Comments about Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14 Inch FHD, Touchscreen, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor, Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, Win 10, Black, Pen Included

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14 Inch FHD, Touchscreen, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor, Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, Win 10, Black, Pen Included

Featuring powerful and efficient AMD processing and a battery that lasts all day - Plus rapid recharging that can restore your battery charge up to 80% in just an hour - The Lenovo flex 14 Convertible touch screen laptop can help make your ideas happen. This multi-mode PC also has a physical Webcam Shutter for extra privacy, while the digital pen support (active Pen included) enables you to write or sketch directly onto the full HD 14" Display. Use your Flex 14 2-in-1 laptop in notebook computer mode for your everyday computing needs, fold it into tablet computer mode for drawing or touch screen interaction, or put it into tent or stand mode to binge your favorite streaming shows or Share a movie with friends. your Windows 10 enabled Lenovo Laptop comes with comprehensive, built-in security features, including firewall and Internet protections to help safeguard against viruses, malware, and ransomware. Family Options and parental controls will help you protect your kids online, keep track of their activities on the laptop tablet, and help set good screen time habits. Combining Fast processing speed and multimedia performance, The Lenovo flex 14 is a great laptop for a college student, gaming enthusiast, or for all types of everyday use.

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This laptop has amazingly good build quality, and is very snappy to use. The achiles heel is that it only has 6 GB of RAM available to the OS, since it is capped at 8 GB non upgradeable, and 2 GB are dedicated to the integrated graphics. 8 GB would be OK if fully usable, but 6 GB is getting a bit tight these days due to the horrible new trend of desktop apps written in Javascript.

Apart from 8 GB instead of 16 GB RAM, this laptop is amazing, and I hope that Lenovo will continue to consider the AMD Ryzen processors instead of Intel processors for future laptops in this price range. The latest-gen Ryzen has excellent multicore performance. AMD's integrated graphics are also surprisingly good, especially considering that you get it for free from the processor. This computer should be able to run basically any AAA game released in 2013ish or before at high settings despite being an ultralight notebook with no dedicated graphics card. Before you ask, yes, it can run Overwatch or Fortnite at high settings well.

The SSD could maybe be a bit bigger in this age of cheap 3DNAND SSD's, but it is very fast. The computer boots up instantly and has very little post-startup lag, making the fingerprint reader very nice to have as login time would be the time bottleneck in getting started otherwise.

The screen is great, both as an HD screen and as a touchscreen. It is larger than any ipad and gives an amazing touch experience. I expected it to be a bit bulky, but the laptop has an evenly distributed weight and balances well despite its size, so the tablet + pen experience is great. Used the pen to try writing and solving some physics equations with subscripts and superscripts, and it worked great, better than my old early-gen surface.

If I were Lenovo and could change one thing, it would be switching up the motherboard to add more RAM while keeping the Ryzen. Although, running out of RAM isn't too bad with a fast SSD as the computer doesn't grind to a halt when swapping. Still, I'd be careful about installing too many tasks running in the background in order to keep the computer as snappy as it is when new. At this price level, this is the best offering out there imho for a 2 in 1 laptop. A microsoft surface tablet with similar performance would cost you twice as much.

EDIT: upgraded review score from 4 to 5 due to people telling me that the RAM does in fact seem to be user-upgradable to a greater degree than indicated by Lenovo staff. Making it a really amazing deal if you are tech-savvy enough to tinker with your laptop.

Just writing a quick review for anyone wanting to put Linux on this. I didn't find anything online about this model as to compatibility and took a chance when buying it. I'm using Ubuntu 19.04 and 99% of things seems to work out of the box. The network chip is a RTL8822BE, which seems to be both wifi and bluetooth. Both worked without any tinkering. The touchscreen works as well, including screen rotation and the included stylus. Tested with Gimp. All keyboard shortcuts seem to work, including the backlight. Microphone and camera work. The only thing I haven't gotten to work is the fingerprint reader. I haven't really played with it much though. It looks like it might be combined with the TPM, as I don't see a device for it.

