Comments about VIOTEK LinQ P16C 16-Inch Portable Monitor for Laptop, PS4, Mobile & More | Ultra-Slim FHD IPS w/FreeSync | USB-C, HDMI, 3.5mm Port, Speakers | USB-C DP ALT-Mode Required for Single-Cable Connectivity

VIOTEK LinQ P16C 16-Inch Portable Monitor for Laptop, PS4, Mobile & More | Ultra-Slim FHD IPS w/FreeSync | USB-C, HDMI, 3.5mm Port, Speakers | USB-C DP ALT-Mode Required for Single-Cable Connectivity
EXTEND, EXPAND & ENHANCE — This portable monitor for laptop delivers stunning images with full-HD 1920x1080p resolution and vibrant color reproduction on an A-grade IPS screen.
FREEDOM OF FLEXIBILITY — Connect to a wide variety of devices via USB-C. The LinQ also features a mini-HDMI port for connection versatility not found on other portable monitors.
HAVE GAME, WILL TRAVEL — Hit the road and take your games with you. With freeSync, monitors like our LinQ will deliver a liquid smooth performance that other portable gaming monitors for PS4 or Xbox One simply can’t match.
PORTABILITY MEETS PRODUCTIVITY — Our portable usb monitor weighs just 1.35 pounds (0.61 kg) with an ultra-slim 9.4mm profile, about 0.37 inches, making it a great travel companion, perfect for dual-monitor presentations, and ideal as a second monitor.
SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS — Connected devices MUST support DP ALT-MODE for single-cable connection for power/data; otherwise, a second USB-C cable must be used to connect to an external power source. Mobile devices MUST support DP ALT-MODE.

Comments about VIOTEK LinQ P16C 16-Inch Portable Monitor for Laptop, PS4, Mobile & More | Ultra-Slim FHD IPS w/FreeSync | USB-C, HDMI, 3.5mm Port, Speakers | USB-C DP ALT-Mode Required for Single-Cable Connectivity
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I purchased this unit mainly for Samsung Dex with my Galaxy S10. I opted for the non touch screen version since I had no real use for that feature. I am very pleasantly surprised by this display. It looks great, super light and built in speakers are not terrible. Package included the screen, an mini hdmi to hdmi cable, and a usbc to usbc cable. So far, everything works as stated. I will be testing some other device with it soon, i.e. Snes Classic, Raspberry Pi, my PC. I will add to this review if I run into any issues. So far, I am happy.

Amazing gaming monitor. The colors are crisp and vibrant, motion is smooth. The build quality is excellent. Convenient travel size and the power from usb works flawlessly on my PS4. Screen protector/stand and cables came with the display.

I purchased this monitor to use with my Lenovo X1 Carbon gen 4. Unfortunately, gen 4 does not have USB-C for single cable connection but I could power the monitor from the laptop's USB. I couldn't find any flaws with this monitor. The display appears to equal that of my laptop, well enough for me, I did not have to go into OSD to make any adjustments. I'm really pleased with the stand design and its doubling as a protective case. 5-stars for sure.

My first review to help out the buyers. Recommendation boosted. This is a really really good.... no an excellent portable monitor. I returned AOC(cheap one)the same day I got it. It Has all in one button control for display/contrast, volume settings . Inbuilt speaker is pretty good and has a headphone jack. Very slim as thin as USB cable port, light weight, thin bezels, mat screen zero reflection.. Supports USB C or HDMI+USB 3 for video and power. Oh!! and lastly free coverstand. I was mind blown.

I saw all 5 star reviews for this portable monitor which caused me to buy it. I am not easily impressed by electronics, but let me say I am impressed. The quality is excellent! I will definitely recommend this monitor for anyone who needs a portable alternative to the need for a double screen or even primary screen. You will not be disappointed!!!

Using it to connect several servers via a kvm. Works great! Needed to see bootup processes so RDP would not suffice.

Plugged it in and automatically booted up and showed my screen within a few seconds. The screen finish (not glossy) and size is perfect for my laptop. I travel a bit for work, so I needed something thin and durable. I was debating about buying the cheaper portable monitor, but after reading all the 5 star reviews, I’m glad I went with this. If you’re reading the reviews, you’ve found your portable monitor. I could not be happier with this purchase.

Just what I wanted works great sleek finish definitely recommend it

Hooks up my android phone and Nintendo Switch. No problems in setup. Video quality is
good. For the Switch, I used a USB Type C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub, USB-C (USB3.1) Adapter for easier hook up.

Love the fact it’s an extra monitor for everything. I use for my laptop and for my game consoles. Portable and nice resolution and color. . I used for my Xbox one ps4 laptop and media player

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