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Samsung Electronics LC27F398FWNXZA Samsung Electronics C27F398 27 Curved Monitor

1800R curved monitor with 3000:1 contrast ratio provides a truly immersive viewing experience. . Featuring a glossy black finish and simple stand, the monitor boasts AMD FreeSync and Game Mode technology which allows users to enjoy smooth images, even during the fastest moving scenes. Power Consumption (Max) - 25 Watts

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I work from my home office as a software engineer so I'm in front of my screens practically all day. I bought 3, two for me and one for my wife. I replaced two 24" HP flat screens with these bad boys. These being my first curved screens, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't like the curved effect (it seemed a bit gimmicky to me), however, I couldn't be happier. The brightness and clarity of these screens are also superior to my previous screens. I fiddled with brightness, sharpness, contrast but, in the end, I didn't have to tweak them all that much. The default settings are pretty nice. While these screens are larger, they still have a max resolution of 1920 x 1080 so don't expect a super fine HD quality image.

They were a breeze to assemble. Just snap the base into the slot in the monitor. I like the stand itself. It's very low profile and leaves more space on my desk for my keyboard (wireless, illuminated, Logitech K800 - I suggest picking one up) and mouse (Microsoft wireless laser mouse 5000 - nothing fancy, gets the job done). When I bump my desk there is a bit of a wobble to the screens but it's not bad or very noticeable. Sometimes when I'm vigorously typing away, I will get a little wobble, but, again, I remain unperturbed. I was crossing my fingers (figuratively of course) when I pulled the screens from the box and examined them for damage. The surface of each of the three screens I purchased was in flawless shape and after getting them hooked up, I looked for any dead pixels, color lines, etc. that would be a no-go. I'm pleased to say that all three screens were in top shape.

I primarily use Visual Studio and I found that I had to change the font from the default Consolas to another, finer, monotype font (I found a free one called Monofur that works perfectly at 12pt) in order to optimize font clarity and lines of code on the screen. With these screens Consolas at 12pt was way too big. And simply reducing the font made it ugly (pixelated, blocky, etc.) so I wanted something better. I'm not sure how well the screenshot will translate to your current screen but I've captured a little snippet to share how clear my screen looks to me.

As for the curved effect, I was a bit concerned after reading other reviews, some of which go on about how terrible they are for spreadsheets. I'm not sure what that's all about since I find that these screens are ideal for looking at long lines of text across the screen for extended periods. When these screens are in front of you the curve itself is almost imperceptible. As I mentioned, I use two screens sitting side-by-side and I find that these perfectly wrap my work area in a more immersive way that my previous non-curved screens. My wife works on the other computer as an editor (so again lots of text and spreadsheets) and she absolutely loves it.

The ONLY complaint I have at the moment is that when I sit these two screens adjacent to each other, the tops/bottoms don't line up perfectly. One edge is raised about 1/4" over the other. I haven't fiddled with the monitor positions too much to see if I can correct it since I don't really notice it while I'm working. I have a few thoughts on how to remedy it if it actually starts bothering me so I really can't complain.

Overall, if you're looking for a nice upgrade to your current screen without breaking the bank, these screens will do the job nicely.

If you plan to ever use spreadsheets regularly, this is not a suitable monitor. My daughter visited at Thanksgiving and fell in love with this monitor. She uses spreadsheets extensively. Then I told her to load a spreadsheet - any spreadsheet. Then she didn't want it anymore - not even as a gift. She took my 6 year old HP 23 inch flat screen monitor instead. If gaming is your thing, this is an enjoyable monitor. If you are doing a lot of spreadsheet work or using Microsoft Office a lot, you'd be a lot better off with a flat screen monitor.
I've used this Samsung curved monitor for about a week now and while it is novel and immersive to a degree, I am still undecided whether I prefer a curved or traditional flat monitor. I think if you are really into gaming, it would be an easier decision to be in favor of the curved monitor. But I am not a gamer, so my use is definitely more mainstream. This monitor has a really nice deep black background with a 3000:1 contrast ratio and it captured my attention immediately. The black saturation is much better than most all monitors I’ve seen and I like it a lot. Furthermore, it has great color saturation. Watching a photo slide show is definitely more immersive and more enjoyable than a typical flat screen. The black saturation and contrast ratio may be the major factor in the richness of the photos and videos with the curved screen being less of a factor.

