Comments about Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic Wired MMO 6 Button Mouse, 3200 DPI, Red LED Backlit for Windows PC Gamer (Black Wired Mouse)

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic Wired MMO 6 Button Mouse, 3200 DPI, Red LED Backlit for Windows PC Gamer (Black Wired Mouse)
Ergonomic Redragon M601 Centrophorus Backlit Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI (800/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment) , 3600 FPS, 15G ACC super fast game engine
5 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles, an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8) and LED color options. (LED may be disabled)
Durable smooth TEFLON feet and contoured body for ultimate gaming control. Quality ABS construction and two programmable side buttons
6ft high-strength braided fiber cable, anti-skid scroll wheel, and red backlighting
Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or later operating system. Package contents: CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse, tuning weights, and user manual

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I bought this mouse for a new build. machine is a monster but this mouse drove me nuts because it just kept stuttering or freezing.
finally I figured the solution. I was plugging it into USB 2.0 but when I plugged it to a USB 3.0 port on the motherboard the stuttering went away.
I normally connect my keyboard and mouse to USB 2.0 because I want to save the USB 3.0 to more demanding peripherals but this mouse needed USB 3.0 on my machine. I'm just happy that I did not waste my money.

now that the problem is fixed the mouse is worth it.

I bought a new gaming Laptop decided to get a gaming mouse to go with it. This caught my eye and after reading more on it decided to take a chance. For the money, this is a great mouse. It tracks very well, is solid built, and most likely last for many gaming hours to come. The bottom removes with the ability to change out weights. This is my first mouse with weights installed, and they provide a nice feel when scrolling. Besides gaming I do alot of digital art and this mouse does well. The cable conduit is braided and very durable, which shows just how much detail they invested into quality workmanship and build.

Give this mouse a shot, you wont be disappointed.

My son likes this mouse a lot, but, like many reviews have stated, it is a pain that the very bright decorative lights on the mouse cannot be turned off easily. Well, here are the details on how to get those lights off.
1. The 2 screws holding the mouse together are under the two larger nylon pads the mouse slides on. Carefully pry those off with an xacto knife or similar, and remove the screws. See picture. Then pry with a fingernail on the seam of the mouse near the screws to separate the halves. You have to slide one half of the mouse forward and the other back to completely separate the mouse halves at the point where the USB cord goes in. Be gentle, there are wires holding the two halves together.
2. There are two wire bundles between the top and bottoms halves of the mouse: a three-wire and a four-wire. Disconnect the connector for the three-wire bundle by catching the back of the connector with a fingernail and pulling. See picture of separated connector.
3. Reassemble mouse.

***UPDATE on 5/24/2015***
After having had this mouse for some time, I'd like to elaborate on some of the points I made about the mouse.

First, the weight of the mouse. Now that I have gotten used to this mouse, the weight is perfect. Remember, I was coming from a very heavy R.A.T. 7 mouse that made me feel a bit shocked by how light this one is. This mouse feels great and, not that the mouse is the ONLY reason, but I did manage to get from Silver Elite Master to DMG on CS:GO playing with this mouse and will not doubt hit The Global Elite down the road a bit. The mouse is very "grippy" in my hands and this is very important, for instance, when you are zoomed in with a sniper rifle awaiting an enemy coming into your view from around a door or corner. Using more of a claw grip in these instances allows me a ridiculous amount of control over my crosshair movement (in other words, I can accurately move the mouse just a sliver in any given direction). A big part of this is probably due to the quality of the laser mouse in combination with my sensitivity settings (which for CS:GO are: 1.5 sensitivity, 0.80 scoped in sensitivity, Raw Input = on, and my Windows sensitivity is on the middle tick mark with acceleration off).

The buttons have held up superbly. They are still very responsive, especially with their "clicky" feedback. Of special note is the mouse wheel. The rubber "tire" like covering on it works great and the down-click motion is direct and not sloppy. You know how some mouses, when you try to click the middle-mouse button, cause you to slip off the wheel or not be able to click it effortlessly? I haven't ran into that issue yet with this mouse.

