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LingsFire 2.4G Wireless Mouse Mobile Optical Mouse Computer Mice with Nano Receiver,1600 DPI ...
1. Dimensions:13.5x3.4x3.4 cm
2. Weight:142 kgВ 
3. Power by: 1x 18650 3.6v/3.7v OR 3X AAA battery (not included)
4. light color:Red
5. Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
6. Wattage:10w
7. Switch Mode:5 modes
8. Lighting Distance:200-500mВ 
9. Light
1. Bulb Type: LED
2. Number of LEDs: 21
3. Materials: High-quality Aluminium
4. Weight: 83g
5. Dimensions: 9Г—3.5Г—3cm
6. Powered by:3 x AAA batteries (battery not included)

1. Scorpion fishing lights.
2. Check the metal cracks , glass
More Features:
• Portable handheld to anywhere.
• Rechargeable battery, environmental friendly.
• Adjustable: 360 degrees without dead ends.
• Unique design, quite lightweight.
• Speed Adjustable: this battery portable fan is with the speed adjustable, you can adjust
More Features:
1. Portable clip to anywhere.
2. Rechargeable battery, environmental friendly.
3. Angle Adjustable: 360 degrees without dead ends.
4. Unique design, quite lightweight, and between the wide clip and the adjustable fan angles the clip is pretty strong.
5. Speed
• Super light TR90 frame, you can hardly feel them on your face.
• 100% UV protection Polarized lens.
• Flattering lines and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
• Polarized black lens sunglasses help restore true colour.
• Polarized lens help eliminate