However, if you are using a spreadsheet or financial database, the curve is a little distracting. It’s not at all bad, however. The horizontal and vertical lines are nice and straight, but the curvature is noticeable. I'm not sure if I prefer it to a traditional flat screen or not - but my leaning is toward a flat screen for spreadsheets and financial programs and charts. This is where I spend most of my considerable time on a computer. This monitor supports both a HDMI input and a Display Port input. I connected both cables to my video card and tried to select each input with the joystick on the backside of the monitor. It sort of worked, but it would not display the image properly unless I pulled out the HDMI cable to view the Display Port input. I’d only use one or the other anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me.

Eye Saver Mode: In my opinion, it’s just short of awful. Maybe it is an eye saver of some kind, but the images just look so bad I’d never use it – eyestrain or not. I have another Samsung monitor with eye saver and it behaves the same way. Basically they seem to greatly reduce the contrast ratio and kill the blue content making the screen image look extremely faded and dull. I don’t like it at all.

Resolution and Screen Size: I believe 27 inch monitors are about the limit for close up viewing of a monitor in High Definition mode – 1920X1080. I have two 32 inch monitors with the same resolution and you can see the individual dots in letters and numbers. You really need UHD resolution for 32 inches and above. I have a 40 inch UHD monitor that produces very crisp lettering and edge detail. And it would look even better on a 32 inch monitor. So until now, I was thinking about purchasing a 32 inch UHD curved monitor, but I’ve changed my mind. I will still buy a 32 inch UHD resolution monitor, but it will be a flat screen monitor. By the way, a 40 inch computer monitor is too big for close up viewing in my opinion. If there is a bright white background, it’s almost blinding to look at the monitor for long before I get a bad headache. And spreadsheets and internet web pages have a lot of white background to blind you. It’s just a lot more area to emit light into your eyes at close range. I didn’t think of that before I bought the Philips 40 inch UHD computer monitor. Otherwise, it’s a great monitor and I really like it. Also, I find myself looking from left to right a lot to take in the entire screen image. So I’m seriously planning to downsize to 32 to 34 inches. Or I’m going to have to get some prescription polycarbonate reading sunglasses to cut down the light. Bigger is not always better.

If you are in the market for a 27 inch HD 1920X1080 monitor, I believe you’ll really enjoy this Samsung Curved Monitor, especially if your application is largely gaming and video and photos. And even spreadsheets and accounting are fine. The lines are very straight both vertically and horizontally. You can see the curve, but it’s not distorted or too distracting. If you plan to use it primarily for accounting and spreadsheets, you may want to think about a flat monitor.

I did receive this on the Amazon Vine program, but I write my reviews the same as if I purchased it. Furthermore, it is not free. I have to pay self employment social security of 15.1% and in addition, I have to pay income tax on the Vine items bringing it up to about 33% overall taxation. Amazon reports all Vine products as income to the IRS. I have to file quarterly income tax payments as well. In addition, I normally must have actually purchased a similar item with my own money just like you and wrote a good review on that item in the past. And there is no guarantee I’ll ever get a similar product on Vine in the future. I’ve written over 850 reviews and the overwhelming number of those reviews were for things I bought with my own money – and wrote a good review on it. It’s a lot of work. I would never knowingly mislead anyone to purchase something I wouldn’t purchase myself. I do have a conscience and some integrity. I get zero preferential treatment for writing fluffed up reviews, so I don’t. Look at my reviews and you’ll see some one star Vine reviews and everything in between. It is what it is. I am an electrical engineer and I know what I’m doing, but I can make mistakes. If I do, write it in a comment and please don’t just ding me for no reason.

