Comments about Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse W/Hero 16K Sensor, Lightsync RGB, PowerPlay Compatible, Lightweight 95G+10G Optional, 100-16, 000 DPI, Rubber Side Grips

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse W/Hero 16K Sensor, Lightsync RGB, PowerPlay Compatible, Lightweight 95G+10G Optional, 100-16, 000 DPI, Rubber Side Grips

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED gaming mouse Meets the next-gen Hero 16K sensor. Go Pro with precise gameplay at 16, 000 Max DPI and zero smoothing, Plus enhanced wireless performance. 10x the battery efficiency of previous generation sensors means up to 35 hours of gameplay with LIGHTSYNC RGB enabled. Use POWERPLAY for infinite gameplay. A comfortable design meets advanced button technology for supreme comfort and crisp, clean clicks. G703 LIGHTSPEED lets you play like the pros — and play to win.

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Mouse shape/size is VERY personal and subjective, but I've found the G403/703 to be pretty much perfect for me. I do add the extra optional 10g weight, because I like my mice a little bit heavier.

I've previously used a G403 wireless, and a G703 (non hero). The original G703 was *nearly* perfect, but the battery life really wasn't great. At most I would get ~20 hours of use before it needed to be charged. With the new Hero version I'm able to consistently get 30-35 hours, that's a pretty great improvement.

Software note:
I was previously using the older Logitech Gaming Software to control my G513 and G703 non-hero, but apparently the new G703 Hero isn't supported or detected by the older software, so I was forced to switch over to the newer Logitech GHub software. Had some issues with lighting effects not working correctly at first when I switched the software. I wound up having to completely uninstall both the old LGS and the Ghub software, restart, then do a clean install of the GHUB software and now everything is working great.

About the only thing I could think to possibly improve this mouse would be some option physically see on the mouse itself what the remaining battery life is, maybe an LED indicator?

Coming from the logitech g303 Apex, this g703 lightspeed mouse is considerably larger and in my opinion, best suited for larger hands. It has a larger hump near the rear of the mouse which makes switching from something like the g303 a bit harder because of the drastic shape change. It took me about two weeks of using it daily for me to get used to the shape change and I feel I'm at about 90% in terms of aim/precision when using the mouse. The left and right click buttons feel nearly the same as the older g303 but the scroll wheel feels significantly improved from the g303. My only complaint with the scroll wheel is the fact that it takes about 30 pounds of force to actuate the scroll wheel button; however, I'll concede that the button makes a much more satisfying clicking sound than the g303, so I guess that's a plus. Just note that if you use the middle mouse button a lot be prepared for some finger fatigue. The tracking on the mouse is good but I can't honestly see any real difference between this and the g303 since that mouse had phenomenal tracking also. The mouse is light enough weighing in at 107g and it includes a 10g weight which I didn't use since the mouse feels better to me without it. The battery life is really, really good on this thing. It easily goes an entire week without charging and the battery was at around 25%. Build quality is also decent (no rattles inside the mouse, nice soft touch finish on the exterior, and nice feeling rubber grips on the sides) but nothing exceptional. My biggest issue with this mouse is in the Logitech GHub software that's needed to adjust DPI levels, lighting, and hotkeys. It's just bad. It's slow, laggy at times, and the menus are a mess. Yeah sure the animations look cool and all but Logitech clearly prioritizes form over functionality. Logitech, seriously, you need to overhaul the GHub software to make it more usable. Lastly, I bought this mouse for $100 on 8/1/19 from Amazon and I think if you can wait for the price to drop a bit, this mouse becomes a much better value.

I'm a professional software developer and my use case for this mouse and the PowerPlay charging pad is a bit different than the usual gaming user's use case.

As I design software all day, I need a reliable mouse with and want the most ergonomic and worry free experience possible. For me, this means a medium weight mouse with no cord and not having to worry about charging. Historically, I have used a Wacom tablet with a Wacom accessory mouse atop the Wacom tablet to achieve this "wireless but never have to charge it" effect. Unfortunately, Wacom has stopped producing the mouse accessories.

I have the G703 and the PowerPlay charging pad and it's incredible. I run MacOS and use the Logitech G Hub software. I've had no problems with this software and it's actually just as good at switching profiles for different development tools as it is at switching for different games.

