Comments about Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2: Drag-Free Wired Mouse Support - for Esports-Level Performance - Matte Black

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2: Drag-Free Wired Mouse Support - for Esports-Level Performance - Matte Black

Razer Mouse bungee V2 Cable management improves gaming precision. Designed to eliminate cable tangling and provide accurate mouse work with full freedom of movement. This mouse bungee will be able to control cables away from your clutter. It works with any Corded mouse for a better gaming or office Experience.

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If you own a wired mouse, as I'll want to seriously consider this particular product. I game A LOT (100%
disabled vet), and find it goes well beyond mere annoyance when I feel my hand/wrist/arm having to "pull" @ my
mouse, especially @ the most crucial times...(can't begin to even recount how many times I've received a beat-down,
& almost all of it due to frayed nerves, with either too little or too much braided mouse cord ending up on the mouse pad like a coiled serpent, ready to strike out at the nearest interloper!
This product alleviates that problem entirely. No more fighting my mouse, just in my games now... 8-)

My Rig:
Cooler Master COSMOS C700M
Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme, LGA 1151
Intel i9-9900K 9th Gen.
Corsair 64GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
Gigabyte Nvidia RTX 2080
Corsair AX1200 Modular Power Supply
Mushkin Pilot – 2TB PCIe NVMe 1.3 – M.2 (2280) Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) – Gen3 x4 – 3D TLC
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB SATA III
Samsung SSD 830 Series 256GB SATA III
Seagate Barracuda Pro 7200RPM 10TB
(2) Seagate Barracuda Pro 7200RPM 3TB
LG Blu-Ray Disc Rewriter (3D playback)
Corsair AIO H115i PRO RGB series

As a guy who has almost everything for his gaming setup, I can not believe I have not had a mouse bungee before. I might sound like a broken record of people before me but it truly makes your mouse feel wireless. The springs you see are sturdy but also super flimsy to account for your flicks. It doesn’t tip over at all, and the black blends in well with anything. I went with the razer product because it looked the best of the other mouse bungies, and I do like razer products for the most part!

If you're on the fence about whether or not you need a mouse bungee, you should pick this one up. I felt that way and honestly trying this one improved my quality of gaming and regular computer use a surprising amount. The weight keeps it in place, it looks slick, and the wire stays put.

I have used this with the Steelseries Rival 600 and the Razer Deathadder Elite. It works perfectly with both.

The only issue is that it looks like there are no sellers for the regular price here on Amazon.

Best $20 I've ever spent. The thing comes with two stickers and is super easy to use, no more snags and sketchy tape just clean and simple. Also very well weighted with their anti-slip grip. 100% recommend if you're looking to improve your gaming performance with flick shots or just want smooth comfort all around.

I purchased this product for my gaming setup with my Logitech G502 gaming mouse. The mouse bungee fits the cord and works great with it.

I was worried about its size as it looks bigger in the pictures. It fits perfect next to my monitors with out being in the way. It is only 4 inches tall with the mouse attached to it with a little bit of tension.

It is built to last and has some weight to it so it stays put while gaming even with heavy mice (all weights in the G502).

Very easy to set up and get used to. Makes the mouse feel wireless.

I don't know what it is about this little thing but it looks really good to me lol. I love having it. I didn't know I needed one until I bought it, and now I won't ever use my mouse without one. It keeps the cord from dragging against the hole in my desk which is not smooth so it constantly catches on the lip, but with this it flexes really nicely. Just make sure you give a little extra room for the cord in order for it to reach the bottom of your mousepad with ease!

First thought upon receiving this. Why haven't I got one of these a long time ago? I've never had a whole lot of trouble with mouse wire drag, but I wanted to try one of these out to tidy up the wiring and see what it was like. My goodness it's good. I've had the tape on the monitor for a bit, but that just looks messy and can come off. This bungee has good weight, silicon tip to grab the wire, doesn't move, and looks stealthy and nice. Most of all it doesn't hinder flicks in any way and keeps the wire from dragging completely. Best money I've spent on my setup in a long time. Sometimes it's the little things. Highly recommended.

This little thing made me change my mind about getting a wireless mouse. If your mouse cord gets in your way while you're gaming or getting work done, get this bungee!

It’s really good it makes the mouse feel wireless I recommend

Replaced my Razer Bungee v1 and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this bungee v2. It’s weighted and doesn’t have sticky adhesive on the bottom like it did with v1. I can move it around wherever I may please. The design is great and the price is unbeatable for a product manufactured by Razer. It holds my Razer Mamba cable in place even when I rage. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get a bungee. Razer has done real good work with this one.

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