Comments about Dell Ultra Sharp LED-Lit Monitor 25" Black (U2518D)| 2560 X 1440 at 60 Hz| IPS| Vesa Mount Compatibility

Dell Ultra Sharp LED-Lit Monitor 25 Black (U2518D)| 2560 X 1440 at 60 Hz| IPS| Vesa Mount Compatibility

Ultimate efficiency 25 inch screen with incredibly thin bezels. Lifelike visuals that provide images with striking depth to captivate your attention and give each job a gorgeous finish.

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I normally don't write reviews, but for this Dell U2518D, I felt I needed to. From looking at the many negative reviews here, I almost decided to skip this monitor and find something else. I am glad I didn't.

The reason I was looking at this monitor was because I wanted to use it in a dual display setup with my other monitor, a Dell UltraSharp U2515H. The U2515H was the previous model to the U2518D, and I wanted to get something that matched as close as possible. I started out looking for my identical model, but for some reason the only ones I could find were extremely expensive. I started reading reviews on the Dell U2518D, and mostly what I had read was pretty positive like the in-depth review from When I looked at the reviews on this from the Best Buy site, this monitor had many reviews and was close to rating 5/5 stars.

Then when I looked at the reviews here, I started to worry. I almost ordered a Dell 4K monitor for not much more than the price of this one, but I really wanted a 2560x1440 monitor, because I consider the text size to be perfect, and I prefer to run in native resolution, instead of needing to use scaling. I ordered this, and expected the worst.

As soon as I plugged in the monitor and powered it up, I was expecting to see lots of backlight bleed against the black background - but it just wasn't there. In fact this monitor seemed to be slightly better in that regard, than my U2515H. When I booted up the computer and looked at the two monitors side by side, it looked ok, but needed to be tweaked.

For me I found that this monitor had a slight green or blue coloration to it, compared to my U2515H. Once I made the following changes, it matched the U2515H and looked perfect:

Brightness: 60%
Contrast: 75% (default setting)

Preset Mode: Custom Color
Red: 100%
Green: 95%
Blue: 94%

I left everything else at their defaults. With these settings, the display was pretty much identical to my other monitor and a white screen did not have a blue/green tint to it.

I have had this monitor for about a week now, and I am impressed with it. I actually think it is slightly nicer than my U2515H (which always received very high ratings). I don't have any dead pixels and the screen color looks uniform even when looking at an angle.

I docked one star from this monitor because even though it was supposedly color calibrated, it still needed to have changes to its default color settings in order for it to look right. I am very happy with this monitor and I am glad that I purchased it despite the many negative reviews here at Amazon.

After doing some research I decided to buy this model Dell Monitor, U2518D. The monitor is supposed to have a very accurate RGB color reproduction which is great for my photography. Also, the higher resolution of 1440p is a really nice step up from 1080, especially at this size.

I received the monitor in a Dell box that seems to have been previously opened, as the box was taped with packing tape. In some areas, the packing tape had already been cut open. This had me very concerned as the product was listed new on Amazon.

However after opening the package, the monitor, and all of its accessories, including the stand, mDP cable, power cable, and USB cable were all included. The monitor even had the original shipping foam and plastic wraps over the display. I am not sure why the package had been opened already, but it seems the monitor hadn't been used. This is the sole reason I left off a star.

Colors on this monitor are bright, and crisp. Definitely not over saturated. The "Standard" mode out of the box is pretty bright. I turned it down to about 50 and it seems much more reasonable. The colors are still very accurate and this display does have stunning contrast. However like some other reviewers have pointed out, on an all black screen, there is some noticeable light bleed from the panel. It really isn't any worse that most other IPS panels.

This is not a gaming monitor after all and for the color accuracy I don't mind this. I am not often staring at a black screen anyway.

Hope this review helps someone.

A crisp, bright 25" WQHD display. The lightweight screen is VESA compatible but already comes with an amazing stand. I'm happy with my matched pair of these displays, but there are a few quibbles. The big positives are color/brightness and the stands, the negative is bad backlight bleed on one of two monitors. Read on for details...

* Bright. Crisp. Rich colors. I use around 65-70% brightness, even with a relatively bright office.
* Good viewing angles.
* Great stand: tilt, swivel, raise/lower, rotate, all very smooth.
* Good set of inputs/outputs, USB3 ports.
* Displayport MST support for chaining displays. (if your OS/GPU supports it!)
* Thin bezel, makes it easy to pair up two monitors.
* Lightweight, low power consumption.
* Accurate color reproduction.
* Cables included.
* No dead pixels.

* Backlights are visible in a dark room/dark background.
* One backlight on one corner of one monitor is really bad (brighter and a yellower color).
* Really annoying bottom placement of control buttons. Buttons are small and hard to press one-handed unless you have nails. Seems new with the "18" models, my P2417H from a few months ago has the old style buttons in front.
* Settings unavailable when no input. Settings don't carry over from input to input (ie, DP to HDMI).
* So lightweight the screen shakes when I type vigorously.
* Expensive relative to other brands.
* Sometimes doesn't wake or wakes slowly from power-save (seems input dependent, may be GPU driver issue)
* Ships set to excessively cool color temperatures

Pictured: The bad backlight. Note it's not so glaring a bleed in person (camera accentuates it), and it's largely invisible when the background isn't black/the room isn't dark. Even so, not sure how that passed QA.

WQHD aka "2K" is my preferred choice for screens 27" and smaller. Going UHD (aka "4K") just means most things will have to scale up, and your system will work harder to manipulate more pixels. Even the best gaming rigs stutter at 4K, and non-scaled fonts and icons are tough to discern. Unless you're working with 4K sources (aka, video-editing), I suggest sticking to 2K for desktop displays for now.