The Good :
-Colors are truly amazing for a non-PLS, non-IPS panel. Not listed in the description (at the time of purchase), but this is a Samsung VA panel. Does that mean anything to me? No. This has a MUCH nicer picture than my 27" IPS LG monitor that was $100 more expensive. So yeah, I plan on selling the LG and buying a second one of these.
-The curve is subtle, yet essential (after being accustomed). I now prefer curved screens.

The Meh :
-The sharpness setting in "game mode" is much too high and not adjustable. Only reason this bugs me is that I cannot replicate the color vibrancy through the manual calibration to the same level as "game mode.". Very close, but not %100.
-Due to the design of the stand, it is excited to let you know when you bump your desk by making the monitor dance. They did include VESA mounts, so I'll be purchasing an adjustable monitor arm mount.

The Bad :
-I'll be sure to update this review if I find anything

Love these monitors. I've got a duo setup on my desk and I can't believe how much eye strain these things save me. It took a total of maybe 2 hours to get used to the curve look, but it makes my desk feel more roomy and comfortable without blowing my eyes out trying to look 54 inches across my desk just to look from one end to the other.

The Monitor is Excellent... I have the 27" CF591 Model, and now the CF398 Model. The CF398 has a slightly different refresh rate than the 598 but not a noticeable difference. And The 398 has no speakers. But for me the biggest difference that in my opinion is a game changer is the 598 isn't natively mountable, you have to buy an adapter. I purchased the adapter with was metal fitting into the plastic backing of the monitor and it just is not sturdy and I am afraid the Monitor will break. The 398 is mountable with no adapter... And the Monitor mounts well and is extremely sturdy. This Monitor is a steal for the Money.

Using this monitor for my laptop. Getting old and blind. Laptop screen very small. This monitor has made a huge difference for me. My biggest worry was editing text. Was afraid text would be too pixelated. But it all worked out great! Characters look just fine. Videos and web apps look great as well. Would very much recommend this monitor.

These are the best monitors I have ever used. The eye saver setting has helped reduce the eye fatigue and headaches. I bought two for my home office (I work from home about 40% of the time) and they're great.

I purchased two of these to use in a multi-monitor configuration. I had planned to add a third so I could use eyefinity (the bar down the bezel bar down the center makes it unusable with two monitors). I found one monitor is plenty for gaming and I use the secondary for other tasks. Together, these monitors have a width of around 48" which is exactly the width of the desk they're mounted to. There were no dead/stuck pixels and I'm happy with the image quality. I'm using an r9 280x video card so I can't enable freesync but I was able to verify these monitors are freesync capable via the OSD menu. don't plan to game in anything higher than 1080p for a while so these are a nice stop gap until the price of curved 4k monitors come down.

Upgraded from a 22" Dell flat screen and the photos do not do this piece of tech justice. It took a few hours to adjust not only to the size but the curve being it is my first curve product. Once you adjust, it is completely immersive — the wife calls it my mini home desktop theater lol. I recommend getting a DP (display port) cable as opposed to HDMI if your pc supports it as it brings much more color, detail and less screen flicker/tearing for movies and gaming. I'm able to get 72Hz with my gpu. It is full 1080p with no 4k support, though until 4k becomes the absolute standard, this thing is plenty for me. Huge bang for your buck — there are always better products out there for much more $$$, but for the price, it's uncanny.

After finally purchasing a couple MiniPC's for both business and personal use, and using an old LCD 21" Wide Screen Monitor I had, I was finding that I must be spoiled by my 4K TV because the picture on that monitor which I thought was wonderful, just seemed so dull and it did not support 4K which I have come to love to watch 4K videos etc.

