Comments about Kinter MA170 12V 2 Channel Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier for Car or Mp3

Kinter MA170 12V 2 Channel Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier for Car or Mp3

Technology Parameters:
Input voltage: 9-14.4v DC
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz.
Output impedance: 4-16R.
Output power: 2x20W/4О© @14.4V; 1KHz.
Harmonic distortion: ≤0.0002%.
SNR: ≥70dB.
Treble: +9dB 10KHz.
Bass: +9dB 100Hz.
The Signal level: 200MV 47K.

Rated the input voltage: DC 12V.
Rated input current: пјћ2A.

Package Content:
1x Kinter MA-170 Amplifier.
1x User Manual.

Comments about Kinter MA170 12V 2 Channel Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier for Car or Mp3
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Comments :
Nice little amp. I should admit immediately that I am addicted to these small amplifiers. I have many from various manufacturers from all over the world.

These amps have a million uses because of their size. An obvious one would be to hook it to a computer and use some nice bookshelf size speakers for your PC sound as opposed to the junk one usually uses for computer audio. But the uses do not stop there by a long shot.

Because it comes with "ears," it is ready to mount anywhere. Under a kitchen cupboard, on the back of a headboard for bedroom TV sound, I even have one inside my bathroom vanity for shower tunes.

Most people don't understand "watts," because, frankly, manufacturers lie about wattage. They either list only "output watts," a measurement that has to do with electricity, not audio, or have slick terms like "music watts," "real watts," or "listening watts." These mean nothing. "RMS Watts" is the true, scientific measurement of audio wattage. The real RMS watt numbers listed in the description of this item seem low compared to the lies of dishonest sellers. For example, 50 watts RMS in a house or home, at full volume, is LOUD. Too loud to have a conversation over and loud enough to cause hearing damage for prolonged periods. When you see an ad for an amp that has 100 watts of power per channel and is the size of an asprin boittle- it's not 100wx2ch. Sorry... but it just isn't.

Refreshingly, this seller has decided to tell you the truth. This is an 8 watt RMS amp- 4 watts per channel. Guess what? In a normal sized room in a house, that's loud. Turn it all the way up and you'll annoy someone else in your house.

I also like that the audio quality measurements are included in the description (Min. THD: <0.005%70dB). The seller has made no bones about what this product is and what it is not. I know prices change, but I got mine for under $10 including shipping and that's still a steal for what you'll receive when you buy this amp.

The uses are endless. Since it is powered by a 12V 2A power source, it can be fed by battery pretty easily with minimum know how and some internet research. I can see this unit being part of a portable DIY sound system- easily. For instance, wired correctly, an 8AA battery pack could run this amp, probably for 8-10 hours. So basically, anywhere this amp can fit, it can be used.

Like I said, I have many like this one. Some are better, some are useless. A good comparison is the Lepai 2020+. That is a very popular amp a tad bigger than this amp with much more power (20 watts RMS per channel). I like that amp, but if I didn't need REAL LOUD, I'd go with this one at half the price, on average. I have another amp I will not name that is very similar to this one in appearance and description. A deceptive description that claimed 15 watts RMS per channel: a lie. This 4 watt per channel amp walks all over that other deceptive amp.

I appreciate the quality, the honesty, the speed of delivery and the "get exactly what is described" way this amp is sold and used. I like it a lot. Sure, there are better. Not for $10. Not this size. Not this rugged. Not this adaptable. Not with so many uses. This thing is top of the heap for its size and price, hands down.

One last thing. This amp comes without the power supply. This is really upsetting for a lot of people. It's also standard in the audio world. The power supply is your responsibility. It keeps costs down to NOT ship a heavy power supply (probably weighs as much or more than the item itself) across the ocean. And guess what? The needed supply is probably already in your house somewhere. They do send along the proper END to attach to a power supply. When I say power supply, I mean you'll need a "wall wart," one of those black box plugs that is on just about everything small with some power. They all have numbers on the back that look like Greek to the uninitiated. It's simple for this item. You look for the OUTPUT number and you need one that says "12V 2A." Sometimes it will say "12V 2000mA," which is the same. (mA = MILLIAMPS; 2000 MILLIAMPS is equal to 2 AMPS) Look around your basement or attic for old stuff that plus in. I bet you'll find one. This sort of thing is a deal breaker for many people. Many people do not want "extra work" or "parts missing" with anything they buy. To say that parts are missing isn't really accurate. The seller is doing what most amp module sellers do- leaving the power supply up to the buyer. It's industry practice, not just to save costs, but because a buyer can elect to give the amp more power or less power than recommended. I do not recommend either. 12V 2A is perfect for this unit.

That covers everything. Now I think I'll put a few more of these in my cart...

This thing is awesome. And as the most popular comment said, the 12V 2A AC adapter is so common I had it lying around the house already. Also makes a fine hat.

