Comments about Quanmin MMBOX Wireless Router 802.11 AC 750 Mbps Wi-Fi Router 2.4G&5G hz Dual Band Home Network Wireless Router with Gigabit WAN 3 External Antennas Computer Router

Quanmin MMBOX Wireless Router 802.11 AC 750 Mbps Wi-Fi Router 2.4G&5G hz Dual Band Home Network Wireless Router with Gigabit WAN 3 External Antennas Computer Router


1 pcs 10/100MEthernet (WAN) interface accessible toxDSL modem/ cable modem/ WAN
4 pcs 10/100Mself-adaptive Ethernet (WAN) interfaces capable of auto MDI/MDIX
Automatic adjustment of wireless transmitting speed
3 external non-removable gain antenna
Interface compatible with USB 2.0
Built-in 8GB TF card storage function
Compatible with SSID broadcast control with effective prevention from leaking
Built-in network address translation (NAT) function
Built-in DHCP server
Compatible with Web management for easy setup wizard
Compatible with WMM for smoother voice and video transmitting
Compatible with VPN passthrough
Compatible with UPnP
Compatible with ACL
Compatible with DMZ
Beautiful curved design for appearance

Packing List

1pcs MBS-8801 MMBOX
1pcs power adapter for DC 12V/1A
1pcs User Manual

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I got this in today and set it up without much trouble. I get 25% signal strength out to about 300ft and it drops out at around 425ft.

The only negative is that I can not find the company that makes this. I searched for an hour or so and could not find the company website but found several other companies and website with Quanmin it their name. Because I can not find the company I can not get firmware updates. The firmware update must be done with a manually downloaded file and can not be done automatically in the routers OS.

This is a good little router. I can see why some other people on Amazon, however, complained about it. The instructions sucked. They were not put together with any attention to detail whatsoever. Luckily, I kinda know what I'm doing, so I was able to install the thing without much fuss. The only slight issue I had was making sure the router and the network were secured with a password. That took some doing, as the instructions were beyond vague. With this all in mind, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if I needed it. It does its job when it's installed properly. Overall, it was a great deal compared with comparable units on Amazon, which were more expensive.

Works well- Not perfect, but for this price it deserves 5 stars. If you are having problems managing the router, sign in using lightning as the username and lightning as the password and that should get you in. I have purchased a few of these and all of mine have been in English out of the Box, but note that if you factory reset it will revert to Chinese. You can change the language settings back, but you will have to navigate the menus while they are in Chinese to do so. I have not been able to get the USB port working for media storage, it seems like it supports this, but oh well. Ask me if you have any questions about this and I will do my best to help out!

Made a great addition as a second yet separate system for the Household.

It does what it's supposed to do.

1. Stable, airplay video is very smooth via AppleTV
2. Support access-page customization, good for home guest accessing and small business like corner store/restaurants.
3. Got three antennas, both 5G and 2G signals are stronger than the same distance TP-Link AC1250.
4. High Price/Performance ratio, it is only $36, easily beat those $72 range routers.
5. If your home Internet service's DL are less than 100Mbps, this device is what you need(CentralLink 40Mbps plan, Comcast 75Mbps plan).
A little slow if your home has Internet service with DL over 100Mbps, and that's why I give 4 stars.
The packaging is a bit plain, I guess that's their way to put money on the quality of the device.

I got this router from a friend as a gift. The router is well built and setup was a cake walk. There are 4 CAT5 receptacles, 1 USB connector, and a WPS button on its back. 1 USB connector may be a deal breaker for some but I can live with it. 5G wireless is a little slow as it is specified 433 MHz as opposed to 1000 MHz for most other popular competitors. However, I cannot tell too much differences from regular use on a daily basis.

Some improvements I can see to make the product more appealing.
Packaging can be more fancy and professional to elevate its class.
Web setup portal can be improved with a more user friendly and simplified interface to make wifi configuration stressless even for novices.
Although nobody reads it at this day and age, the manual can be printed and presented with a better quality. After all, you don't want to make a quality hardware look cheesy from its outfits.

Beat's my Linksys by a mile! Was skeptical at first but the price was worth a try. Nice router. My phone connects even before I pull in my driveway. I use iptv as my live tv source and I get no buffering or lag.

loved it

Great coverage and incredibly easy to setup. Highly recommend.

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