Comments about Microsoft Modern Mouse, Silver (ELH-00001)

Microsoft Modern Mouse, Silver (ELH-00001)

Simply, comfortably beautiful with a sleek, simple aesthetic and soft silver finish, the Microsoft modern mouse is an ideal complement to a well-planned workspace. The metal scroll wheel feels solid under your finger, and the shape of the body fits perfectly in your hand. Carefully crafted experience designed to have premium precision pointing and clicking for scalable performance across the screen of your device and external monitors. Precisely constructed sound for clicks and scrolling. Quiet enough to not disturb, distinct enough to hear your control. Made for Windows by the people who created Windows crafted with the most intimate knowledge of the Windows operating system possible, the Microsoft modern mouse is the perfect partner to your Windows 10 device.

Comments about Microsoft Modern Mouse, Silver (ELH-00001)
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Comments :
I am a "clasical user", mine that I don't need gazillion buttons, gesture suport etc. I am perfectly happy with two buttons and a scroll wheel.
Is the best bluetooth mouse, the ergonomic is exactly as I need and match perfectly with my new Microsoft Surface Book.
The price? Is what I called "The best value for your money".

Perfect mouse for professional use. I use it with a laptop which is frequently moved near and away from the mouse. I leave it on the entire time. Battery is still strong after a month and the mouse is quick to connect to the computer just by moving it when the computer is on. Feels comfortable and solid with a scroll wheel, tracking/responsive is very good for desktop use.

This is my new favorite travel mouse. Carry it with my laptop all the time. Very portable and comfortable. I hate foldable mouses- so this is the best portable desktop mouse I've found. Bluetooth connection is solid! Quality construction. Only downside is there aren't any extra buttons (in other words, minimalistic).
But overall suits my purposes perfectly.

I normally purchase Logitech. Since I use Windows I decided to try a couple of the Microsoft products like mice.
I like the quality and the feel of this mouse in my hand.
It fits my hand and works well. Windows found it and setup quickly.
Good purchase

Works fine. Lays pretty flat. Probably will work better for people with smaller hands. I have larger hands and have decided to purchase a larger mouse.

Just what I wanted. At a good price with quick delivery. Has Bluetooth and connected quickly

Awesome mouse. Minimalist design. Easy to pair. Matches perfectly with the Microsoft modern bluetooth keyboard.

It's a gift for son don't know yet the quality of the product, untill my son opens and uses

Perfect blend of ergonomics, minimalism, and portability. Lightning quick responsivity, errorless connection, and i ise on a macbook.

I like this mouse, I use it as a travel one as I don't like the ARC one, looks and feels premium and working great!

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