To boot off USB, I had to press that Nova button thing to get into the BIOS to disable Secure Boot. F12 then brings up the boot menu. Fairly easy once I found something small enough to hit the button. Had to use a sewing needle.

So far, decent laptop. Looks pretty.

This laptop performs great but is initially starved for RAM if you plan on running any virts or similarly intensive workload. The RAM is upgrade-able but only has 1 upgrade-able slot (4GB is soldered onto motherboard for other slot, probably due to GPU?). I attached pictures to prove that the Lenovo representatives are flat out lying to customers about this.

Not sure why they are lying about it repeatedly, maybe to make you buy a more expensive model. Either way this works great once you add a 16GB stick (you can get one for around $70 on Amazon).

While this is not as powerful or fast as my Dell gamer laptop, it's still pretty good. The Vine description has some things right and some wrong. One it says pen sold separately, but it comes with a pen, which is reflected on the product page. The product page specifies a lower screen resolution, but this is full HD 1080P like the Vine description says. One right, one wrong, but both good news. My high rating does not mean this doesn't have some downsides, but for price, performance and convenience this is a winner.

I used Cortana to set this up with voice and it understood me fairly well. I found the keyboard smaller and not as centered to use the QWERTY arrangement as naturally, I'm old enough that they still taught typing back in high school, and so I type by touch, as a software engineer, I'm fairly fast, but I notice when the home keys don't have the best position. I didn't like the lack of buttons by the track pad either. I surmised that double tapping it emulated a mouse, but it was a bit hard to work with. No problem even my Dell, I use an inexpensive USB wireless mouse and when at the desk a full size keyboard as well. The setup went well but for some reason trying to set up the Microsoft account since I have one it wouldn't take my email, and I couldn't seem to find a way to sign into my current account in the process. I registered for it offline, so I guess I won't get upgrades till I figure it out. It connected to my home network easily when I selected the wireless link, and entered my network PW.

I jumped on to the web, and set it to MSN which I use for news and events. I could easily jump arount to my favorite pages. I did notice it was slower than my laptop, but thats to be expected. Although my Dell has less solid state storage, it has a much faster CPU and graphics processor as it has a 4K video screen. Where this really shines is the battery power, I've two high end laptops, but they could almost act as space heaters at times, and if I unplug them they will barely make it to two hours run time, even with power conservation settings. I ran this for five hours and it still had about a third of the battery power left. It also has fast charge in 45 minutes I was back to 75 percent, and in 90 minutes had a full charge again. Those figure were while running BTW, so would be better if just left to charge alone. It does support full 1080P, so even with the small, but not too small screen things were clear and crisp. I connected up a popular streaming service and watches a movie and some anime. It performed nice.

I've said this before, but I don't know why they are called laptops, I put them on a table when sitting, and if lying back I put them on my tummy. I guess a tummy top would not be as catchy a phrase. This has an active pen and touch screen something my other laptops don't have and it's nice if you want to draw, or use various interactive apps. There is a security feature you can activate with your fingerprint, but I didn't set it up, but nice to have if you have nosey people around your house or office. Plus it might be possible for a hacker to remotely access you with a stolen PW, but probably would be foiled by having to enter a fingerprint. Cost is less than half my high end laptops, and this is more convenient, lighter, more battery power, and almost as good graphic performance. It may bog down a little with some online games, but it could play many of them as well. Sound is fair, but it might be better so add some small speakers when using at a desktop location. I can't tell how good the sound card is, but even the integrated sound on most systems are fairly good today.

The bottom line here is this is a laptop/tablet you can live with and won't bog you down, easy to transport, if used in business you don't have to drag your charger to the conferance room due to long battery life. Runs Windows 10 without a hitch as far as I could tell, and although more expensive than most straight tablets, it does more, stores more, performs most tablet features as well as home computer features, and is definately worth the money. Remember to get that wireless mouse though, those trac pads can drive you crazy. Recommended.

