Comments about PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired-Chroma RGB Lighting- High Precision 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor-Programmable Computer Mouse Design for Average Size Hand, PC Wired Mouse with Long Braided Cord, Ideal for Gamer

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired-Chroma RGB Lighting- High Precision 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor-Programmable Computer Mouse Design for Average Size Hand, PC Wired Mouse with Long Braided Cord, Ideal for Gamer
【High-Precision 10, 000 DPI Optical Sensor】PICTEK wired gaming mouse offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons for different gaming scenarios. 6 adjustable DPI levels ( 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200/10000, reprogrammable) meet your multiple need.4 polling rate is adjustable: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz, polling rate ensures smooth and high-speed movement.
【Amazing Customizable Chroma RGB Backlit】This gaming computer mouse includes 16.8 million color combinations to fit your gaming mood. Easily shut ON and OFF the backlight or change the color mode with the convenient switch on the bottom. 9 different backlight modes. The PICTEK RGB Wired Mouse offers you total personalization for your Gaming Computer and Gaming Laptop.
【8 Programmable Buttons & Fire Button】8 mouse buttons allows for button remapping and assignment of macro editing through PICTEK easy-to-program gaming software (Driver Disk included). The convenient Fire Button gives you the edge you need during those intensive FPS battles. Great value FPS gaming mouse, also excellent for MOBA/ RTS games.
【Symmetrical & Streamlined & Skin-friendly Design】Comfortable claw-grip design and symmetrical ergonomic design ensure that the marathon game without hand fatigue. Top choice for computer game players with anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant that can keep your grip Firmly during game play. PC Gaming Mouse for casual gamers.
【Reliable Quality & Long Braided Cord】 USB wired gaming mouse, 20 million clicks lifespan. The long braided cord can offer your computer gaming maximum comfortable like "wireless". Well compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8 and Linux etc. Fits for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook and other devices. At PICTEK, not only We offer high quality products, we back them up with 18-month warranty and a 30-day money back guaranty!

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This mouse is made with fine materials. The body of the mouse is covered with smooth plastic while the sides are made with textured plastic. It is disappointing that the sides are made with a textured plastic instead of a "no-slip silicon pad" that was advertised. This false advertising was a letdown as I expected and chose this mouse over other similar mice, at this price point, for the silicon sides. The braided cable very long does not cause kinks or snags on to the desk. The mouse provides tactile feedback for the buttons. However, my mouse 5 side button feels springy and sounds different compared to the rest of the side buttons. This might be an intentional approach to differentiate the three buttons or it might have been a defect with the product I received. The scrolling wheel is great and you can easily discriminate between each scroll step. But, it requires more actuation than desired. Fortunately, the RGB lights of this mouse are great. It is pleasing to the eye. The different RGB modes also nice. Additionally, the software included is has a clean interface and is simple to use. It provides adequate customizability for the average user. You can customize the RGB lights, have different profiles, and easily customize dpi levels. The sensor is great. When used for FPS games like Overwatch and CSGO, it will satisfy your needs. It has decent Overall, the mouse looks and feels premium for the given price. There are some slight problems, but it is definitely worth your money. I would have given a higher rating if the product received was as advertised, as I was misled by it. Also, if my mouse 5 side button was not "unusual," compared to the other side buttons.

This is an excellent mouse, feels premium, definitely satisfying to hold, and you won't be disappointed, however my review is about a weird quirk with the program/mouse.

I had a 7200 DPI Pictek mouse for comparison before this one, so when I got this one, I assumed when I changed the DPI settings, the color scheme on the mouse would permanently change to that color (like going from red to blue, you would stay on blue to show that you're on 2400 DPI, which was the case with my past Pictek mouse), but for this mouse, when changing DPI, it will flash that color for a few seconds before defaulting on a color.

