Comments about ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick Programmable Laser Gaming Mice,6+1 Design,11 Buttons,1000 Hz Max Polling Rate,10000 Max DPI,2019 Upgraded Version for Computer Gamers,Black

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick Programmable Laser Gaming Mice,6+1 Design,11 Buttons,1000 Hz Max Polling Rate,10000 Max DPI,2019 Upgraded Version for Computer Gamers,Black

Button number:6 buttons + 1 joystick = 11 keys
Tracking System: optical
USB cable length: 1.8m
Working voltage/current: 5V/100mA
Button life: 10 million times
Roller life: 1.2 million turn
Product dimensions: 110*72*76.5mm
Product weight: 170g
Resolution: 1500-2500-4000-7000-10000DPI(5 adjustable levels and Customizable sensitivity)
Rate of return: 125-1000Hz
Marco function brief :
◎When macros enter from the “Key N” option, the selected macros are activated on the left button. For example, if you set the Key 4 as ABCD, when you press Key 4, the left button means ABCD.
◎Select another key to close macro, which means “Close Key N”. When you turn on N macro, the mouse light will stay on. The light will become normal setting color when you turn off N macro.
â—ŽIf entered from the assigned macro, select which button as the assigned macro to press on which button. For example, if you set the Key 4 as ABCD, the function of Key 4 means 1234.
â—ŽThe configuration file has 2 groups. You can select one button as the configuration file to switch to group 2 or directly drive the setting. The light of the group 2 configuration file is always on blue by default. You could set it as any other color.
â—ŽYou can set up to 32 left clicks in the armoury, and the cursor can be adjusted with each click. Y+ moves the cursor upward, Y- moves downward, X- moves left and X+ moves right.
System requirements:
Windows XP(x64)/Vista/7/8/10/Linux
An available USB port
Package Contents (attachment) :
Mouse x1 Instructions x1 Foot mat x1
Driver disk x1 (Update software please visit the official website:switch to English language by clicking "English" on page)

Comments about ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick Programmable Laser Gaming Mice,6+1 Design,11 Buttons,1000 Hz Max Polling Rate,10000 Max DPI,2019 Upgraded Version for Computer Gamers,Black
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Comments :
I started using this mouse as soon I got it. I use a computer for 8 - 11 hours/day and had some strain on my wrist as a result. I switched to this mouse and it made a world of difference! I know it will take some time getting use to it at first. How it moves around will feel different because it's a vertical mouse instead of a flat, horizontal one. Once you learn how to use it, you won't want to go back to a regular one!


The light bars of this are of a much nicer quality than I could have expected, the DPI is FAST! So fast that the highest setting may be a bit unusable but that's all ok because it can be adjusted to a lower DPI of course.

The material is smooth to the touch, which feels great, and my hand feels much better after a long time of using a vertical mouse compared to traditional.

The Macros work just fine, but if you want macros then you should just use a different mouse with macro assigned buttons.

HOWEVER, the "joystick" on this mouse is complete garbage due to the deadzone being so far you basically have to slam the sucker all the way to the side. I will be looking to remap the stick to be used for menu or inventory settings, etc. However, you can use it to jump if you press it due to it equaling the space bar.

Joystick press == Spacebar

Usually, these ZELOTES mice are complete garbo, but this one is just a bit ahead of the others.

I've been using this for a couple weeks now and it works nicely. It does take a bit of getting used to coming from using a regular mouse, but the ergonomic shape has really grown on me. I read and highlight a lot of PDF documents and scrolling and highlighting are very easy with this. The scroll wheel is smooth and the buttons are easy to click. They are NOT silent though, so this is definitely not something you want to be using in a library or other quiet space. The mouse works fine on a plain, wood desktop or other surfaces and tracks cleanly. I keep the blue light around the edge turned off and I haven't had to charge it once since I took it out of the box and I use it for several hours a day.

Setup with my Mac was super easy - just plug in the USB dongle, turn on the mouse, and it's ready to go. I did adjust the scrolling and tracking speeds in the Mac settings, but that took about thirty seconds.

Overall, this is comfortable and easy to use and has an amazing battery life, and I certainly recommend it.

Love that this is rechargeable. It works great. Had carpel tunnel surgery and this keeps my wrist at a great angle to avoid the pain and numbness I get with a traditional mouse. Like the sleep mode too. It will only wake when you click a button. So if the mouse accidentally moves it won’t wake when you don’t want it to. The only thing I don’t like is the front and back thumb buttons. They are not positioned very well I need to reposition my grip and stretch my thumb out in order to click the button.

