Comments about AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse Wired with 6 Adjustable DPI Levels from 600 to 5000 [3325 Optical Sensor], 16.8 Million Color, Ergonomic PC Computer Mouse with Programmable Buttons, Braided Cable, Black

AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse Wired with 6 Adjustable DPI Levels from 600 to 5000 [3325 Optical Sensor], 16.8 Million Color, Ergonomic PC Computer Mouse with Programmable Buttons, Braided Cable, Black
High-Performance: With a true 5000 DPI optical sensor, polling rates up to 1000 Hz, 20 G mouse acceleration, and no interpolation, the GM-F1 is a serious piece of hardware for serious gamers.
Right-Handed Ergonomics: The curved asymmetric shell melds perfectly with your hand, giving optimal right-handed ergonomics and total comfort across long gaming sessions. The textured side grip ensures you have a firm hold at all times.
Fully Customizable RGB Lighting: The scroll wheel, the logo, and the RGB strip along the side of the mouse can display the entire 16.8 million color RGB spectrum, and custom settings are stored in the onboard memory. A wide range of RGB effects are available, and the lighting can be turned off completely when necessary.
Integrated Control Software: Download the G-aim Control Center and tailor every aspect of the experience to suit your style. Set up custom lighting effects, edit macros, set polling rate and DPI presets – you can tinker to your heart's content.
Package Contents: AUKEY GM-F1 RGB Gaming Mouse, user manual, 45-day money back guarantee and 24-month product replacement warranty card.

Comments about AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse Wired with 6 Adjustable DPI Levels from 600 to 5000 [3325 Optical Sensor], 16.8 Million Color, Ergonomic PC Computer Mouse with Programmable Buttons, Braided Cable, Black
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Comments :
I got this because my Logitech mouse was dying after 7 years of use. This one has a lot of features and for the price I didn’t expect it to live up to them all. Boy was I wrong!

First off, the mouse fits my hand well, the buttons are well placed, the braided cord seems durable and the skid pads on the bottom provide a good level of resistance when moving.

Behind the scroll wheel are DPI switch buttons which control the DPI of the tracking sensor. These are great for when you briefly need extra sensitivity or less. I like dropping the DPI when doing photo editing so hand tremors have less of an impact, then for normal computer use I can quickly bump it back up.

If you don’t need DPI controls, then the software for the mouse allows you to reprogram the buttons to do whatever you want. The software also updates the mouse firmware and lets you control the lighting.

This is a great mouse and I look forward to using it for years to come.

Compared to the Steelseries Rival 110 ($22), Sensei 310 ($42), and Razer Viper ($80), this Aukey gaming mouse (model #: GM-F1) is my preferred mouse. The programmable buttons on the side and top, low price, good grip and pronounced scrolling steps makes me want to keep this mouse instead of the Sensei 310 and Razer Viper.

Keep in mind, I will not be gaming on this mouse. It's used for office use (eg moving windows, highlighting text, etc) on a Linux-based distro.

Mouse wheel: The Viper's wheel is similar to the Aukey scroll wheel: pronounced steps and not as smooth feeling as the Sensei 310. The Aukey's mouse wheel scrolling is quieter than the Rival 110. I still prefer the Sensei 310 mouse wheel: it had a smoother feeling while still retaining pronounced steps. But, the Aukey mouse scrolling is less loud than the Sensei 310 and Rival 110. (None of this matters unless you work in a really quiet environment.)

"Tire" tread: The mouse wheel "tire" (rubber tread) is rougher than all the other mice. I prefer the tread of the SteelSeries mice. However, it does provide a good grip. Other people *have not* complained about this, so I guess it's something I will have to get used to.

Claw grip: I use a claw grip with the lower palm resting partially on the lower end of the mouse. The Aukey's shape is very similar to the Viper, however, you can feel the Aukey is a little smaller and heaver. I like holding the Aukey mouse as much as the Razer Viper. The Viper is better for it's low weight and slightly wider middle. However, the Aukey's weight and smaller size shouldn't be a problem for most people. It depends on the person's preferences and hand measurements.

Side buttons: I love the Aukey side buttons compared to the Viper's side buttons: on the Aukey I know whether or not I am pressing the forward or back button. This was harder on the Viper because the gap on the buttons is less pronounced. The sound of the side buttons clicking is not as loud compared to the Rival 110's side buttons and give a better, more satisfying click. (Please note: this is subjective and you might have different preferences.)

Programming the the buttons: No where on the box does it say where to download the software to program/customize the mouse. I had to look it up in Amazon Q&A. Search engine keywords: aukey downloads. (Download the one that says: "GM-F1-Driver.rar") This is an .rar file that you have to extract. It will contain just one .exe file. The .exe file will install the G-Aim Control Center that you can use to customize the mouse. Aukey, if you are reading this, I hope you get your software on the Windows Marketplace so more people can buy and customize this mouse easily.

Sensor: According to the official Aukey produce page (keyword search: gm-f1 aukey mouse), this mouse has a PMW3325 sensor. That's more than good enough for my needs.

Build quality: The mouse feels solid and well built. Unless you violently shake the mouse, you won't hear any rattle.

