Comments about Alienware RGB Gaming Mouse AW510M: 16, 000 DPI Optical Sensor - Alienfx RGB - 10 Buttons - Adjustable Scroll Wheel - Large Click Anywhere L/R Buttons

Alienware RGB Gaming Mouse AW510M: 16, 000 DPI Optical Sensor - Alienfx RGB - 10 Buttons - Adjustable Scroll Wheel - Large Click Anywhere L/R Buttons

Alienware Gaming Mouse 510M, custom-tuned high Performance 16, 000 DPI sensor, AlienFX RGB lighting, Adjustable precision scroll wheel, Alienware Signature ergonomic form factor

Comments about Alienware RGB Gaming Mouse AW510M: 16, 000 DPI Optical Sensor - Alienfx RGB - 10 Buttons - Adjustable Scroll Wheel - Large Click Anywhere L/R Buttons
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Comments :
First off, let me just say I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to mice. I just switched off of a Logitech g602, which was good for a while but was starting to act up so I needed a new mouse. Overall, this mouse is great. The pros are it's light, responsive, ergonomical, and pretty good looking. My only cons were trying to install the Alienware software, again, I'm not that smart with this stuff, but once i got it working everything runs fine. I did notice that you have to have a mouse pad (I don't know why you wouldn't) because it flat out doesn't work on them. The 2 front buttons are practically useless, because the whole point of having macros is to make certain actions easier, and they're pretty out of the way. The other 3 are in a great spot and I haven't had any problems bumping into them accidentally. All in all, id 100% recommend this.

Some really interesting features on this Alienware mouse. 16000 DPI is more than enough for most gamers, and the 90 gram weight isn't the lightest gaming mouse on the market but far from the heaviest. I am a big fan of the 3 extra programmable buttons on the side and the rest area for your palm that helps keep your hand off the mouse pad. Switches feel good and most of the features are what you would expect from a high quality mouse as far as switch placement and responsiveness.

I don't love the braided cable. At least it's not plastic but they used a poly material instead of a nice paracord which would have been better to prevent snagging on some setups. It's almost worth paying a bit more and getting the wireless model since the cable is one of my biggest complaints about this mouse. Another interesting feature is the switch on the bottom - it switches the scroll wheel responsiveness. Something I hadn't seen before, I enjoyed playing with that to see what I liked more for different games. Of course the DPI is highly customizable as well as the RGB, something that's fairly common. The software that Alienware has for this mouse is fine. Was easy to install and I had no problem programming in my prefered DPI settings, which can be set from 100 to 16000 DPI. The switch to select between them is a little different on this mouse. You pull back on it instead of just pushing down, I think this is to prevent accidentally pressing it. Took a little while to get used to but I don't really change my DPI in the middle of a game so I do like the feature. The software also allows you to program macros and assign switches, fairly normal and expected of a gaming mouse like this.

I should probably address how the main switches feel since that is what you will be pressing most. They feel good, similar to other higher end mice and are very responsive. The scroll wheel has a tactile rubber coating and feels good to turn. The scroll switch is easy to press, and is a button I use a lot when playing so it's one of the first things I check when I try a new mouse. The last thing I wanted to mention were the skates. They are ok. It seems like they took some breaking in which is unusual and the mouse seems to be moving more freely the more I use it. I don't think they are the best skates and I wouldn't be surprised if another company started making upgrades for them on this model.

Overall, this is a slightly different mouse design that works well for most types of PC gaming. The extra 3 buttons on the side are great for triggering macros or things you might normally use your keyboard for like reloading or crouching, or for special functions like triggering your ult. Games vary a lot so you can use your imagination and get creative. This mouse is high quality overall and I expect it to last a long time. I'm normally a Logitech G403 or G900 user and I've really started getting used to this mouse and may start using it full time for gaming. I do wish it was wireless but most of the time I don't notice the cable unless it snags on something like the edge of my desk which it has done a few times while playing. I'm impressed with this mouse, it's one of the nicer Alienware mice I've used.

My son has been looking for a gaming mouse to use on his Xbox One so we decided to give this a try and he has been very happy with it. I have also been using it on my desktop PC to get a feel for the features it has. I am personally not a gamer but I like how this mouse feels in my hand.