This vertical mouse works pretty good once you scratch up the slider pads on bottom. The pads are a bit sticky when I first used it but I scratch my fingernail on the pad until I flaked off a lot of the black material to get to the blue material underneath and now it slides around on my mouse pad with ease. The back thumb button on the side of the mouse is in the perfect position but the forward thumb button is not. I have to adjust my hand position to reach it. But overall I really like the mouse, it is not overly tall like others I have tried and it is the perfect weight for gaming.

I have recently had surgery and so I am at home instead of work for an extended period of time bored out of my mind so I decided to order a mouse that would help aid my recovery for my surgery. I had carpal tunnel surgery as well as a repair find my elbow and a rotator cuff tendon reattachment as well as a bone spur taken off all of this was done on my right arm I am not supposed to be moving my arm at all however I don't usually listen so I decided to get this mouse to see if it would help while I continue to use the computer while I'm not supposed to. It took about 10 minutes to get used to the vertical nature of this mouse however once I got used to it in where the buttons are I will never go back to a horizontal mouse again. This is such a smooth transaction I can use it while still in a sling And it does not even feel like I am holding anything it is the perfect angle for somebody who has an impaired whatever on their arm or hand it would be great for somebody who has carpal tunnel maybe if I had a mouse like this before I would not have had the surgery on my hand at least. I have used this mouse now for about 2 days and I have not had to recharge it since I 1st charged it. My job requires me to do a lot of reports and medical billing and stuff like that on the computer so this is going to be a life saver once I actually returned to work full time

I really like this mouse! This is my first ergonomic mouse and it fits my hand perfectly!! I am not going back to a regular mouse ever again. My normal gaming mouse was a g700s, but not being ergonomic became a pain for my wrist. I tested this device in Windows 10 and all buttons function properly ”left mouse click, right mouse click, forward and back buttons, scroll wheel.” I also tested on a MacBook Air with High Seira and all buttons worked except the forward and back browser buttons. Lastly I like how the dpi settings can be quickly viewed by the color of the LED light. Oh and as a bonus the USB cable, is covered with nylon weave for added durability. This mouse works great and is an incredible value. Another bonus the mouse has a soft grip that feels good to the fingers! 5 stars!!!

Never used vertical mouse, reviews said it is hard to use, but it was so much easier and more comfortable than the regular mouse - no adjustment at all, much better. My only challenge is that because I do not use mouse pad my skin rubs against the desk, I wish there was a cushion between the hand and the desk, but really the mouse is great and I love it.

 I now own every vertical mouse on Amazon that costs less than $50. Not by choice mind you, it's because all the other ones broke. The best direct comparison to the ZLOT, is the Anker vertical mouse. I've owned two Anker mice, and both broke beyond hope within months.
After about 6 weeks of testing, I can tell the build quality is definitely better than the Anker. Battery life is good, and the ergonomics are great for my large hands. The DPI settings on the wireless version seems a bit silly, as a proper gaming mouse should probably be hard wired to reduce latency. Otherwise, what's there to say? It works, it's at a great price point, and it looks much better than other wireless vertical mice. I'll update this review if I encounter any issues in the future.

What I Like:
1. This mouse is pretty ergonomic and easy to use.
2. It is indeed a wireless computer mouse that is rechargeable thru a USB cable (provided) and connected to my laptop thru a small blue receiver (provided).
3. It comes with an Instruction Manual.
4. It is compatible with my Windows 10 Home and Pro without any problem so far.

What I don’t Like:
1. The on/off button on the bottom feels a bit flimsy and hard to click from off to on position and vice versa.
2. Two many buttons that confuse me sometimes (perhaps I am not used to using the mouse for a long-period of time yet.

I suggest that the manufacturer make/fix the on/off button on the bottom of the mouse to make it smoothly enough to use. I also suggest that the manufacturer consider the number of mouse buttons on the mouse so that it’s not confusing the users if the buttons are too many.

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Specification: Programmable mouse: Please download the driver from official website(switch to English language by clicking "English" on page).Apple computers (Mac OS X) do not support. Button number:6 buttons Tracking System: optical USB cable length: 1.8m Working voltage/current: 5V/100mA Button