Cons: The logo and mouse wheel RGB are not programmable. Mouse wheel tread rougher and feeling grainy compared to some mice. You have to know how to install a .rar extractor to install the software. From certain angles, you can see the LEDs directly in a few exposed spots. It makes the mouse look sparkly. But, it doesn't interfere with the operation of the mouse. Overall, these are small annoyances compared to the annoying things I've experience on other mice.

Disclaimer: I am not a sophisticated user. And I only had this mouse for a few hours. Nevertheless, I hope this mouse for just a few days.
(I have not been paid for this review in any way. I wish I were, though.)

I got this mouse to learn a computer game using mouse and keyboard and it has been great. The mouse buttons and two side buttons click very well, and the scroll wheel works great.

It fits in my hand well and is glides smoothly, both on my mousepad and on a hard surface. It is slightly heavier than what some people may prefer, but it hasn’t been an issue for me.

There is software you can download online. Just go to the website and look for downloads. It is kinda hard to find but allows you to set the DPI (in increments of 100) and change the color settings, which is really cool.

Overall it’s a great mouse, I love it for starting off (and love the low price).

Very pleased, this is a nice mouse I used to replace my 5th straight Raser Deathadder, that started double clicking after an year. No complaints so far. Great response to movement and clicks, with excellent sensitivity, regardless of surface. It's a tiny bit smaller than the DeathAdder, but still fits very nicely in my hand and gives a solid, sturdy feel.

I'm correcting this accordingly. Originally I was upset there was no software. The owners got back with me with a very HIGH appology. They had email trouble etc. But they got back to me, and gave me the link to the software. The mouse works great. I bought two. Highly recommended. I use at work at at home. Easy to set up. Easy to use. The colors on this mouse are awesome. You won't go wrong with this mouse. It even takes macros. Also very sensetive. Simply put, Great Mouse. for work or Gaming.

The AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse is a product that delivers the performance that you need in order to play games at a high DPI, and can lower for casual browsing and other work - by a literal click of a button. Depending on your needs for games, especially FPS games, this is an affordable option for gamers trying to make their way into the scene and still has the flare and glitz of traditional RGB products that you'd expect from most gaming/more expensive equipment. The DPI settings and customization of buttons is what you'd expect, and could be set up rather easily for anyone that needs two major hotkeys on their thumbs. Strategy games, like Starcraft, would also work well with this - giving the other two buttons functionality for making groups, or queueing certain commands.
For MMOs, or games that require more button management at your fingertips, this is lacking in terms of buttons - the middle buttons control DPI, by default and can be adjusted up and down (visually shown by changing the color of the logo and mouse wheel), and the other customizable buttons are to the left along the thumb. Two buttons generally isn't enough for an MMO/12-button hotbar type of game, but the mobility of the mouse still remains solid, if that's not a detriment to you.

Overall, a very solid product. Well recommended for anyone who is just getting into the gaming market and doesn't want to break bank for a solid gaming mouse.

Decent mous for the price, I have a Corsair Dark Core SE and it was like $80 and this is 100x better than the Corsair mouse. For about $20 you get
A plug and play experience, the mouse is very comfortable for me as a palm user, and the buttons are all in the right places. Aukey doesn't state what kind of switches are used in the mouse but they feel more solid built than my Corsair Dark Core. The mouse isn't the lightest but it certainly feels studier than most mice I've picked up in this price range as well. The best feature imo is that the DPI settings are straight forward without several profiles and all and you can have up to 6 dpi settings. The scroll wheel is also really solid with a nice tactilness to itm

G-Aim control center is way more fluid, and easier to program than Corsair's laggy iCue. The RGB and Macro settings are way easier and are instantaneous unlike iCue.

I really can't believe how great this mouse is for just $20.

It is very light so is easy to move while you play any game. The rgb lighting on it is amazing and very easy to control without having to download or open the G aim control center. That alone already makes the mouse look beautiful. You can use the G aim control app to set your colors for certain dpi levels and for certain effects. I definitely recommend this mouse, can't beat it for $20

I love it! The RGB lighting is on point and gives it the authentic “Gaming” look. It is customizable and has the DPI button to change DPI any time while gaming. The DPI presets are customizable as well as the hotkeys/macro keys. Overall excellent entry level gaming mouse, as well as every day use mouse. I was gonna customize the mouse to match my PC LED color scheme but the factory configured lighting is beautiful. I recommend this mouse.

I have a very picky Fortnite playing teenager who was asking for a new mouse. I got this one for him and he was really impressed. He loves the button configuration on it. His only criticisms were that it took a bit of time to find the software online for it, and the bottom is a little tough to slide. Otherwise, he has switched out his other mouse and is using this one. I have to admit, it looks pretty cool sitting on his desk.

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Made for Gaming The AUKEY KM-C5 gaming mouse is tailored for a fast and responsive gaming experience. Take your pick from four adjustable DPI settings, ranging from precision control to fast acceleration, by pressing the DPI button. Eye-Catching Color Features a preset 7-color light effect. Press
Made for Gaming The AUKEY KM-C5 gaming mouse is tailored for a fast and responsive gaming experience. Take your pick from four adjustable DPI settings, ranging from precision control to fast acceleration, by pressing the DPI button. Eye-Catching Color Features a preset 7-color light effect. Press