You can just manually change to what color you want, but it seems like a weird oversight that someone forgot to include in the software for the mouse that I wager to bet most other Pictek mice have. I went through every setting to see if I was missing something and even contacted Pictek. They responded fast, but they also come to the conclusion it's something I can't do, and they seemed to agree that it's something that should be there.

Hopefully the program gets updated, as it's just like an additional setting that's missing from lighting effects.

This mouse is just ok. It's looks great and feels great in my hand. No complaints on the amount of pressure needed for clicking or using the wheel, this is all great. My only complaint is I need to constantly change the mouse speed. I bought this for my work laptop, an HP Elitebook running Windows 7. I lock my system to walk away from my desk, almost every time I come back and unlock it the pointer speed has changed dramatically, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. I have to go in and change it so I can comfortably use my system again. Next time I lock it the same thing again.

Update: Pictek has contacted me directly with a very sincere email and offered to send another mouse for me to try. Will update when that is received. Either way their customer service is second to none and I appreciate their quick and direct response.

Final update: The new mouse Pictek sent me works great! Thank you Pictek!

I'm so glad I purchased this mouse. I am pretty cheap (my wife would probably say that's an understatement) so I didn't want to spend much. I thought $9 was a great buy, and I'd say I've already gotten my ROI this morning. I'm a developer by trade so I spend upwards of 8 hours on the computer 5 days a week. For the past 10 months I've been using the standard corded mouse, and I'd finally had enough of it. I put the dongle in my workstation because I thought the battery I used was dead when I tried my laptop but I just didn't let the driver install. It got stuck and took me about 30 minutes to get out but I would imagine that's on the Dell workstation. It is now in my laptop where it probably won't move. Long story short, It connected wonderfully once installed and is quick to wake up when I come back. It makes a world of difference for me. I can also take it to meetings which saves me from using the trackpad. It is solidly built as well. I'm not hard to please but I legitimately have no complaints. Do yourself a favour and get one!

-Looks cool
-Comfortable/Great texture
-No fingerprints/debris
-Useful buttons/No fluff
-Smooth movement
-Discreet USB dongle

2 week update:

I'm still really enjoying the mouse. I've experienced a couple minor issues. Our conference rooms have a marble sort of table top and it doesn't work particularly well on that surface so I have to find something to use as a pad. Even a paper towel works almost as well as normal. The other thing is that it does sometimes smudge a little. It gets hot in the office at times and with natural body oil, it can sometimes leave some residue. It's of course easily removed. Still really pleased with this $9 mouse. I didn't really care much about the forward/back buttons on the side but I've been using them constantly, just took me a few days to retrain my habit of using the browser buttons.

I was a little worried I'd have trouble turning off the LED lights on my Mac since I thought they could be distracting at times and the software is only for PCs. There is a button on the bottom which allows you to cycle through the LED combinations (including turning them off). I also like that it retains the LED and DPI settings when disconnected from my MacBook as long as it is powered by a USB hub. This mouse replaced my Logitech MX518 which finally died after many years of use and while it took a little getting used to for FPS games, it is an excellent replacement especially for the money. I've never had a rapid fire button (located near the thumb) which has come in handy but it seems a little bit uncomfortable to use but perhaps I'm just not used to it yet.

Overall, an excellent mouse that I'd say gives more expensive bigger brands a run for their money.

This mouse exceeded my expectations. It was plug and play, simple! I have used it for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and it seems to work fine. For reference I replaced my Logitech G600 (black) because for whatever reason the DPI wouldnt stay locked in and would occasionally not allow me to click on anything unless I reset it in the logitech software with a different mouse. My wife and kids also enjoy this one because it has limited thumb buttons along the side. I gave it 5 stars for gaming because I feel comfortable using this for a shooter game (Where mouse counts the most). I gave the material quality 4 stars because I am used to my thumb resting slightly forward on a mouse (probably from always using an MMO style mouse) and there is a sharp edge that my thumb hooks under on the front. It doesnt cause injury or anything sharp like that, just slightly annoying occasionally. That is literally a personal preference thing, many people most likely will not ever even notice it and for the money, this is the best mouse I've used bang for buck.

