Comments about Buffalo AirStation AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router (WHR-1166D)

Buffalo AirStation AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router (WHR-1166D)

The Buffalo AirStation wireless router is ready for the 11AC smartphones, tablets, or laptops and designed especially for users focused on their wireless connections. It is a Smart and affordable choice for homes and small office networks looking to upgrade their network with a fast 11AC wireless router. The WHR-1166D provides up to 866 Mbps transfer speed in the 5 GHz band and simultaneous transfer speeds of up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. Furthermore, easy setup is a few clicks away via a simple user interface. The UI has been designed to provide users one-click access to their most commonly accessed settings. Simple toggle and buttons provide a familiar and easy navigation experience.

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The unit works well, the data speeds are quite good, but the range on the 5GHz band is so-so as other reviewers seem to have commented. This may not be entirely the router's fault. Generally speaking higher frequencies equal shorter distance of transmission. But for a basic unit it does well, just don't expect great range out of the 5GHz band. The 2.4GHz band while slower, will transmit farther. I bought it mainly to use with a streaming media player and because with more and more wifi devices, my network was getting slowed up. So, buyer beware, if you are expecting whole-house 5GHz coverage, look elsewhere. If you are serving something not too far away and can live with that, go for it. While I wouldn't mind having something a bit better, the price on this was really good and so I can't complain a whole lot.

I replaced my old 801g router with this one and have been very satisfied. Within 15 minutes I had the network up and running, the firmware updated and only had the concentrate on setting up my wireless printer to it. That was a little more difficult since I had to uninstall the old printer driver and install a new one. However, my wireless and wired speed have doubled and I have not yet had to reset any connections. Very pleased with this router.

Awesome, small, quick router. It was super easy to install and setup and has not gone down since installation.

It is super reliable, quick, easy to install, and has an awesome warranty!

I recommend it!

Love it. Plug in setup and that's it. I have never had to restart this access point since I purchased it. It is configured as a bridge and it just does what it was built to do. Excellent product.

Using as an access point for a Surface Book since they pretty much require a router with 5ghz band. Helpful hint: leave it set to AUTO when configuring as an access point. Otherwise it gets confused.

Works ok, i have it set up as an access point to extend the signal to my back yard garage, I would give it 5 stars if the signal would reach longer.

Buffallo makes nice routers in my experiences with them. I consider them to be better than Netgear and far superior to Cisco's consumer line (formerly Linksys) and Belkin. I've purchased nearly 100 over the years for my customers and have only had 1 or 2 of them fail and almost zero problems of any kind from them. In fact, I'm still using one that is 9 years old as a wifi hotspot in my shop. Yes, I know...there are much better speeds available now but it's only for a wifi hotspot and my ISP can't deliver faster than my old unit can transfer. Besides, at this point, I'm just curious how long a $50 router will last! :)
Oh, and the user interface has something for everyone. I consider it easy to setup but also it has some more advances features for those who might like to have more control over their network.

Very customizable router, great range, ours is covering a 3000 SQ warehouse. Small footprint on the desk. Setup was a breeze, even I can do it.

Reliable router with no signal dropping. It has AC ability, but can also accommodate devices that cannot use that standard.

Not amazing range but sufficient..sometimes has hiccups..overall good product...took a while to ship

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