You CAN UPGRADE RAM in this laptop. You get only 1 RAM slot that is UNDER A METAL COVER which you can easily lift off. 4GB of RAM soldered onto the motherboard. I upgraded the RAM to 20GB (added 1 16GB stick) and a 500GB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD. I have 18GB useable because 2GB of RAM will go to the Vega iGPU. All in all, this is a great laptop for the money and would recommend it!

This is an excellent laptop that compares favorably to my two year old Surface Book. It looks high quality and sleek. Unfortunately the cover which is a brushed rubber/plastic seems to scratch easily. I got a scratch on it just opening the package. The other negative is that the power brick is big and clunky and the transformer is on the end. As a result it is an ugly wall wart that takes up too much space on the power strip.

Lets move on to the good stuff. The screen is clear and crisp, much better looking than I expected. It is also surprisingly easy to write on, the pen has a feel almost like writing on paper with a little bit of grab so the pen is not just sliding.

Setup was a breeze. This is the second Windows 10 computer that I set up in the last few months, and it seems to be getting easier and easier. In fact it was as easy to set up as a Mac. This is a big improvement from the way things used to be.

Charging is amazingly fast. It took less than an hour to get to 100% from when it arrived.

The keyboard is OK, not a lot of travel to the keys and I do make mistakes when typing on it. The touchpad is terrific. It seems as responsive to gestures as a Mac.

Overall the feel of the computer is very fluid and fast. This is the first AMD processor I've tried in a few years. At one time I ran an IT department and my experience with AMD was that the AMD machines tended to be a bit buggy and full of strange quirks. As a general rule I've avoided buying AMD. I won't know for a few months my full opinion on the AMD processor in this laptop, but my initial reaction is that the laptop is very fast and responsive. At this juncture I think it seems like a great value alternative.

The laptop comes without very little junkware on it, and gives you the alternative to download more, if you want it. The Lenovo app was more of a help than a hindrance. No written documentation came in the box. I guess everyone is expected to know the basics now. I did need a few minutes to figure out how to put the pen clip into the USB drive. I did not want to do damage to the hardware.

The laptop is very light and slim. About the same size as my surface book but the lid on this laptop is not as heavy.

The tablet function and bend over the back works. I prefer it to the Surface Book because I don't like removing the lid to use as a tablet.

All in all an excellent value and good laptop.

Upgraded from an 2014 HP ENVY’s on its last breath.
Pros: Wide-viewing angles, fast SSD and processor (boots up within 10 seconds), really thin compared to my previous laptop, and yes, I can confirm this can run GTA V.

Cons: Limited on screen brightness...wish it could get brighter, the speaker placement should have been on top the keyboard area, not underneath, and it only has 8 gigs of RAM (At least 12 would have been better for my needs).

As for the seller, this was clearly a returned product since the warranty was activated on April 19th...and I just received the laptop on May 28th. Also, I’m missing the holder for the pen. Make sure you run a computer health test to make sure everything works properly...thankfully, mine does.

Overall, this is a much needed upgrade spec and portability wise. I genuinely do love it...also, the all black look is beautiful.

Disclaimer: this is my first day using it, so I will try to update this review if anything changes over time.

Performance: This computer is fast. I honestly don't think you would notice any speed increase in a $1000 laptop when doing normal tasks. It has 4 cores/8 threads that all work very well. Ryzen is no slouch when it comes to performance. I have yet to test it with many games, but it runs Borderlands 2 on high settings without dropping below 30 FPS and usually staying 40-60 FPS. The 8 GB of RAM are reduced to 6 GB, as two are used by the graphics processing, but overall it seems plenty for most work, especially when you consider the NVMe SSD drive--this Samsung-made drive is beautiful and makes everything boot and install quickly and smoothly. Altogether, this is a great build for such a price.

Screen: The display is nice. It isn't perfect though. The color and brightness are fine, and the viewing angles are great. My one complaint is that there is a degree of motion blur. It isn't terrible, and you can still enjoy watching videos, but it is somewhat noticeable. Also, the screen responds easily to the pressure when adjusting the angle, but it doesn't really cause any harm.