The Logo has worn off.... But... I love this mouse ! Here it is … about 10 months later after purchasing this Pictek mouse, and it is still working just as good as the day it arrived !

I use it on my ol’ laptop, which I use for digital graphics, correspondence, and other things. I have had no problems with it what so ever.

I have a newer laptop which I currently use a ‘wired’ mouse, but sometimes I need to take the new laptop with me to work, when I do, I unplug the Nano-receiver and use it in the newer laptop. It travels well, and the Nano-receiver has no problems changing from one laptop to the other, and back again. I’ve had other ones that had this problem, but not this one !

I am seriously considering replacing my ‘wired’ mouse on newer laptop only because I hate wires… when I do, I will get another one of these. I usually like experimenting with different ones, but in this case, I’m sticking with tried and true.

I am super new to the world of PC gaming; I wanted a mouse that was affordable, intuitive, and flashy. I got all of that and more.

I think it would be very hard to beat the quality of this mouse for the price; I've paid more for standard bluetooth mice. It feels great in my hand (I have small-to-average sized hands); I can reach all of the buttons with ease.

It is also exceptionally intuitive in every way. Though the included software CD didn't work for me, I managed to find the software online and it makes it very easy to customize the mouse in many different ways. I really like that it has the option to have multiple mouse profiles.

Finally, it just looks cool. From the design to the lights (also customizable), it's just highly pleasing aesthetically.

9.9/10 would recommend. I was just a little annoyed that the included software CD didn't work.

I purchased this mouse cause I wanted something cheap and easy but was totally amazed when I hooked it up, installed the software and really got into the functionality of the device.

Firstly this thing glides seamlessly across my desk and you can barely notice the weight.

Secondly the buttons respond smoothly and cause no strain on my hand, I go for hours and never feel like I have to rotate my wrists or take a break from muscle fatigue.

Additionally the DPI settings and lighting settings can be changed with the press of a button. I haven't even had to use it on anything above 800 DPI but it goes up into the thousands if you need it. You can set the different ranges with the software then easily jump using the + & - buttons on the device itself.

The lighting modes are great and really help set the ambience of the room when you're not actually doing anything.

I feel like this product is greatly undervalued and would have appreciated it even if i had paid an extra $20 easy.

The comfort of this mouse is surprisingly pretty good. I want to keep saying that the mouse is good 'for the price', but it's just a good mouse in general. It's comfortable, stylish, and very functional. The DPI settings are easily adjustable from the mouse itself as it has +/- buttons right below the scroll wheel. It also has forward/back buttons on the side for navigating webpages.

You can download software to adjust the RGB lighting but I don't mind the default setting where it alternates between different colors. It's not very 'in your face' but it looks nice. The company's logo is honestly sleeker-looking than the horrid Razer logo. It does have some decently grippy material on the sides for your thumb and ring/pinky fingers. It's a decent-sized mouse if you have bigger hands like me. I originally used a Razer Deathadder and then switched to a Logitech G203 when my Deathadder started glitching out. Within about a year of having my G203, it started to phantom click. This clicking was manageable in games like League of Legends where all you really had to do is use the right-click button on your mouse and the keyboard, but outside of the game it was incredibly frustrating. Thus, I decided to look for a cheaper mouse. I settled on a cheaper Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro. While it felt -okay-, that mouse was incredibly small and it was so uncomfortable to use. I instantly returned it to Best Buy and looked for cheap gaming mice online when I stumbled upon this one.

So far so good, and I couldn't be happier. The cord connecting the mouse to the USB end seems to be of good quality, too. I don't feel like they really skimped on any part of the mouse too hard. If you're used to a Razer Deathadder or want that kind of quality in a cheaper price, look no further.

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