Comments about Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse: 7200 DPI Optical Sensor - 350 Hr Battery Life - USB Wireless Receiver & Bluetooth Connection - Classic Black

Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse: 7200 DPI Optical Sensor - 350 Hr Battery Life - USB Wireless Receiver & Bluetooth Connection - Classic Black

With a pocket-sized form, the Razer Atheris will bring your A-game whether you're on the battlefield or shuffling between meetings. The Razer Atheris is packed with features such as industry-leading signal stability, dual-connectivity, and over 200 hours of continuous use, all in a compact ergonomic body, focused on delivering performance and productivity.

Comments about Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse: 7200 DPI Optical Sensor - 350 Hr Battery Life - USB Wireless Receiver & Bluetooth Connection - Classic Black
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Comments :
Peripheral Support
1. Navigate to the Apple Icon
2. Select System Preferences
3. Click on the Bluetooth icon
4. Turn off Bluetooth
5. Press both side buttons and the DPI button to ensure that the mouse is in "pairing mode"
6. Turn on Bluetooth
7. Search for Razer Atheris
8. Click on "Pair" in the Bluetooth menu to pair the device

It turns out not reading the manual was my fatal flaw. I contacted Razer support and they guided me through how to pair a bluetooth Atheris on Mac. "press both side buttons and DPI button". Now the mouse is working flawlessly on the Mac.

With high resolution monitors, high DPI mouse is important as you can navigate the real estate much faster and accurately with high DPI mouse. The combination of high DPI, Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz option along with ergonomics of Razer mouse, this mouse can not be beaten by any other mouse. Only caveat is 350 hour battery life on Alkaline Batteries and that means a lot of AAs in the landfill. But it still is best performance option in the market. The joy of using a Razer mouse on Bluetooth on Mac is very satisfying.

I will leave my idiocy below for others who can relate to it.
* It no longer skips when paired properly. Skipping on Mac was caused by improper pairing.

Mac, Bluetooth does not work. I have brand new 2016 Mac Pro. When I try to connect over Bluetooth, it gyrates between connect and not connect state and end up in not connected. I bought this specifically for its bluetooth capability for Mac so it is a useless device for me now. With 2 USB-C, 2.4Ghz doggle is useless.

Mouse itself is an excellent mouse. It has good weight for my style. Not too light not too heavy. Most of the weight comes from 2xAA batteries which is positioned in sharp V shape. Important stuff. All buttons click with light pressure which is important to me as I click a lot. Scroll wheel also feels light and clicky which is fine with me. I do not like heavy feel the wheel in some fancy mouse as it ends up being a drag on my finger in long run.

2.4Ghz and Bluetooth combo allows a mouse sharing setup between your PC and MAC. Lousy PCs which still doesn't even have a decent Bluetooth driver can use 2.4Ghz and use Bluetooth on Mac. and you can switch between them with a flick of a button on the mouse itself. Good concept and feature set listed convinced me this would have been a perfect mouse for it. Either Razer botched bluetooth implementation or they intentionally made it not work so you will have to use more expensive mouse.

If Bluetooth connection, somehow, gets fixed, I will give this a 4 star. Its limited battery life really means this mouse can not be a main mouse. An auxiliary mouse does not deserve 5 star.

Update : It skips on Mac. Utterly useless on Mac.

This may be the best travel mouse I have ever used. Heavy, solid, pairs easily and never drops connection with either the wifi or BT. Its weight is primarily affected by the 2 AA batteries carried internally.

Some opinions on weight:
If you game or do basic office work, you will never be more accurate than with a heavy mouse than with a light one. Why? It simply gives your brain a starting point and allows you to calculate an exact end point because you have a known weight with which you are moving allowing you to end up in the exact location that you intend to be at the final destination. Headshots are much easier with such a tool.

There is one advantage with a light mouse however in that you will move much more quickly from the start but you will trade accuracy as a result for that twitch factor, so take your pick. Lets just say you will never be accused of cheating if you use a light mouse because your movements will be more erratic and far less accurate. In addition, if you game with a light mouse, expect to hate the transition to a heavy mouse for a while until you get used to it. Only when you start seeing some of the incredible shots you pull off will you start to appreciate it.

-Solid construction;
-Smooth accurate glide surface;
-Easy to pair with solid non-dropping connections;
-Works equally well on Linux as it does on Windows without hunting for drivers.
-Includes both wireless and BT so it works on anything;
-Very comfortable fit for a small mouse.

