Comments about Buffalo AirStation Extreme AC1200 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router (WZR-1166DHP)

Buffalo AirStation Extreme AC1200 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router (WZR-1166DHP)
802.11ac and 802.11n
6GHz speeds up to 866 Mbps
Simultaneous Dual Band
Gigabit Ethernet
Priority Control QoS
Web Filtering and Parental Control
High-power Technology
VPN Access

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Install DD-WRT. The specs on this router are not bleeding edge anymore, but a dual-core Arm7 Broadcom SoC will be able to tackle almost anything you throw at it. The wifi radios are a lot stronger than my aging N300, and has a competitive range, even with internal antennas.

FYI: I am basing my review on my experience with my DD-WRT modified router, not a stock firmware. I highly recommend flashing DD-WRT to this box. If you are inexperienced with DD-WRT, leave the default settings alone and only set the wireless security for both the 2.4G and 5G radios. The LEDs do not currently work with DD-WRT but the router works fine.

Have a Century link Actiontec C1000A modem/router. I have 2 desktop computers, an old laptop, Asus T100 tablet, network printer, Direct TV receiver and a Vizio smart tv networked together wirelessly. I was having trouble with slow connection speed and the smart tv would buffer (quite frequently) when streaming movies. I tried troubleshooting the issue several times and everything would check out so I couldn't pinpoint the problem. In my frustration I decided to give this modem a try (at the recommendation of my Dad). It was super easy to set up and works perfectly. I have all my stuff networked together and the connection speed is faster and no more buffering when streaming movies.

I have owned both linksys and netgear routers in the past and had heard good things about Buffalo. It was just as easy to set up as the other brands (if not easier). My previous router was going downhill and starting to cause some problems. I haven't had any problems since setting this up.

And I think this router just looks great too. I feel like more thought went into this product design than many of the competitors.

At first, the 5 GHz band did not work. Using inSSIDer, I could see the box signal on both bands but the "a" band would not connect to my adapter. I spoke with Buffalo tech support and even had an RMA then mysteriously, after a week, it connected and began working as advertised!
Disappointed that I can not change username/password. A simple command that other brands allow.

I'm using this as a wireless access point and it's been working reliably for a couple of months. It's very fast and easily accommodates my full broadband speeds. At any time there are 10 or more wireless devices hooked up to it on either band and I haven't run into any problems. The setup options are extensive and allow a lot of tweaking.

The AirStation was easy to install and the web-based management utilities are wonderful. It didn't have the range I was really hoping for, but it's longer than my previous one and will suffice. I'll just look to move it to a more central location in my house. It looks like, too.

After screwing around with the other major router brands, at least five others, I have been using Buffalo products for almost 5 years now. This is my second Buffalo router which replaced an older model. Bottom line - Bullet Proof.

Easy setup for router and wireless router configuration. Bridge setup a bit tricky but doable if willing to research internet and read other amazone reviews

Fast and easy setup, throughput speed is top notch and range is excellent. Loads of configuration options and settings to maintain security and control access. Not only who, but when. Highly recommended.

Very good speed and performance. Sad that there isn't any DD-WRT configuration.

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