Works as described, obviously not 100w, but powerful enough to drive the 2 - 4" Pioneer speakers in my ammo can boombox mod.
For additional volume, I added a small CMOY pre-amp (in Altoids tin) that must have a separate power source 9 - 18v battery. This will push the speakers to their limit even when playing .MP3s that have low gain. Attached is a photo of the completed mod being used with a Tecsun PL-880 receiver @ 9350kHz. Amp is powered by 2 - powersonic 6v 12ah batteries wired in series within the case and also has a dual USB port for charging devices. Unit is charged with an Extreme Max Battery Buddy Intelligent Charger at 750MA.

I use this to amplify the output of an Echo Dot which acts as a bluetooth speaker for my desktop computer. The amp drives a pair of 4 Ohm 3.5" speakers. With this arrangment both the Dot and my computer can drive the speakers and there is no need to manually swtich back and forth between audio inputs. When I talk to the Echo, the Echo automatically supresses the bluetooth input from the computer until it has finished responding. How cool is that?

This system is somewhat more powerful and has a better frequency range than typical USB speakers, producing a decent sound with enough volume to fill my apartment living room without annoying the neighbors.

The amp has an LED lighting ring around the volume knob that continuously changes color. If you find that annoying, you can take the amplifier apart by removing all visible screws, pulling the back plate off and then sliding the case off. You can then either snip the leads to the LED or pull it out of the lighing ring and cover it with some electrical tape. Or if you are handy with a soldering iron, you could possibly replace the LED with one that doesn't change color. I chose the electrical tape method as I don't really need a lighted volume knob.

This amp produces no apparent noise on its own but it will pass though some power supply noise, so I had to find a quiet power supply for it. Fortunately I had a drawer full of old power adapters and tried four of them before I found one that wasn't noisy. The amplifier will work with supply voltages ranging from 9-14V.

I had a set of speakers off of a sony boombox which I wasn't using any longer - I didn't want it wasted and unused. I purchased this little amplifier, connected the two speakers together, screwed this amp on top - instant gratification at parks or at home! Works extremely well - just not so well with any 2amp output PSU. You need at least 5amps supply because some songs with bass will make it cut off momentarily. Cheers folks!

5amp adapter: B003Z6ZR5O LCD 60W 12V 5A Adapter

Great little project amp. I use these in arcade cabinet builds and they perform nicely for that purpose. The only caution is that they do not come with a 12v 2 amp power supply, but most everyone has one or two of these laying around if you have any old electronics equipment, otherwise plan os spending about as much as the amp cost for a power supply, and at that point it actually may be a bit cheaper to buy a simialr product that comes with a power supply.

PLENTY powerful enough for a normal car stereo. Don't let the people on here saying that it's not powerful mislead you. I was worried that it wouldn't be loud enough but just powering my normal (read: stock) Toyota 4Runner speakers it is easily as loud, if not louder, than the stock stereo while playing from an iPod. If this thing isn't loud enough for you then you're one of those people who drive around with their radio as loud as is can possibly go at all times. For us normal human beings who haven't made ourselves deaf it will easily match a stock stereo in volume.

This is great for a truck or jeep that wants to remove the radio and replace it with a blankout/utility plate.

I purchased this inexpensive amp to drive a pair of Bose Interaudio 2000 2-way speakers from an Amazon Echo Dot. The speakers are rated 10 to 80 Watts at 4-8 ohms, but this amp drives them to large room-filling volume with no audible distortion. I am using a linear (non-switching) power supply rated at 3.8 amps output and adjusted to 13.8 volts output for maximum power output. The linear power supply generates no noise into the amp and results in very low background noise when the Echo Dot is idle. This amplifier and speaker combination is perfect for the application, which is providing multi-room audio in the house. Highly recommended!!!

I knew I was taking a risk by buying basically the cheapest product of its type, but in this case I am quite pleased with the results.

The EQ works well enough, and the output remains fairly clean all the way up the dial. It's not quite as full sounding as a tube amp I just finished restoring, but then again, I could buy three of these for the price of just one of the tubes, so that's not a fair comparison. The bass doesn't totally outweigh the rest of the sound, and it doesn't fall into gross distortion which is very good to hear.

I would say, the color changing LED in the front is pretty lame and is probably gonna find itself removed sooner or later, but besides that, it's a nice little device. You can pay more for more bells and whistles, and more power, but with a set of nice speakers this is fine for regular listening, and at $9 or so, you can't beat it.

I bought this to power an Adafruit FX Audio Soundboard to add realistic game sounds to my Bubble Hockey table (Goal horns and Team songs, etc.). I had an old Yamaha cube style speaker system with a powered subwoofer (like the Bose cubes) laying around. I connected the FX sound board to this Kinter amp, and ran it through the powered subwoofer, and I must admit that the sound quality and volume exceeded my expectations in every way. I am playing compressed .ogg clips through it (because the FX board only has 16Mb onboard memory), and they still sound great. Bought an Amazon basics 3.5mm phono to RCA cable to connect to this. If you want to connect a phone or small MP3 player you will need something like this, as the only input option is L/R RCA jacks You will also need to provide a 12V power supply for it. I bough the inShareplus 12V 2A power supply and it works well.

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