I wasn't really sure what monitor to get, but I wanted something much larger, supported 4K, and that was at a very reasonable price. I did a lot of searching Amazon's product lists for monitors, and I came across this monitor, and I noticed that it was a curved screen. While I have never owned a curved screen anything, I had seen them at the local electronics store and was darn impressed. So I was very curious about this monitor because it had all the specs I was looking for, at least 27", Wide Screen, Support for 4K, Native Resolution of 1920 x 1080, LED, and had a curved screen. When I also noticed that it was a Samsung, I was pretty excited to learn more because I have always had very good luck with Samsung products and in fact, I have only had one Samsung product ever fail, and that was a mobile phone that should have stopped working years ago with what It went through.

Not knowing much about monitors these days, I started reading the reviews that were written on this monitor and I asked the community a couple questions. The answers I got back to my questions sealed the deal for me. Everyone who responded had nothing but great things to say about this monitor and provided me in info I needed. So I decided to go for it.

When it got here, unfortunately the first one had a broken screen. It appeared that it was packaged that way since the packaging was factory sealed but the packing was broken on the inside. Needless to say I returned it but Amazon really stepped up to the plate and sent me a replacement next day, so I was only delayed by 1 day getting to use it. Because the first monitor came with a broken screen, I am going to assume that the screen may be a bit on the frgile side as my old monitor has been dropped, and the LCD screen never had any issues, I don't know jf the screens on LED monitors are more easily broken, or If this was something that someone really dropped hard before packaging, for this reason I gave the durability 4 stars)

Setup was a breeze! Just had to put 1 screw to put the base stand together, and that was it. The stand is about the only thing I really don't like because the base that sits on the desk is an upside down chevron shape, which sticks out in front of the monitor a few inches. This makes putting it on a small desk where your keyboard would be in front of it a bit of a pain because the keyboard has to be pulled closer to me and just gets in the way to me. I managed to get around that by putting the monitor up on a little shelf I made out of a box and an old Laptop lap desk that I had. It perfectly raises the monitor by about 4-5 inches, and let's me push the keyboard further back to where I now have more room on my desk. (Images added to show the base and how I worked around the chevron styled base to give me more room).

The monitor has one HDMI port and one Display Port. Now I am not familiar with the Display Port, but all my devices are HDMI, so plugging in a PC is simple. In fact, I have 3 MiniPC's that I need to connect to this monitor so I bought a 5 port HDMI switch. This allows me to easily switch between each MiniPC with just a click of a button.

The picture on this monitor is absolutely phenomenal! Once I plugged in the HDMI plug, turned on the monitor, it automatically scanned for the signal which it found right away and WOW! What a gorgeous picture. The colors are very bright and vibrant. The dynamics between the Black and White colors are stunning and the color definition is very vivid. For never using a curved screen before on a computer monitor, I am very impressed. It almost immerses you in to the picture and almost gives it a extra dimensional view, almost 3D in nature... The thing I worried most about with a curved screen was is there going to be any distortion with a curved screen and I am happy to say. "Absolutely Not!". The images looks perfectly flat, but because of the curve, it pulls the outer edges our of your peripheral vision and closer to your focused view when looking straight forward.

Learning how to use the toggle button on the back for adjusting the settings van take a bit of getting used to, however, at this point, I haven't really needed to use any of the options other then Sleep and Shut Down as the defaults seem to be perfect for my setup.

Unfortunately this monitor does not have built in speakers however, if you have speakers connected to you computer or use a set of Bluetooth Speakers you will be just fine.

Overall my impression of this monitor is fantastic! The picture quality is stunning, and the size with the curves screen is awesome. I would recommend this monitor to anyone who wants an excellent monitor for home or office at a more then reasonable price. While I have not used the monitor for gaming, I have used a monitor that has the same 4ms refresh rate and that has the same native resolution of1920 x 1080 and that monitor is over 10 years old and still holds up today, so I can only imagine that this monitor would be perfectly fine for today's games. I am definitely glad that I went ahead and purchased this monitor, and should I need to replace the monitor that I amusing as a secondary monitor, I will likely purchase another one of this model! Again, Highly recommended and over all this monitor gets a full 5 Stars from me! ~

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