-You will hate this mouse if you have big hands so don't buy it;
-You won't like it if you prefer a light mouse;
-Razer software wants to link to a real person/email address before you can use it. I have not tried to load it yet so I don't know if the current version is still doing that but it is almost a guarantee;
-Marketing prey's on Consumers who don't understand DPI and I hate that about mice manufacturers as they all do it these days.

I better elaborate on the last one. DPI on this mouse is an astronomical 7200 DPI (note this is not the industry highest either). What does that mean exactly? Well, it stands for Dots Per Inch. To put that into perspective on why you really don't need it, you might first want to understand that mice that were 600 DPI back in the 90's and 2000's and they still work perfectly fine and were like that for years. That is all you could ever buy until Razer changed that game with a product called the Boomslang mouse. Matter of fact, I think I still have a Boomslang around here somewhere, but this is off subject and you can probably read that history yourself. To make this easy, DPI of 7200 means in exactly 1 inch of travel, your mouse has the resolution to move 7200 dots worth of travel. This is simple enough. Now lets analyze your monitor. The majority of monitors are still 1080p which means you have 1920 dots across. If you do a literal translation of this mouse to your desktop screen at 7200 DPI, that means your mouse would traverse from left to right of your entire screen 3.75x is the space of 1 inch. If we were moving vertically, you would traverse the entire screen 6.67x!!! Even if you have a modern 4K monitor, 1 inch of travel would mean you would still be traversing the monitor nearly 2 times! If you are starting to visualize this, this mouse would be pretty much unusable if it were not dampened by software and no longer running at its native resolution. When razer released it's Boomslang way back when, if you didn't dampen it's 2,000 DPI, it was already unusable right out of the box. These days, it seems to be expected that manufacturers are doing this and Windows will dampen it right out of the box for you. Let's just say while your mouse may be 7200 DPI capable, you are not really using that capability.

The point of all this is simple... Marketing hype for these super high resolutions is just that, hype. You are not going to be a better gamer if this thing was 2,000 DPI or 20,000 DPI. You cannot possibly use these resolutions effectively. With that said, the way the mouse feels and moves physically means everything and that is what will win the day, and boy does this mouse feel right when moving it. I hope all this makes sense.

What I have not tried:
I have not loaded the Razer software which allows you to tweak the mouse like polling rate and DPI. I might load it to check out what the latest tools looks like but there is no need to load anything special to make this mouse work and I likely won't use the tools after the initial look.

Update 1/19/19: Mouse has a major con.... My wife liked it so much she took it. Just had to buy another one to replace it.

In the approximately year I have owned it, I have never had a single disconnect/dropped signal as mentioned here by other reviewers. My only thought is that there is a problem with the bluetooth on their laptop, a problem with drivers on their laptop, the mouse entered some sort of sleep state which it will do after a certain amount of inactivity, or they got a bad mouse. Note that I have never used the official Razer drivers either so it could be a problem with Rzer software that I am not aware of.

I like the size of this mouse and that it can connect via BT or Dongle/2.4. A long time ago, I bought the Razer Orochi. What a POS. The plastic pads on the bottom were not recessed and would fall off after a couple months. That mouse was over $100USD at the time. The pads on the bottom of this one are recessed.

Note: In order to connect without the dongle, you need to have a newer BT module. One that supports LE. My older MBP does not have this. At first I thought there was something wrong with the mouse. It would not pair. Then I went to the manufactures site and that is where I found LE was required for BT connectivity.

The packaging was nice and the manual. It also came with some stickers.

Super responsive, I play games on campus with it more often than I'm supposed to admit. (Extremely) slight lag but it's really not noticeable, in fact, I'm pretty sure it was just my computer, since I changed some settings and haven't had an issue since. Use the 2.4 adapter and you should have no issue anyways. I was *super* against my mouse taking up a USB port on my computer but I honestly love it and don't mind the adapter one bit -- this mouse changed my whole stance on wireless adapters. I hate corded mice with a burning passion, but my old Bluetooth mouse (insignia without an adapter) would cut in and out randomly and I would have to reconnect it constantly. I love this mouse, highly recommend. I regularly play the forest on my laptop with it, as well as quite a few other games (that probably aren't worth mentioning, but Stardew Valley and such). Never had an issue, instantly connects, easy to take with me because the adapter goes INSIDE of the mouse if I don't want to use the 2.4 adapter, nor do I HAVE to use the adapter, because it has a Bluetooth option that works without it. I haven't personally tried the solely Bluetooth option, but that's simply due to preference. You're buying brand name, if something goes wrong, there's a reliable company behind it, I'm sure they would work with you. (Also, extra side note, I was worried about how an ambidextrous mouse would feel in my hand, but it's actually a super comfortable fit).