Still happy with this purchase and I really cannot find a reason NOT to give it 5 stars. It looks cool, functions great, and has had very little issues.

With that said, I am giving it 4 stars due to a driver issue and computer sleep mode issue. Whenever I put my computer to sleep and then wake it back up, I have to unplug and then re-plug the mouse to get Windows to recognize it. I Googled this issue and nothing that would indicate it being anything else but this mouse. My other mice don't have that issue and neither do my other USB devices.

Also, I downloaded a driver/software for this mouse from the manufacturer's web site (if I recall correctly) and this caused my mouse to randomly click every few minutes. During a match in CS:GO, you could imagine how this could really mess things up (sniping, defusing a bomb, maintaining stealth, having a grenade out). After uninstalling the software, the mouse went back to normal.

GET THIS MOUSE! It really is an amazing value and I'd pay more than I did for it. I got this for about $17 with Prime shipping. I would easily have paid $25-30 knowing what I do now.


This mouse looks great, in my opinion. It has a very aggressive look, and the pairing of a red and black color scheme is a nice touch. The color LEDs appear on the back of the mouse and both sides which add a very coll effect. Additionally, the side thumb buttons and the thumb rest are textured and/or slotted for design and grip. SCORE: 9/10 for appearance.

Build quality:
So far, the mouse is holding up well. There is a non-rubberized coating that is more like a matte finish on the main body of the mouse. This seems to be slip resistant and helps with grip. The buttons are very "clicky" which is great. I play CS:GO a lot, and I had an issue with my R.A.T. 7 where it felt as if some of the buttons were a bit mushy. I immediately noticed the difference with the buttons of this mouse and love the switches that the buttons use. The mouse, overall, feels like it will hold up structurally for some time, and all of the pieces look well-finished and put together. The braided cable tells me they went the extra mile to make sure this mouse delivers. SCORE: 9/10

This is the big category for me. The mouse feels very light, even with the weights inserted into the chassis. It feels light enough that I almost wish it were just a tad bit heavier, but this could merely be just personal preference. One other complain I have is the feel of the thumb rest. It is a piece of textured plastic (which seems like good quality nonetheless). My gripe is that it would be nice to have something a little "grippier" or "rubbery" there to make my thumb feel a little more like part of the mouse. Although, I must say that I enjoy the slotted thumb rest and it seems to help with keeping my hand/thumb cooler.

The buttons feel great and responsive. Not spongy at all. I love the crisp "click" that this mouse has on all of the buttons. There is only one button to change the sensitivity, so it would have been nice to have another one to change it the opposite way. In CS:GO, I like to down my sensitivity depending on what weapon I am using, and it can be tedious to have to click 3 times on one button to cycle the sensitivity back to my original one. The mouse wheel is extra wide which is amazing. The rubber grip on it ensures that you don't slip when using the scroll wheel.

Lastly, this mouse's light weight feeling also gives it a feeling of being "cheap." I do not look at this mouse as being cheap at all, but more like a very good value for what you get. With that said, maybe it is just me and a heavier weighted mouse would make that feeling go away. The low weight, however, makes it every easy to move the mouse a tiny distance on screen. Which leads me to the mouse feet. My R.A.T. 7 felt like it would jump around a bit when I would try to move my crosshair a tiny distance. I think this was a combination of the mouse feet and the wide, wide design of the mouse. This mouse has NO issue with tiny movements and I feel like I can manipulate the mouse very easily and securely. SCORE: 9/10

Cannot beat the value. I paid 17.00 with overnight Prime shipping for a 6-button, braided cable, laser mouse with adjustable sensitivity and awesome button switches. I cannot find a good reason to use my other mice over this one. SCORE: 10/10

Overall Score: 9.25/10

I would highly recommend this to anyone. The price is low enough that you have no reason to have it, even as a backup mouse. Some mice are good for certain things, so if you find that you don't need your ultra-hyped, overrated $75 mouse, give this one a try. I would buy it again and will now look at Redragon's other products (such as their keyboards).

I love the feel of this mouse, and the way that is responds. I have been a PC gamer since the large games where still in MB. Now I don't think even the game credits can fit in MB.