The two primary buttons are clickable over the full length of the button. The scroll buttons to the left of the primary left button scroll pages up and down (just like the mouse wheel does). A button under the mouse can be used to adjust how far the mouse wheel scrolls. The small button between the top LED and the mouse wheel can be used to adjust the speed (or DPIs) of the movement of the mouse cursor. There are 5 of these speed settings to choose from and they are customizable within the software. The buttons around the thumb command pages forward and backward as well as a button called the "DPI Clutch" which allows the DPI to be toggled between the current DPI and a different DPI.

There are 8 different customizable lighting 'modes' to choose from inside the Alienware Command Center software when installed on a PC. The software also supports creating button macros, which I haven't tried yet, and adjusting other settings of the mouse.

I believe there is a bug in the firmware during the time of this writing which is causing the sensor to not work well on some surfaces, especially black colored surfaces. My mouse pad is a mixture of white, grey, and black and the cursor refuses to move when the sensor is above black. The sensor also doesn't work at all when using the black container the mouse is shipped in as a mouse pad. However, I believe this is just a bug because when I perform the factory reset via the Command Center, the mouse does function over the black surfaces until I unplug and reinsert the mouse into the USB port. I suspect this issue would eventually be resolved via a driver update (I'm currently running the latest of as of Oct 10, 2019). My son has been using this mouse on a black colored table with his Xbox with no issues and when I inserted the mouse into my laptop it also works fine on black (I didn't install any of the Alienware software on the laptop) so the sensor is capable.

If it wasn't for the glitch I'm experiencing with the sensor this mouse would be worthy of 5 stars in my opinion.

I seem to be getting the same issue that everybody else is getting.It seems that without the proper mousepad this will not work. I even found that on certain mouse pad it will work but glitch out.At 1st I thought I had a defective mouse but then I tried a laminated sheet of paper and it worked great.

I will say that it looks like up very high end mouse. It also feels the same way. This is the 1st time that I've owned a high end mouse before and it took some getting used to. The mouse is bigger than your typical standard mouse. The many buttons could be overwhelming at 1st. Lots of times I forgot that a had the extra buttons and had programmed them and didn't use them. These quirks are unique to me and may not represent your experience. If you are used to using a gimme mouse or a more advanced mouse this is just normal for you.

The lights and the ability to change the color is very neat. I will say that they at times seem too bright and can be very annoying. The software to control the mouse provided by AlienWare is a little difficulty to use and I haven't been able to figure out how to turn off the light

Once you get past these quirks you will appreciate the fine details to quality in this mouse. The squirrel will has a good feel in the detent and has a textured feel. The mouse moves smoothly and doesn't feel like it binds up. Even the button presses are impressive. Even if you aren't able to hear the audible click when pressing a button you deathly feel the feedback on every click. I can imagine this is a great positive when you are playing with headphones on. The ability to feel the feedback in a mouse is crucial when playing games.

This is a nicely made and working mouse. The buttons click with ease (but not too easy), good tactile feedback, buttons placed in a common-sense manner, and the dpi is nice because it has a little light that tells you what setting you are on. With me, for adjustable dpi mice, it is annoying if it changes on accident and then you have no idea what the setting is but with this mouse it has a little light above the rocker switch that tells you what setting it is on so you can memorize the color and go back to it...or try the insanely high level. I'd love to be comfortable on the 16k dpi setting but it moves so incredibly fast. Nonetheless, the PTFE (teflon) on the bottom of the mouse is slick and helps it move easily on rougher surfaces, it picks up via the laser with ease and I love the scrolling buttons to the left of the left mouse key to move up or down web pages slowly without having to use my left hand to do so. The customizer is only available for Windows 10 so it won't work via my Win 7 Enterprise computer I have to use (but hopefully that is upgraded soon).


Love the alien head light
Great key placement
Nice assortment of options for DPI
Really like the ability to move web pages up and down via clicking on the 2 buttons to the left
Braided cable
Long cable
Comfortable hand fit
Laser picks up very well


Customizer doesn't seem to be an option for anything less than Windows 10 (which I get...I started to knock off a star but Win 10 has been out for long enough now to make sense to me)

The overall value isn't bad if you work at a computer and also game. This has made my job just a little bit easier and because of that, I would recommend checking this out and considering it with other options if you are in the market.

