Comments about Netis WF2681 Beacon AC1200 Dual Band Gigabyte Gaming Router with Bandwidth Control Software

Netis WF2681 Beacon AC1200 Dual Band Gigabyte Gaming Router with Bandwidth Control Software

Product Description

The Netis WF2681 Beacon Series Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Gigabyte Router takes your gaming experience to the next level! It offers powerful performance by automatically activating QoS to enhance your online gaming experience. Bundled with four 5dBi high gain antennas, it ensures wider & stronger wireless coverage, allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom anywhere around your home.

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I do a lot online. Wired PC FPS gaming (CS GO), wireless video streaming (popcorntime and netflix), hosting a home file server, streaming music, the list goes on.

I'm comfortable configuring manual settings... you may not be. There is an easy (one screen, basically just for wireless) setup and an in depth advanced mode too. The easy setup will work super quick if you connect a dumb cable or dsl modem to this. If your modem is doing DHCP I'm not sure, it might be a little more work.

So far the signal is super strong and performance and uptime have been 100%.

Feels weird trusting this no name brand without much recognition... but the price is right and it works great.

I updated firmware immediately, the firmware out of the box has an open port :|

The color is cool too and is a soft rubber instead of the stupid shiny fingerprint magnet material like other routers.

This was a great value for the speed I was able to get from the router, but it took more than the 'plug and play' approach most modern routers give you. After setting it up and trying to connect to the internet every device but my laptop kept on saying there was no internet connection. After a bit of playing with the settings, I found out I had to manually enter the DNS address into my devices, which usually accompanied a static IP address from the router too. (This could've of course all just been my set up's fault, but it was a consistent problem with anything connecting over wifi 'phone, game consoles, tablets, chromecast') After that was done, and it's not difficult at all but can be intimidating for technology illiterate people, it ran great and the speeds were amazing.

I haven't had a chance to play with the accompanied software that is supposed to help keep a constant bandwidth while running certain applications (online games usually) but I haven't run into any problems with the default settings.

A good to great router, but the set up can be a little much if you don't know your way around your network settings.

Very good item, and the price, this one resolve the problem that I have with my other router

Ordered the router. Received it 36 hours later and plugged it in. Installed the program from the cd and it works just fine. Everything set up automatically and the QoS setting work fairly well for my xbox.

Pros: rubber shell (no fingerprints from handling)
Red is my favorite color :)
QoS works as expected
Bang for your buck

Cons: ethermet cable it came with (for setting up the router I'm assuming) is laughable at its length. Just leave it out at that length.
GUI for the router feels cheap and lacks some simple features.

5/5 would recommend for a budget AC router.

Will update statistics later.

Very good 5G throughput from a distance of 30 feet; possibly through 1 or 2 walls (Xbox One)
Good 2.4G throughput from a distance of 10 feet; no walls (older laptop)
Update firmwared (dated 05/31/2016) is available

A comprehensive user's manual (to explain all the options) is not available
Admin interface seems outdated but works OK
Support may be limited via a customer service rep
Couldn't find a documented RMA process (if needed)

Other thoughts
This was a birthday gift so I have no complaints. This router seems to be adequate for my purposes but do your own homework before making any purchase decisions. Anyway, I am paying for Comcast 105/10 Mbps service and here's my new throughput stats using this new router (see my config above):

Hard wired from desktop: 130/12 Mbps
5G (802.11n) from Xbox One: 100/12 Mbps
2.4G (802.11n) from older laptop: 68/12 Mbps

Note: All reading are peak throughput measurements checked at

Good luck and cheers!

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Product DescriptionThe Netis WF2631 Beacon Series Wireless N300 Router takes your gaming experience to the next level! Offering a powerful performance by automatically activating QoS to enhance your online gaming experience. Bundled with three 5dBi high gain antennas, it ensures a wider & stronger