In my use, the mouse is always on the PowerPlay pad so I just never have to worry about charging. The mouse is always ready to go and there are no compromises like a cord getting in the way.

Some people have panned the G Hub software but I've actually found it to be fine. It doesn't get in my way and it lets me set the things I want to set. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Very smooth mouse. The 10 gram weight makes the mouse feel just right. Good battery life.

Only complaint is I can't get the Logitech Gaming Software to recognize the mouse on my PC so I can play with the settings. I'm reading online other users are having the same issue.

Logitech’s G703 Lightspeed thankfully comes in a modest box, compared to some of their other top end devices, saving on stuff that gets disposed. You get the mouse, wireless unified USB receiver, a 6 foot USB Micro soft, flexible, braided cord, a USB adapter to turn the cord into a wireless extension, a 10g weight insert, a sticker and some light warranty and first setup papers.

Make no doubt about the G703 Lightspeed: it’s not for lefties, but it feels very light and comfortable in the right hand. The two thumb buttons are generously sized and easy to find. Its hump is slightly more centered then some others, so you may want to consider a more fingertip touch grip or defaulting your thumb closer to the back (left side) button and do a reach for your forward. A back-end claw if you will. The sides are rubber and afford an easy to move grip without getting slick. The scroll wheel also has a very subtle rubber feel that isn’t ‘clicky’ at all.

Having recently swapped from a G900 to a G903 with PowerPlay pad, I was excited to see a new mouse supporting cordless charging. My typical productivity DPI setting is around 4k. I use 8k or higher DPI when sniping (zooming etc.). For me, 16k was just too much precision! And I never need the cord, with the PowerPlay pad I’m in heaven.

This unit does require a new software app, “G Hub”, the directions point you to Where the Logitech apps do very well with multiple devices connected to the same rig, I only had one disc to charge so I installed that into the G703. In G Hub go to the PowerPlay pad, under the menu you’ll find a ‘disconnect’ option. Immediately power off your original mouse. The pad goes into pair mode. You then power on your G703 and you’ll sync up quickly without having to use the USB receiver or cord.

G Hub gets a macro overhaul and I’ve shared a screen cap of some of the features. I quickly set my DPI settings then reassigned the DPI button (just behind the scroll wheel) with a macro. You can also set profiles up and auto detect games or apps to have different configurations. Quick tip: to avoid some of the app mgmt. features and just build a one to fit them all use the little lock icon for macros, DPI and lighting effects. I’ll play with the new macro and config options more and may add a comment and/or respond to questions you may have below.

Overall a fabulous addition to the cordless charging line up, a proven 16k DPI sensor and a very comfortable feel. I prefer a few more programmable buttons but many prefer a cleaner button experience and if so, this one is the mouse to beat.

Logitech has consistently been making excellent gaming peripherals, and the G703 is no exception.

With tracking up to 16,000 dpi, twitch gamers will be able to happily fly across a MOBA screen or spin in mid-air to get that important crit shot. I prefer RPB's, so I'm happy with a slower 1600 dpi, which also works great for pixel-by-pixel photo editing.

For me, the ergonomics are virtually perfect. The back button is exactly where I want it to be, without having to shift my thumb back to hit it. This is the only mice I own where that is true. In fact, the G703 fits me better than any of the other (countless) mice on my desk, including my Razer Mamba.

Build quality is generally solid, albeit lightweight. Without the included weight, the mouse is feather-light. With it, I found the heft to be just right. Be careful not to accidentally throw the weight out when you unbox the mouse. Buttons are ample in size, responsive, and give a solid, springy click. The mouse wheel has the right amount of resistance, and doesn't feel awkward when used as a third mouse button.

The older Logitech Gaming software will not work with the G703. I had to uninstall it and update to the new G HUB. On the plus side, the interface is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Unfortunately, it doesn't support my favorite mouse shortcut (holding down button six and sliding the mouse up or down to raise or lower the volume, respectively). Beyond that, however, it was a pleasure to use.

