Comments about Apple MacBook Air (13", 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) - Silver - MQD32LL/A

Apple MacBook Air (13, 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) - Silver - MQD32LL/A
1.8 GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Intel HD Graphics 6000
Fast SSD storage
8GB memory
Two USB 3 ports.Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
Thunderbolt 2 port
SDXC port

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This is exactly what I was looking for! I was really skeptical about ordering a new MacBook off of anything besides Apple or Best Buy but now I don’t regret one thing! The laptop came brand new wrapped by apple, which was nice to know! The laptop works very well and was in pristine condition!

Newest unopened box 2017 Macbook air at an amazing deal. I was a bit hesitant to order due to some of the reviews found amongst several amazon sellers and listings, but the deal was great, so I figured, why not. Besides, the cost is so low and zero tax charged in New York State, where my county is 8.75%, I saved a bundle. Just under $300.

Shipping: The next day the order was showing up as delivery unavailable "we'll email you with a date" even with 2-day Prime, so I got an adjustment from Amazon for the trouble and was considering canceling all together. Turns out it arrived on time regardless and with no notification until an hour before delivery, call me surprised when it actually showed up on my doorstep. Besides that inventory hitch... an excellent purchase from the good deals seller.

Packaging: The package arrived intact. The apple box itself is brand spanking new, with the slightest ding in it. Nothing to write home about.
The housing seems legit to me, as a Mac owner of several types, what did seem off was the inside of the box seemed to have rips in it. Not a big deal. It is Chinese made after all. As far as I can tell this is brand new from the factory.

Product: Came with high sierra 10.13.3 and I was able to update to 10.13.4 a few days later which significantly made it faster and more secure. As a product, its good enough but I prefer my desktop macs vs laptop macs anyhow. Lacking retina does not bother me at all and I can't even tell the difference from my IPS monitor on my custom mac mini. I do like that there isn't as much glare as with the retina. My friends and colleagues have some and on a sunny day, I get less glare distraction. The reason I purchased the air vs the macbook is the ports and the wider keyboard. This computer is wicked light and, had I gone with the smaller more expensive macbook 2017 gold, I would have felt cooler but ultimately been less productive. As a marketer for several businesses and a retired packaging designer. I really love the ease of use of the air. The keys could be a smidge bit smoother, in that the clicking causes a bit of strain on my hands. Nothing that can't be handled with a few more coffee breaks. And more significantly are the ports availability. I can air drop files back and forth or use google drive for the rest, so memory has yet to be an issue. In the even I find it a hassle, I found a few companies that will boost the drive with more flash memory if need be.

All in all, wicked satisfied with this purchase.

Took a while to bite the bullet and invest in a Mac as they are rather pricey. I am so glad that I did though! I just love this laptop. It’s so lightweight and the battery lasts a full day so I don’t have to drag a charger around with me. I have used laptops for years and this is the first one that I have found that is truly portable.

If you are wanting a good laptop to take with you to school, work or the local coffee shop, I would recommend picking this one. Even if you are new to Mac as the operating system is easy to pick up on.

I was extremely hesitant to buy this MacBook Air because of the negative reviews about refurbished units, but I am so glad I did. I received a BRAND NEW MacBook Air, exactly as described. It was delivered in the original box and according to Apple, was a brand new unit. It booted up without issue, ran smoothly and quietly, and worked perfectly when syncing to my iPhone and Apple Watch. I had no issues whatsoever and would recommend you take the leap and purchase this laptop without a second thought.

Overall I am happy with this device with 1 issue.

Im use to purchasing refurbished iPad's but always get my mac laptops and desktops new.. This time I decided the price for this unit was too good to pass up for a refurbished. So I decided to get it, to replace my old 2008 MacBook. Upon delivery, the corner of the Mac box was bashed a little, but there were no signs of damage on the unit overall.

Sometimes you may get other labels over the original apple model number, which makes the device questionable. This wasn't the case here as everything looked like you just bought it from the Apple store. It boots up very fast, holds a charge very well and all ports, screen, camera, and audio work great. The reason 1 star is gone is because after 1.5 weeks of purchase with barely any use, the trackpad had failed. Luckily Apple is replacing it as we speak but itll take about 5 days to do so. Bummer. But overall it was in brand new condition. Worth the price.

This is my first Apple laptop and it is a good one. Seems to last forever on the battery, quick and very functional. A little while getting used to it (versus Windows), but all-in-all a great piece of machinery. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Computer came exactly as described. 2017 model, with all the options I selected.
Brand new in a box just like the Apple store, with charger.

This computer is beyond amazing. I have been able to do so much with it. I love how it syncs to my phone and watch. And my documents are easily accessible.

When researching whether I should get this or not alot of the Youtube videos said that buying a MacBook Air in 2018 may not be worth it due to the quality of the screen and that some of the Mac offerings were much better, given that they had USB-C ports etc. Im not a fan of all the usb dongles and adapters and prefer working with a straight up 3.0 USB port. I also want to be able to transfer pics (gigabytes at a time) from my dslr to my computer at any time and as such I use SD cards. So this laptop with its SD card slot and usb ports work great for me. With respect to the SD card though please note that your standard dslr card only fits halfway through the SD card reader on the air.

The screen is obviously not "retina" quality but is fairly decent. The computer loads pretty quickly and and the battery life is amazing (one of they key reasons I bought this) easily powers through that long meeting or workshop..which comes in handy when everyone else is hogging up the few power outlets available.

Bought Saturday received Monday!!! With case screen protector and keyboard protector!!! Literally didn’t buy any of that just the computer and a case!! Love my new 2017
Mac air 256gb! Super cheap too saved over 200 on taxes and actual device cost and extras!!

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