DRU AC1200 Dual Band High-power Gigabit Wireless AC Router, 2.4GHz 300Mbps+5Ghz 867Mbps, One-touch WPS network connection, beamforming, USB Shareport, IPv6, Guest Network, parental controls

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At my college, it's very possible to have internet speeds of up to 400 megabits per second, which is around 100 MB/s but only over ethernet (wired). The other routers that my suitemates have all make out around 30-40 MB/s creating a bottleneck, but I wanted better speeds for faster downloading so I got this router. I can now get 70-80 MB/s download rates, making a 9 GB game download in only a few minutes. It's like having a wired connection everywhere I go in my suite now!

As for installing, I'm not a big fan of the GUI on the router's setup page. It took a long time just for me to find out how to change the admin password to the router so I don't have to keep the sticker for reference. Also, it comes default set to both antennas on with the 5.0GHz network only on up to wireless N, so you might have to change that to be AC to get the full speeds.

The router is finally starting to die after working flawlessly for over 3 years, the 5GHz network can only be connected to about 20% of the time and even the 2.4GHz network is now starting to deny connections, and often kicks me off the connection out of nowhere. I wish it lasted longer but unfortunately I will now have to purchase another AC router. Now that I've seen the fast speeds of the uncrowded 5GHz network I can't go back to 2.4GHz. I changed my review to 4 stars because although 3 years is a nice length of time, I was hoping it would make it to 5 years.

This is my second Trendnet AC router that I've purchased! The first being the AC1900 that I purchase several months ago to use in my two story home. This unit I purchased for my office which is a single story building approximately 1600SF. Why Trendnet? Well my Trendnet wireless N router that I purchase 6 plus year ago was starting to fail and since this one lasted so long and was very reliable I decided to stick with the same brand. Both AC routers were extremely easy to setup, they offer both 2.4 and 5.0 antennas, guest accounts and great signal strength. My only complaint and nothing to do with Trendnet is the current price. Its now selling for $59.00 which is $10.00 less then what I paid for it just 10 days ago.

I was surprised at how light this product is. Once the cables are plugged into the back, it has trouble staying upright. It would be nice if Trendnet provided a snap-on base of some kind. Since I'm only using it as a wired router in my network, I turned off the wireless radio and so I can't comment on that. For my wireless I am using a hi-end Asus as an access point at the other end of my house. Trendnet's user interface is mostly fine, much better than the one on my previous router. I assume that the firewall is always on, since there's no option to turn it on or off. Overall this is an affordable router giving you gigabit wired speeds, the newer IPv6 protocol, and dual-band wireless, though I can't say how well that works.

So far this has been an excellent purchase. Easy setup and good performance. The only complaint is that the range is not as good as I had hoped. Of course my house is 90 ft. long, so I guess I will just have to use a range extender. This is a great improvement on my previous Netgear 2000 router due to its much greater speed. I only hope it has the same reliability as the Netgear, which was bulletproof.

I've only had one minor problem and that is that it's very light, and the ethernet cables provide more torque on the unit than it can withstand, so positioning it in the best orientation is not that easy. The antennas are on the sides, so it's important to mount it vertically and not have the sides pointed away from where you need a strong signal. Beyond that it's been a solid unit.

It works well after I got it up and running. It wouldn't connect at first and after a call to the after hours TRENDnet tech support they determined that it was unhappy being plugged into the same power strip as the router and once they were separated (one in the wall and one in the power strip) it worked well.

This unit has performed well and I would recommend it to others. It was worth the money.

Works well. Installed easy. Provides dual channel.

Great router overall, fast when inside the house because of the direct wireless connections. Stays connected outside but the download speeds drop, it works great outdoors for streaming music and web searches. Good looking even though I never see it hidden away and a great price for what comes in the box.

Great value, decent range within apartment and blasting speed line of sight. Blows my ISP's router out of the water!

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