Comments about Western Digital MyNet N600 HD Dual Band Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router

Western Digital MyNet N600 HD Dual Band Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router

My Net N600 Dual-Band Router delivers smooth HD streaming for movies, shows, game and video chat with FasTrack technology. This router is packed with features including combined wireless speeds up to 600 Mbps, simple setup, 4 Fast Ethernet ports, 1 USB port for wireless printer and scanner sharing.

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At $19.85 in April 2016 this was the lowest cost name brand dual band router I could find. The documentation indicates that it was put on the market in May 2012. It was a bargain. There are more powerful routers out there, but as I am the only user here it should meet my needs well. If it proves to be unreliable or dies an early death (as my Belkin router did after just a year) I'll be back to lower my rating.

Bought 2 of these as backups when they were only 10 bucks. I was planning on changing to aftermarket firmware, but the stock firmware seems to be working fine on both - no lockups or anything so maybe I'll just leave them alone for now. Firmware has guest wifi SSID on both bands and pretty easy to configure. Each band is 300MBPS, it does not have 5GHZ AC support.

Range is a little less than my Netgear R6300. Overall, not bad!

Perfect! never goes in and out of coverage! the cheapest but best router I've ever used, highly recommend, this company needs to be praised I tried 2 netgear and 2 belkin routers, they were more expensire but both gave me problems. Love this one!

Works as stated in ad. It sometimes drops signal from time to time.
Amazing price for the specs.

Wonderful little Wi-Fi unit. It has a very nice range even out to my garage which my previous unit would not do. Added bonus, I do not have to plug my printer into my laptop to print any longer.

Just got this router for 10 bucks. It was easy to set up and I have had no issues so far with the router. No disconnects and it works perfect.

Has worked very well, range is just ok at best. Will probably need a range amplifier to extend it to what my old Netgear had. But, for the money it seems to be a good product.

Thank you

Love it big convience!!!

I bought this product for a roommate while it was on black friday sale for 10 dollars and its easily worth that price. i bought it so that he would stop taking up the wifi from my belkin n600 hd dual band router which cost me 80 dolllars and the western digital router works better than my old one thats supposed to be the exact same model from a more well known router company!!! i found myself wishing i had given him my current router and kept this one for myself. it works great for gaming and streaming on an xbox one and can support multiple devices including my phone, laptop, xbox, printer, and my girlfriends phone and laptop as well. i would recommend this product for anyone including college students and even the elderly because it is very easy to set up with simple directions with the package. i think it is easily worth its current sale price of 50 dollars just based on the fact that it works equally well if not better as my 80 dollar router that i was fine paying for.

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