The way this mouse feels, with the extra weight, is amazing. It is not so much that gets tiring, but it makes you feel like you have much better control.
The button layout. The buttons are great for quick response in those situations where reflexes are the matter of virtual life and death.
The look of the mouse is great, and the envy of my friends, and more importantly, of my 13 year old son.
The wire is heavy duty with reinforcement in the areas where my mice normally get shorts. This thing can take some wear and tear.

The only con that I have so far is that the DPI button on mine is not working. (The back image and side lights do not light.) While some consider this a blessing, I do have to say I like my bling. If this was working it would certainly be a 5 star mouse.

Extra: I have to say the customer service of the company is excellent! They contacted me and worked with me to get a replacement, they are amazing!

Ive owned this mouse before and I loved it. Accidently broke it so I decided to get another one. This mouse is slender and small but easy to maenuver. The one I owned before only had 3 dpi settings and the newer one has 4 that actually changes the middle LED color which is pretty neat. I play a lot of games at high sensitivity so this mouse is perfect for quick movements.

Now, you are wondering why I gave it 3 stars if I love it so much. Well, I just got the newer mouse yesterday and there is a problem. While moving the mouse around on the desktop or while gaming, the mouse will randomly stop moving for a second and then the pointer (or crossairs in game) will jump over to the direction I was going for. It seems to do this constantly while I am doing art and messes me up while gaming. The mouse has a year long warranty but trying to contact them via their webpage is broken. I have installed the drivers, restarted my pc, tried different usb ports and cleaned the optics and it still randomly stops.

In all my years of using Amazon, this is the first defective product I have received and will be my very first return. It was bound to happen. When the mouse works, its the best (especially at this price). Will change my review when I get a working one.

UPDATE: So I got my new one in and it works fine. BUT! Here's the kicker:

Even though this is my third one of this very same mouse, each one has been different. They all look the same but have worked differently. The first one had the red lights and worked great. The DPI would get brighter each level of DPI you went up. Also only had 3 settings.

The second one had different colors depending on what DPI setting you were on. Also had 4 levels of DPI settings.

This third one now has the breathing affect for the LED and does not change colors when you change the DPI. This third one also came with a micro disc (same size as a GameCube disc) to further customize the button layout, macros, DPI sensitivity and how the LED works. This is super confusing and irregular versions of the same mouse. However, the mouse works very well and fits comfortable in my large hands. So do not be surprised if you get one of the versions I have mentioned here. Hopefully you get the version that has different colors AND the disc.

It should be noted, I've never had a high end mouse. As someone who has come from a stock mouse, this mouse has been excellent. Plugged directly into USB and worked instantly. Gaming feels good and has 4 DPI or sensitivities out of the box. Slightly lighter than what I had before (even with the weights) but I quickly became fond of the lighter or similar weight. Mouse roller works very well and is quite responsive and so are the two side buttons. Left click and right work great and the material the mouse is made out of keeps smudged or other dirt from building up (mostly), much better than my old mouse (no severe sweat stains) and as a guy with sweaty hands, this is huge. Love the look and the red light is vibrant. I have the red dragon Kumara mechanical keyboard as well and the two look phenomenal together. Overall (so far) would buy again

You don't really appreciate something as simple as a product working the way it should and working incredibly well until you get a bad product. I originally bought a black with blue lights gaming mouse from another maker that had over 1500 reviews with a 4-star rating for a few dollars cheaper and I absolutely regretted it. That other brand was the Tecknet M268 black mouse with blue lighting didn't feel at all right in my hand. The plastic had no real texture to it and actually felt cheap and somewhat thin and brittle. Worst part was the cursor tracking. Trying to click on the X of a web page or a window was a nightmare. The cursor was jumpy and unstable and playing games on a 2560x1440 resolution screen where everything you needed to click on was tiny was impossible. I tried using different mouse pads and surfaces and nothing made it better. I had to return that and I'm glad I did.

