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2020 Acer Aspire 3 15.6" Full HD 1080P Laptop PC, Intel Core i5-1035G1 Quad-Core Processor, 8GB...
to James Dyson, the British inventor and the head of a brand of a name of, has promised to enter for only a few years the market of the electric transport. His company is known first of all for development of the advanced fans, dryers and hair dryers, plus their business card – cyclonic vacuum
K U.S. Army plan to deploy 2020 in Europe crew from 80 Abrams M1 tanks which are fully completed by the system of active protection "The Trophy". She is from Israel – completely automated means of interception of everything, than the opponent can shoot at the tank. Her purpose – destruction of an
Of Moon Express – the private American company which has just published the detailed plan for a research of the Moon. According to him within the next years three spacecrafts will be sent there. A main goal of the Moon Express program – to open access for development of the Moon to the private
Along with Russia and the USA the Martian race is entered by China. Not later than 2020 is planned to make flight to the red planet during which the mars rover will be delivered there. Within the project the competition on the name and a logo of rover is already announced. According to the
Three European tekhnogigant declared combination of efforts in development of the demonstration version of the commercial plane with the electric motor. The working name of the E-Fan X car, it will be constructed on the basis of model of BAE Systems 146 and has to rise in air by 2020. The
In the history of astronautics the next break – new rover which will arrive to Mars in the 2020th prepares, will receive the unprecedented number of cameras. Impresses not only quantity (23 pieces), but also productivity – if on Curiosity the navigation Navcams and Hazcams tools had resolution of 1
Still floating cities among sea open spaces – a cherished dream of architects futurists and science fiction writers. And these dreams begin to come true. The Blue Frontiers company founded in Singapore has signed the protocol on intention to build by 2020 the floating village at the southern coast
These high quality original equipment filters are designed for the TechPure TT-MAC-2122 & TT-MAC-2020 air cleaners. They are rated at MERV 11 and remove many allergens, dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants. The new QwikBox(R) collapsed design provides for less chance of shipping damage
Spt su-2020 ultrasonic humidifier is whisper quiet - will help you breath better and sleep more comfortably. High humidity output with steeples control. Features dry protection and water refill indicator. Large 2-gallon water tank reduces hassle of constant refill. Produces up to 2.3 gallons of
Product DescriptionThe Samsung SPP-2020 Photo Printer makes it easy to turn a favorite digital image into a lab-quality 4 in x 6 in photograph in just 60 seconds. Surround yourself with beautiful views. Smiling faces. And timeless moments. A sophisticated Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer print