Comments about Bolse® 300Mbps Wireless-N mini Router/AP/Repeater (802.11 b/g/n) Wireless Amplifier, Including LAN Connection, WPS button

Bolse® 300Mbps Wireless-N mini Router/AP/Repeater (802.11 b/g/n) Wireless Amplifier, Including LAN Connection, WPS button
Bolse® 300Mbps Wireless-N mini Router/AP/Repeater (802.11 b/g/n) Wireless Amplifier, Including LAN Connection, WPS button

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Like others that have actually purchased this I was initially thrown sideways by the instructions. Here is what I did to make this work for me as a router then a repeater. This is what I did and it initially did broadcast an insecure connection for <3 minutes.
Step 1. I Threw away the directions. Burn them, crinkle them up and use as tp, whatever. Just do not look at them.
Step 2. On the back of the router itself is an IP address. Not sure if all of them are the same. I wrote that number down.
Step 3. I attached the router directly to my cable internet box, as if it was the only router in the house.
Step 4. I searched for wifi signals and found "Wireless N" which is this router. I connected to it as an insecure connection.
Step 5. I opened my browser and typed the IP address I wrote down, it predictably opened the router menu.
Step 6. I went to the "Wizard" menu.
Step 7. It gives you different options to set up your device, 4 options I believe. I chose "wireless router" and went through the prompts which give you the option to set up password and secure your router.
Step 8. The router reset and I lost connection to it. I looked up "Wireless N" in available networks and it now prompted for a password to connect to it. The password I set up worked, it would not let me bypass this step and connect to it w/o a password. Seems secure to me. At this point I went back into the router menu wizard and set a new password.
The range seemed decent on it. I reconnected my original wireless adapter and attached my netgear powerline adapter to it and put the Bolse router upstairs and connected it to the second powerline adapter. I did this to make sure it would work as a stand alone wireless router with the netgear adapters just in case the repeater mode sucked. It worked great, same speed as the main router, and fixed the "dead zones" upstairs.
I remained connected to the Bolse router and went back into the IP menu. I went to the wizard and chose the "repeater" mode. It prompted a search for wireless connections, I chose my main router and it asked for the router password. It connected to the main wireless router and disconnected/reset the Bolse router. I lost connection predictably to the Bolse router. Then I searched from my dead zone and found my media link original wireless router. I connected to it with the password. It would not let me connect without a password, so the Bolse router was successfully acting as a secure repeater and I was getting 4 bars in the dead zone. At this point I tried different outlets and distances from the wireless router. I did speed tests from various outlets and found the best combination of speed and dead zone elimination.
I am not a tech genius and would appreciate any feedback on my procedures to make this router work for me. I purchased it for its wireless router/repeater modes and did not test the other modes. I by no means encourage anyone to follow what I did, being that initially I did broadcast an insecure connection. Follow what I did at your own risk. Hope this review helps someone.

This tiny unit is smaller than a pack of cigarettes, and greatly extended my wireless (and wired) network. I recently moved into a condo and my ISP installer claimed he could not install the wireless modem anywhere else except for the a bedroom furthest way from my living room. Unfortunately, my desktop (wired only) MUST be in the living room, since I have it hooked up to my LED flat-screen.....

Thankfully, this tiny product solved the problem. Not only did it allow me to hook my desktop up to the WiFi in my condo through the LAN port, but it also drastically improved the WiFi reception in my living room. This was most noticeable when I tried the internet speed test on my phone, and also when playing videos and downloading on Xbox wirelessly.

Setup was not the easiest thing in the world, since the first time I setup a bridge I must have done something wrong, since it caused my modem to stop producing a WiFi signal. The second time I set it up, all i did was plug it in, hit reset and select bridge mode, and enter in my WiFi username and password. It worked in an instant.

This unit is definitely worth the money for the speed, easiness of use, and size. Amazing product, I would definitely recommend!!!

Great form factor for traveling, rich feature set, superb value and easy to use. This mini wireless router will do so much more than the typical (expensive) home router though most people don't need the advanced features it's great to have the capability built in. These advanced features are somewhat complex, not because of bad documentation, but because most people don't understand them to begin with. IMO, a product's documentation is not responsible for providing a full education in wireless networking concepts. Try to find a VPN router that provides a VPN education - good luck. Bottom line, this router is easy to use if employed for typical AP or Router Mode functionality. My only complaint is that when plugged in it shoots down my Sonos network even with channel set to (Auto). I have not taken the time to debug given that I don't intend to use it at home.

I am using this as a repeater to push our wifi signal from the front of the house to the backyard. This allows me to control our Onkyo receiver via the Onkyo app, so I can listen to Pandora, football games, radio, etc. via our outdoor speakers. Set up took a matter of minutes. I tested it out and almost the entire back yard is full signal on my iPhone, which at the farthest is 50-60 feet from the unit. I think this would be a great device for those that travel where in room ethernet is provided but wireless is not or is spotty. You'd basically make your own hotspot in minutes.

I have a Samsung TV and drops signal in my room. I bough this to hard wire my tv. Works great, Installation was a little difficult. I connected to the mini router and when I typed it the router address it did not want to work. Finally got it to work by reconnecting my laptop's wifi to my original modem and typing in the the routers address and then switching. Was a little difficult but finally got it to work. Also restarting it took a few tries before it rebooted back to it's default.

Despite the mixed reviews I purchased 2 to operate as repeaters along with a dual band router. Setup is easy and I have great performance in almost all areas of my house. Happy so far.
AND... I did NOT receive these for free but could certainly use 1 more for total coverage ;)

I needed a repeater with TWO LAN jacks, one for my Bluray and the other for my new receiver (Denon 2313). Setup was easy (I use Apple Computers), and its working exactly how I need it to! Great product!

So it took a bit to get configured, but this little gadget has helped me extend my wireless signal to my patio, making my reception perfect! Just AWESOME!! And compact too!!

A decent extender but a bit weak. For the size and price, it's worth it if you don't have a large area to cover (under 1000 sq ft I would guess)


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