Look/Feel: It feels great, looks great, and is a great size for a portable laptop. It can flex and bend a little, but it doesn't seem to be a problem with structure.

Bloatware: Now this impressed me. There is a surprising lack of bloatware. There is McAfee (which I quickly uninstalled), Windows' few things they always install (Candy Crush, Groove music, and the like), and Lenovo's apps. Lenovo's apps are mostly unobtrusive and are not altogether useless (like one for setting up the pen).

Battery: So far so good. I'm getting the amount of life advertized (about 8 hours with normal loads).

Keyboard: I'm not a picky keyboard user, but I will say this seems like a nice one. The keys respond well and do not feel wobbly.

Touchpad: This touchpad is really pleasant. Better than any other laptops I've had around the same price point.

Active Pen: It is neat, but I am disappointed by the fact that there is no means to attach it to the computer, meaning that I will probably lose it.

Thermals: This is something that bothers me with most laptops, but this one does well. I ran Prime95 stress test and it was able to sustain full 3.1 Ghz on all cores while not getting any hotter than 62C. I then tried it while intentionally covering the air intakes by setting it on my lap. It eventually throttled down to about 2 Ghz, but still, not bad for a fun stress test, any normal load should be fine.

Speakers: These seem decent, better than most laptops in its price. They won't amaze you, but I don't think they will disappoint.

Other thoughts:
-Amazon is terrible at their spec sheet, so don't trust it. The title of this laptop is more accurate.
-I personally prefer this 14 inch size, because it is much easier to carry around, but isn't so small that you have a cramped keyboard.
-The fingerprint sensor works great.

 I don't know how to start. This is not my first laptop and it might not be my last. However it is, so far base on my experience, a good laptop, the battery is descent when searching the web, and watching videos. Despite what some other reviews say about not being capable of editing video, this laptop was able to handle quite well 1080p 60p video editing, with out any struggle and with out any lag when doing playback in the software. The software I use is Wondershare Filmora 9, I have not try any of the free software like Hitfilm Express or DaVinci Resolve. I did try Wondershare Filmora Pro, and every time I open it, it keep telling me to change my resolution to 175%. This can be solve by suing and HDMI cable and using a larger monitor. A gain I do not know how it will handle it once the other monitor is plug in.

There is something you need to be aware of. This laptop can handle editing, but it's a different issue when you convert the video. I edited a 13 minutes video, when I converted it was 11 minutes log. This laptop did exported the video, but the CPU got to 100% use and it overheated fast, with out the assistance of external laptop coolers. So if you are going to use it to export videos after you are done editing then is suggest getting one of this

Bought this laptop as a warehouse deal. Did not include the Active Pen, but should have. Amazon resolved this for me.

RAM was easily replaceable via taking out the T5 screws on the bottom and using a spudger to open up the case. Metal cover lifts straight up with no resistance over the user replaceable RAM module. I put in a 16gb Crucial stick for a total of 20gb.

The laptop also does indeed have the Ryzen 3500u chip (2nd gen Ryzen mobile). Have not put it through its paces yet though.


1) the plastic feels a bit cheap. The top is a soft touch plastic, the bottom is your general electronics hard plastic. Some flex to the body, but I will use this mainly for web surfing and office suite use.

2) Windows 10 Home. Feels watered down but not the end of the world. You won't be able to adjust how you receive updates among other things. Also comes with weird Microsoft bloat via apps that you can't uninstall.

3) Glare on screen. Screen is very shiny with bad glare, and also a finger print magnet. Worth considering an anti-glare version or a cover.

Overall, seems better than most in this category of laptops. Nice and thin, AMD Ryzen and Vega, user replaceable RAM and SSD presumably. I'll update if I have any problems.

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Featuring powerful and efficient AMD processing and a battery that lasts all day - Plus rapid recharging that can restore your battery charge up to 80% in just an hour - The Lenovo flex 14 Convertible touch screen laptop can help make your ideas happen. This multi-mode PC also has a physical Webcam
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