This is the TINEST ‘Gaming Mouse’ I have ever ordered.
Don’t get me wrong, very high quality mouse!

I’m not sure if I just have larger than average hands?
I included a photo with a (cheap) Anker gaming mouse and there’s a massive difference in size.
Good for travel, not good for gaming unless you have smaller than average hands

I see a lot of reviews saying that this mouse isn't that great. I say otherwise. I've had this mouse for about 6 months now and have never had any connections issues. I use Bluetooth almost exclusively because my laptop only has one USB port. The only issue that i have with this mouse is the top cover because it is always falling off; It doesn't secure very well. A lot of people have an issue with the heftiness of the mouse, but that's one of the reasons that i love it. Also, the scroll wheel has a wonderful feel and responds really well.

This is the first Razer product I've tried as I've been happy with Logitech mice since before optical tracking tech. But in the last couple years, Logitech has disappointed with poor build quality and gimmicky design. It took only about 10 seconds for me to see that Razer has surpassed them in design and build quality.

+Wheel feel
+Multiple wireless modes
+Tacky side grips
+Reinforced click switch actuators
+Tracking performance
+Software UI

-Required to register online to use driver software. I think if internet is absent it has an offline mode, but I'm still annoyed that I'm forced to register an online account to setup my mouse without resorting to workarounds.

This has been a great mouse so far and a perfect replacement for my Orochi. There has been no issue with the signal in either mode. I love the option to sleep the mouse after a set period of time to save battery life in the case that you forget to shut it off. And overall I have no issues with the hardware.

The software though is still in Beta even though it came out some time ago and it does not accept quiet a bit of previous hardware if you already have it integrated. The software like some of the other software from Razer can use more resources that it should and just not provide everything that you want.

I did give it a 5 star only because I only use the driver and not the other software included with product and therefore I believe it is a good product but your mileage may vary.

I have a PC for gaming and a Macbook Pro 2018 model for work. I wanted a mouse that could provide excellent performance for gaming on my desktop PC but also use the mouse with my Macbook Pro when I'm on the go. The great thing about this mouse is it has two modes the 2.4Ghz wireless mode which works with the USB receiver and Bluetooth mode. I use the 2.4Ghz wireless mode on my PC so I can get the best performance out of the mouse when gaming. And when I want to switch to my Macbook Pro I just flip the switch on the bottom of the mouse over to Bluetooth.

So far the tracking feels great, buttons feel very responsive for the most part. I love the scroll wheel, scrolling feels great it has that notched scrolling feel so it feels precise. And the scroll wheeI clicks feel good and isn't loud. I like Logitech, but their mice have really awful scroll wheel clicks, some don't even offer scroll wheel click. Scroll wheel click is used a lot by 3D artist and Autocad users, so it's a real shame Logitech neglects that part of their mice so much.

I use a claw grip so the small size of the mouse is very comfortable for me. The only thing I'd like to see improved on with this mouse is making it a bit lighter, like closer to 80g.

I also prefer the look of this mouse, since it doesn't have RGB lights all over it. Razer please continue of offer your mice with Bluetooth support. I've noticed a lot of mice these days are skipping Bluetooth support and offering only 2.4Ghz wireless, which is annoying because you always have to use a dongle on your laptop.

Love this mouse. Love the feel, battery life, and performance. Don't listen to the 1-star reviews on here. As far as I can tell this was only from the bluetooth feature being wonky. I've had mine for 2 years and never needed to use the bluetooth feature once. I'm not even sure why you would need it as the 2.4 works perfectly and barely drains the battery. I believe the bluetooth adds an extra feature of being able to use it on a phone that doesn't have a usb port. This is a handy feature but certainly not a necessity.

Amazing mouse. If mine ever breaks (probably not for a long time) I'll happily buy another.

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With a pocket-sized form, the Razer Atheris will bring your A-game whether you're on the battlefield or shuffling between meetings. The Razer Atheris is packed with features such as industry-leading signal stability, dual-connectivity, and over 200 hours of continuous use, all in a compact
With a pocket-sized form, the Razer Atheris will bring your A-game whether you're on the battlefield or shuffling between meetings. The Razer Atheris is packed with features such as industry-leading signal stability, dual-connectivity, and over 200 hours of continuous use, all in a compact
Razer Atheris - Ambidextrous Bluetooth Wireless Portable Gaming-Grade Mouse - 7,200 DPI Optical Sensor