I bought my 2518Ds elsewhere, but noticed a stark lack of reviews when I was researching, so wanted to share. I've long-favored the premium Dell Ultrasharp monitors for my personal productivity. They always have nice stands, usually paired with good quality panels, longish warranties, and a thorough set of connectivity options.

The combination of price, quirks, and backlight make me hesitate to say "recommended". And if you're not space and price constrained, 27" screens might serve better. If you're really price-constrained, this is definitely not the cheapest WQHD display.
But overall I'm pleased with the crisp display, rich colors, and general suitability of my two monitors, and the 25" slim-bezel design is a good trade-off between screen real-estate and display footprint. Recommended, with caveats.

I was surprised this product didn't get a good average rating. I am a movie lover, PC/PS4/Switch gamer and amateur photographer, and this monitor serves every single purpose outstandingly.
The 2K display made an incredible difference, working with this display is so pleasant. The color & dynamic range is good enough for my everyday photo editing - I know it's only 99% sRGB or something like that, but it's the best I've every used. Gaming experience of all types (FPS, RPG, sidescrollers) is also great.
Overall, there's hardly anything bad I could think of. Love it.

I've been a fan and user of dell monitors for years now due to how sharp and accurate the picture quality and colors are , and these monitors DID NOT DISAPPOINT!(I purchased two for dual screen purposes). These 1440p monitors are great for photo editing & video editing, as well as consuming video content. The thin screen bezel is nice and has that modern day sleek appeal to it, so it adds to the decor of my home office. Screen size real estate is nice, so you have the ability to have multiple apps open which aids in productivity and multi-tasking. When you purchase these monitors, make sure you download the DELL DISPLAY MANAGER SOFTWARE, it makes changing the monitor settings and managing inputs so much easier than fooling around with the buttons.

This is my third Dell 25 inch WQHD display and I'm running two of them side-by-side for work and the pair is great. I'm running off a 2014 MacBook Pro 15. It's nice that Dell includes the cables you'll need to hook things up and you can daisy chain the port hubs. The settings buttons are a bit of a pain to use but hopefully they won't be needed after initial setup.

After trying a couple of other monitors with similar specs and having to return them, this monitor turned out to be really great.

I was looking for a monitor with 2560x1440 resolution and a smaller screen, for under $300 or so, but there are very few options available. I find having two monitors at 27" just takes up too much desk space, and 23.6" - 24" screens at 1440p leaves on screen elements looking just a bit too small without scaling, which is not preferable. This monitor, at 25", was the perfect screen size and pixel density - surprisingly hard to find.

The clarity of everything on screen is great. Everything is sharp and clear without appearing artificially sharpened. The couple of monitors I had tried prior to this had terrible issues with the "rainbow sparkling" of their matte/anti-glare finish, making it extremely difficult to focus on. This monitor does not have that issue at all.

Colors appear very deep and rich. The monitor is capable of being very bright. I bought two of these, and they were very slightly different in their color - one naturally more warm, and the other more cool - which was apparent in the gray tone of the OSD menus. It doesn't bother me too much, and I was able to offset the colors so that it is unnoticeable, but it is worth considering if you're particularly set on having multiple monitors be calibrated exactly the same.

On both monitors I've bought, the greens needed to be toned down from default settings, but otherwise the colors seem very true. More so than any other monitor I've owned, I feel like I am seeing closer to the full range of values, maintaining an ability to differentiate values in both bright whites and dark blacks.

Across both of the monitors that I bought, it does seem consistent that the left side is slightly warmer toned and the right side is slightly bluer toned at the bottom of the screen. I don't find this color shift to be prominent enough to be noticeable in practical usage.

I haven't used any features like the Smart HDR, because I generally find that kind of stuff to be gimmicky.

No issues with backlight bleeding or anything. There is what feels like a very minimal/acceptable amount, only at the bottom of the screen. Not sure if I got lucky, but it seems that both of the ones I bought have far less than what I've seen pictured in some reviews.

On the tearing issue - I have read a lot about this, and it did almost deter me from buying this monitor altogether, but I am glad it didn't. I have a GTX 1070, and have not encountered this issue at all so far. I am not sure if Dell has made any fixes to this in their firmware, but both monitors I bought came with the M2T104 firmware installed. I have only tried these monitors on PC and not on any consoles yet, but I will edit my review if this changes. However, playing a variety of games on PC hasn't made this issue appear yet.

This isn't something I was looking for when I bought these monitors, but the adjustable stands are awesome and I generally like the build of the monitor. I always prefer monitors with a flat and rectangular base. The swiveling is convenient and the height adjustability works really well while maintaining sturdiness. I will probably never really use the full ability to rotate the screen, but it's nice to be able to. The monitor has a good amount of options for ports, and the additional USB ports are helpful as well.

All around, I feel like these monitors were great quality for the price (I bought for about $300 USD each), and from a couple trials of other monitors in the screen size range of 24-25" and at 1440p in a similar price range, that you wouldn't be able to find much better.

Great display, the 60 hz 1440p panel feels much better than my $200 Phillip 4K 144hz panel. It is pricey compared to other monitors with similar specs, but the build quality is amazing, the bezels are small, and it looks crystal clear. It was a little bit glitchy with 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch but works perfectly with my custom build PC. Other reviews claim back-light bleed which I have not experienced. Overall great monitor.

Read all the negative reviews but still decided to purchase this monitor (U251D 25"). I am happy to report that the one I got must have been in the good QA batch because it's really sharp, clear and let's be honest 25 inches is better than 23.8".

I like the build quality, the adjustable stand and the picture quality. Had some bad luck trying to get a decent Samsung monitor (bought and returned two) and so glad I found DELL!

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