I got this mouse for my teenage son who surprisingly enough like to play video games on the computer (imagine that).

I used it on several computers and the results were interesting.

On one of my W10 laptops (a Dell) I plugged it in and lo and behold it automatically downloaded and installed a suite of settings and drivers. There is a lot of customization available, more than most mortals could want. The coolest part was the ability to customize the color/pattern of the glowing lights on the mouse. Neat.
The resulting mouse experience was REALLY sensitive, like over the top sensitive. I guess if I was a cool youtube gaming pro with a British accent it would be great. But for a guy just trying to get work done it was too much. So if you need twitchy and sensitivity this is your tool.

Installing on my Lenovo W10 laptop was not such wonderful experience. Had issues installing the drivers and it took WAY longer than it should have. Maybe my machine was unhappy. Had to do it twice. Got them installed and yes it was still very sensitive. So that’s a feature not a bug. Had to turn sensitivity way down.

I guess that can be forgiven in that it’s a gaming mouse. As such it should probably only be bought by gamers, not for general use. Those lights are a cool feature BUT if your machine isn’t asleep (or worse yet wakes up randomly in the middle of the night light mine) the lights come on. Though there is probably a setting for that somewhere.

Get it as a gaming mouse, it works great, as a general mouse, not so great.

Slick mouse. I’m used to/like my Corsair better, but my son really likes this one because of the extra buttons and the DPI switch. Coincidentally, my OTHER son also really likes this one so it’s been a toss-up which computer it’s attached to this week.
This mouse obviously gets everything right, so it’s a matter of personal preference and feel whether a person will prefer this or that mouse, but here are a few observations:
- I like the cord. It may be a bit short if you’ve got a floor mounted tower, but all of ours are on desks because we get into them a lot.
- I thought the goofy alien-head thing hanging off the back would be a distraction, but it’s actually a pretty good feature if you want to keep the heel of your hand off the desk.
- I didn’t have the mouse surface issues a few other reviewers mentioned. On finished oak, textured black melamine, a neoprene mouse pad, leather, teak - no problems. I didn’t try glass, but who would?
-Buttons are all good. They are just what you would expect at this price. Not too loud, either.
-You get the typical colorific display (I’m not a fan, but it does help me find my way around at night).
-I don’t really like the off-road tire mouse wheel but it is grippy. Everyone should copy the Logitech Marathon M705 mouse wheel.

This mouse has so many well thought out features, and has a really innovative design. The V shape on the bottom is like nothing I have ever seen, your palm actually sits on the V part of the mouse, so your palm isn’t dragging across the mouse pad as you use it. It’s a wonderful design for long term gaming, so your palm doesn’t rub raw after extended use.

The mouse also has a switch on the bottom that adjusts the spin rate at which the mouse wheel spins, which is really nice. The DPI button is a pull back button, instead of a push button, so you won’t accidentally hit it in the middle of a game. The buttons on the side are well placed, very easy to access with my thumb, great motion, nice feedback when I press them. I counted 10 programmable buttons. The cord is nice, pretty thick, kinda stiff.

Overall, it’s a fantastic mouse, and my new favorite mouse!

Definitely a solid mouse, particularly for gamers seeking accuracy and speed. Some of the buttons are a little oddly placed, but you get used to it. Build quality is very high. Installation was interesting. It was plug and play and worked really well right away however once Windows 10 (seamlessly) pulled down the drivers and installed the software, suddenly the mouse wouldn't work (buttons did, but cursor didn't move). Once I put it on a mousepad it was happy. But something in the driver installation definitely caused it to stop liking my desk as a surface. Verified this with a laptop, worked immediately as plug and play until the drivers were installed. Weird hiccup but not a deal breaker.

i am not by any stretch of the imagination a professional gamer. i do however know the difference between a well made mouse and one built for gaming. this is definitely a good mouse for playing with. easy to manipulate and configure to your liking. light enough to slide easily but hefty enough to not get broken when aggressive with it. i like the lighting (which alienware is notorious for) and the wide base in the one complaint is the sensor doesn't do well on certain surfaces. i'm having to use a notepad to get it to register movement. other than that this is a nice mouse to utilize in you gaming world.

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