While all of these features are great, the best thing about the G703 is its battery life. A full charge has held up to several days of heavy use. This is most likely because the lighting is much more understated than most gaming mice, but I rarely see the lighting anyway, since it's under my hand. Battery performance FAR outshines my Mamba. In addition, the including charging cable is not proprietary. You can connect any micro-USB cable to recharge or use it as a corded mouse.

Anyone who tells you that wireless lags or isn't as good is a fool. Wireless has caught up completely and the freedom feels amazing.

This G703 Hero Sensor Version is a huge improvement over the previous version. The main thing is battery life which is absolutely unreal. I cannot believe they are able to squeese this much batt life, it's truly an evolution not a revolution.

The only con is the ridiculous price but like all things logitech, it will eventually be on sale. Just be patient... I was just impatient and only regret spending so much on a mouse.

I got this as a new addition to my growing collection of mice. I’ve cut the cord for the most part due to the massive leap in technology, which now has wireless performing just as well, and in some cases, better than wired. I had the chance of getting my hand on the new “Hero sensor” g703, which added reduced weight (12 g lighter than the previous gen) and longer battery life (thanks to the new Hero) sensor and have not been disappointed.
Build quality is top what I expect from Logitech. It well built, smooth, and well put together. Very tight tolerances, just sleek all around. 0 rattling, which I wish I could say about my more expensive g903. The mouse feet do drag a bit more than I’d like on my pad. I don’t have any issues with my g305 with hotline mouse skates. I’ve read that these might require a break in period but it’s nothing too serious and will most likely replace them soon.
The mouse shape is very comfortable. I personally use a claw-hybrid method and this feels nice in the hand, I do feel the bigger hump but it feels like a mix between the g305 and 903. The 305 is a “flatter” mouse where I feel like most of my weight hangs on the base of the mouse, around my wrist, while this is more centered and almost feels like I pivot off of the middle of the mouse. It does bring a good bit of comfort that I’ve come to like from the 903. Being a gaming mouse, they added the RGB goodness, it’s bright, has all of the options (cycle, fixed, breathing, etc) and some funky ones like screen sampling. +1 on the small usb dongle, but I’m not a fan of the three-pronged usb cable. I have a couple because of my g903 and 900 so it’s not like it’s an issue for me, but I would have preferred a simple usb C
Overall, I’m a big fan of the mouse. It seems like I’m working my way through the entire Logitech lineup at this point but it’s not without cause. Logitech has been knocking it out of the park for some time now, I’m glad they are adding the hero sensor with a focus on lightweight mice in their new line-up.

I've used a decent variety of mice from reputable companies like Logitech and Razer, as well as some cheaper lesser known brands, but this one I think is now my go-to mouse. All my past mice have been wired, so this is my first real commitment to a wireless mouse and I'm happy to say I don't notice any difference in performance (this is coming from someone who has been a gamer for years and is fairly sensitive to any sort of lag or response time issues when it comes to hardware). If you're still unsure about wireless though, you can make this mouse wired for extra peace of mind and experiment with it as desired.

You have a handful of programmable buttons, which is awesome. If fits well in my hand, and is easy to move around and pick up. One feature I am really excited to try out soon is the Powerplay charging mouse pad! This is really quite cool to me, being able to wirelessly charge the mouse, never needing to charge it separately or replace batteries - that's frickin cool!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this mouse. I wouldn't label it as a hardcore gaming mouse however if that's what you're looking for - Razer offers things like the Naga for that - but for more basic tasks, or casual gaming, this mouse is perfect for, and the wireless charging capability really sets it apart!

When I ordered this mouse, my true intention was to compare it to another brands popular wireless mouse that has the same DPI. I wanted to know if the light speed really made a difference and if it would be noticeable to the average user. I really never need to use a high DPI for the types of games that I play, so that really was not a big deal to me and the speed itself was not that noticeable. The look and feel of this mouse feels a lot like the Logitech 403 in my opinion and the only real difference for me the average user would be the wireless option. To me, compared to my wireless Razer mamba - this has a much longer battery life, and I could go atleast 3 days of long gaming without having to charge it. The wireless option is really a game charger, and being lightweight as well makes this a no brainer! Overall my favorite thing about this mouse is the medium hand grip, lightness, and wireless battery.

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