Comments about Cooler Master MM711 Black Matte 60G RGB Gaming Mouse with Lightweight Honeycomb Shell, Ultralight Ultraweave Cable, Pixart 3389 16000 DPI Optical Sensor

Cooler Master MM711 Black Matte 60G RGB Gaming Mouse with Lightweight Honeycomb Shell, Ultralight Ultraweave Cable, Pixart 3389 16000 DPI Optical Sensor

Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse with Lightweight Honeycomb Shell, Ultra weave Cable, 16000 DPI Optical Sensor, and RGB Accents

Comments about Cooler Master MM711 Black Matte 60G RGB Gaming Mouse with Lightweight Honeycomb Shell, Ultralight Ultraweave Cable, Pixart 3389 16000 DPI Optical Sensor
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Comments :
As a person coming from the Logitech G502, the MM711 feels like a huge upgrade. Though the price tag may make some people assume the mouse to be cheap, I assure you that the mouse is very high in quality, especially for its price point. The plastic feels very sturdy and durable, the RGB lighting is tasteful, and the buttons have a satisfying feel to them. Though the MM711 falls a little short in terms of the feel of the M1 and M2 buttons, since they can move a little bit from side to side, but this isn't a big problem with the mouse unless you are very nitpicky with the quality of your peripherals.

The ergonomics of the mouse is phenomenal and it won't take long to adjust to the shape of it. For those with larger hands, however, you must know that the mouse is relatively small at 11.6 cm x 6.24 cm, so make sure that you'll be happy with that once you get this product. I have larger hands, and I have quickly gotten used to it.

Note that using this mouse gives you the feeling of holding nothing. It is an incredibly light mouse, and it was quite jarring to go from the G502 to the MM711.

I recommend for those looking into this mouse to just take the leap and give it a shot. You cannot go wrong with this mouse. If you don't like it, just return it and keep shopping, but this mouse is truly in its own class due to its high quality, great ergonomic feel, and impressively light frame.

I knew going in that this mouse would be smaller than what Im used to but still wanted to give it a try and I was in the market for a new mouse after accidentally damaging my Logitech G403 (RIP). The Cooler Master MM711 is a fantastic mouse with great build quality, beautiful RGB and solid frame. My biggest complaint is the hole on the sides where I rest my fingers are slightly annoying and fell unnecessary. Personally I will not be using it as my main mouse and will look into returning it if possible or maybe gifting it to a friend because its just too small for me, I have large hands and have used small mice before but couldn't find a comfortable grip after several dozen hours of use. I would recommend to anyone looking for a mouse in this style and size especially if you think the holes on the side wont be obtrusive to you

my overall review for this mouse is really worth the money. i just love the mouse. its damn light. its my first lightweight mouse and im damn okay with it. although it will take time for me to adapt to its shape from a g502 to this one.

it's actually a bit small for my hand (17cm x 9cm). but not too much that it gives me a problem, i can do a palm grip with it but my wrist slightly rubs on my mousepad. so i usually opt for a claw grip, which is perfect for it. the buttons don't feel mushy or wobble as much as people have reviewed, maybe i just got a good batch, who knows. its perfect for my taste. the side buttons on it are a bit closer than to my g502 but its not a concern — just something i have to adapt to. the RGB is fine but the software to control is a bit wonky, you can tune it but not to a certain extent. not the sellers fault on that, this is on CMs side - just letting you know.

A Very Light weight design. I was going to buy the mm710 version but the RGB is sick on this mouse! 10 grams heavier but you cant tell the difference.. A little bit of creeking when you push on the sides, mouse does rattle when you shake it, but for now it doesnt bother me or hinder any gameplay. The mouse is also sensitive, You might have to adjust the sensitivity in the settings. Otherwise a great purchase for my build.

All I can say is the best mouse I love it and I'm happy with it

Definitely worth the $40-50.would recommend

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This is an aftermarket product made to fit the Yeti Brand Cooler. This bracket is made of 1/8" Marine Grade 5052 Aluminum Plate, hole is 1/2" diameter. Formed from Aluminum, it is tough and strong. Corners have been rounded to eliminate scaring cooler, brackets will never rust.
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