Reviews AOC 2236Vw Widescreen LCD Monitor

AOC 2236Vw Widescreen LCD Monitor

  • DVI with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz)
  • USB 2.0 pass-thru connector
  • 60,000:1 High Contract Ratio
  • 16.7 Million Color
  • Touch Key sensitive controls
  • Shell Texture Design: The symmetrical perfection of rear cover and base that resembles Natural shell texture
  • EPEAT Rated
  • Glossy finished cabinet

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    This is my first wide screen monitor. I've been watching this brand of monitors at my workplace for about a year, and I knew from talking to our techs that it was at least a reliable brand. I also knew from personal use at my desk, that it was a very nice display for text, excel, emails, etc. The one thing I was worried about for my home use, was gaming. I finally decided to give this monitor a try, and my only regret was that I did not buy 2 more for my other PC's here at home. This is a great little monitor! I have it connected to a GTX460 video card via a DVI cable. I could have used the included VGA, but I've been told that DVI is a better cable, so I bought one. This monitor does come with a VGA cable, but does not come with a DVI cable. I am running all new hardware, but still use Windows XP, so the monitor did fire right up on the first boot, but as a generic.

    I decided to try the included CD, and was able to install the driver inf, so Winxp would recognize it properly. I also installed the little configuration tool from the disc, but I am not able to use it. If I run the program, it informs me I do not have a plug and play monitor, which apparently disables all the helpful features of this tool. I will mention that installation of the drivers and the OSD utility did not run on it's own, and I had to manually install everything after forcing close an annoying pop-up flash image that didn't run correctly. I will also mention there is no negative effects from just running the default windows driver, aside from possible invalid screen resolutions in the display options.

    This monitor looks perfect right out of the box. I have not changed any color, brightness, etc in my display drivers. The picture is very sharp at 1920x1080 @ 60hz. Gaming looks great, despite the common misconception of 60hz not being a great gaming speed. The monitor can run at lower resolutions if a PC cannot pull the full 1080P, but it's hard to find a game from the last 5+ years that doesn't support several wide screen resolutions, so performance should not be a problem. I was also surprised at the extreme angles I can view the screen, without noticing any issues.

    Some people have mentioned the big orange sticker on the front of the monitor. I had very little trouble peeling it off with just my fingernails, so I'm not sure why that's an issue for some. I also peeled off the "made for windows vista" sticker with little effort. There wasn't even any glue residue left behind. This monitor looks great! I'm not afraid to give this 5 stars, even with the installation CD issues, simply because a user doesn't even need the CD to use the monitor. I used the monitor for about 3 hours before I even reached for the installation CD.

    It would be hard to beat the price and performance of this monitor. I'll be buying two more very soon!

    Bought this as a cheap second monitor. It's okay, it can seem a little dim, but that's comparing it side by side with a 27" iMac screen. What was extremely peculiar and prompted the review is that it came in a beat up box, packed with...clothes. All sorts of smelly dirty clothes. My bf actually received the monitor while I was at work and sent me pictures asking what the heck I ordered. We unpacked the monitor from the clothes and threw them out. We've joked that they are murder clothes, either from a victim or the attacker. I guess that's one way to get rid of evidence...ship it to someone else to toss away. The monitor works fine, no issues and I've had it for about a year so far.

    So if you're looking to get a good monitor for the price and some free terrible possibly murder victim clothes, than this is the purchase for you.

    The AOC 2236Vw Widescreen LCD Monitor is a great monitor. I've had it for about two weeks now and have had no problems. Setting it up was pretty easy - you can choose to either use VGA or DVI. You can also connect the monitor via USB cable enabling you to use the USB port on the back of the monitor for devices such as your thumb drive, etc.

    I spend a significant amount of time doing one-on-one counseling with various people. I typically write up my notes/presentations on my computer - and then during the counseling sessions, we will go over my notes from the computer screen. This monitor is large enough so that we can both see the information clearly without any eye strain.

    My only (minor) complaint about the monitor is that it only rotates about its horizontal axis - in other words, you can only tilt the screen backwards and forwards. If you try to rotate it left or right, you just end up rotating the entire monitor including the base. I knew this when I purchased the monitor; but this is the only thing that I've found a little annoying.

    I had a positive experience with [...]. I would definitely do business with them again. I purchased the monitor on a Thursday - and it was delivered by the following Monday/Tuesday. (I paid $5 for expedited shipping.)

    I did not realize I was buying a used monitor. Putting that aside it was an ok purchase. It is not as bright as my other monitor even on the brightest setting. Very short stand but I bought a stand to put it on.

    I read a lot of the reviews and some were very negative. I had reservations but the price for the monitor was right so I decided to give it a chance. What a great monitor. Some of the issues from others seems to have been loading the drivers on the computer to get it going. Not for me, I just plugged it in and my computer automatically found the necessary drivers online and it installed itself. Didn't even have to take the driver CD out of the box. What could be easier?

    Great monitor! I needed a replacement for my 19 inch lcd that lost its backlight. I paid less for this than I did the 19 and it's noticeably larger and has a better picture to boot. You could do a lot worse for a lot more money. My first monitor in the mid-nineties was an AOC vga crt that I sold after two years use for as much as I paid for it so the brand seems to have held over time. I recommend this.

    Using it as a dual monitor, what’s awesome about it is that it can be wall mounted; originally i had purchased a newer AOC model which did not have the mounting capabilities…which was return immediately. So far so good will update in 60 days with pics :)

    I was looking to get a larger monitor to use on my desk for photo editing and to easily look at two programs simultaneously. Right out of the box the monitor works wonderfully and does everything I wanted it to do. Great quality color and images. I'm very happy with this purchase.

    Bought this monitor for my computer at work. Just plugged it in and perfect ! No issues, still working many months later with no issues. Good value, fine product.

    AOC is a very trusted brand due to prior good experiences! It installed instantly and has a sharp adjustable image. I'd buy it again.

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