My new Redragon Centrophorus is the complete opposite of the other brand's. Here are the points of the Redragon I find superior to the other mouse:

- The feel is just right. The weights inside this mouse gave it a nice heavier quality feel and movement of more expensive mice I own.

- All the buttons have a nice if not perfectly satisfying resistance and "click." Even the wheel button feels good and solid when I press on it. The other mouse's buttons actually felt clunky and somewhat hollow sounding.

- The cord wrapped in red and black braided fiber adds a nice touch which also looks and feels great compared to the other one. I didn't realize there was a difference between braided cords until I felt the 2 side-by-side.

- The red light inside slowly pulses illuminating the all the crevises, windows, and logo is just beautiful. The other one was just a dim blue light that was always on.

- The center button to change the DPI actually makes a difference when I press it. The first level makes the cursor move slow and the 4th level makes it zip across the screen with barely a flick of the wrist. My favorite and most used it the second level.

- It comes in a reusable plastic storage box with a form fitted clear plastic inner packaging shell and a locking lid that snaps closed on all four sides. The box even has the logo imprinted onto the lid. The other one came in a small thin brown cardboard box I've already tossed in the recycle bin (I hope it's recyclable!)

- Best of all and most important in my opinion is the incredibly smooth, accurate, and precise tracking ability of the mouse cursor. It seems to just glide across the screen and gives me absolute control of where I want it to go and lands dead-on to what I need to click. It actually has more control than all of my 50 dollar plus Logitech mice. No exaggerating! I think it might be due to the driver and software I downloaded for the Redragon, but it was worth it. This is one point that I'm sure anyone will agree on. If a mouse can't give you precise control and do what it's supposed to besides looking good then it's a waste of money no matter how little you spend on it.

Overall, for only literally a few dollars more, this mouse has surprisingly exceeded all of my expectations and is an absolute pleasure to use. I noticed my PC gaming had improved due to not missing any of the buttons anymore or taking extra time and effort to correctly position the cursor where I need it to be. I always thought great gaming mice had to be expensive, but Redragon really changed my views about that. You won't be disappointed with this one.

My son originally bought this mouse in 2014 for gaming, and he loved it. I probably did a review of it at some point. Some time last year, he replaced it with a fancier one with more features to go with his new gaming computer. By then it had started to act a little funky, straying pointer and misclicks and such. I inherited it and used it to replace a really bad mouse I had for just general computing. Finally, it got to a point where I decided to replace it myself. I actually went back to the original order and purchased it again because it had lasted for nearly FOUR YEARS!

The replacement came and it worked great, but I started to notice a strong electrical smell. It smelled exactly like my son's xBox power pack when it went bad. I tried to find what it was, expecting it to be the computer or other electronics, but it ended up being the mouse. It was odd since the mouse or cord didn't feel warm at all, but it got so strong that it clung to my fingers even after washing. So I did a replacement of the replacement.

This one arrived and I actually noticed the same smell when I got it out of the package, not even plugged in yet. At that point, I wondered if it was just something in the materials or construction. I'm using it and it works fine and I have noticed that the smell has reduced significantly. I don't understand why the first replacement smelled worse the longer I used it, but second replacement seems to be less. Now It's not noticeable unless actually smell the mouse. (I know how weird that sounds!) My son said he never noticed a smell at all with the very first one.

As far as performance, it's just as good as the very first one we bought. It's very responsive, especially when you change the speed settings to your liking. It works on a plain desk, no special surface needed. I use it for general computer use and mild gaming and it feels good in the hand even after a long time. I recommend it, just beware the possible smell.

I bought this mouse because my Logitech mouses and generic ones with premium rubber feel material evetually melt into a pile of sticky goo. This mouse is mostly plastic with textured sides to feel not like plastic, as much as reasonably expected. I don't need to worry about wear. The middle button is unfortunately rubber material. I'm hoping it won't melt as well. Logitech 0 vs M601 1.

The button below the middle button is custom. You can only use their proprietary software to do things. I want it to switch mouse profiles so that I can get extra button mappings. There is one aspect that you should consider before buying this mouse. The mouse software can't switch mouse profiles per active application. If you were planning on enabling a certain map keys mapping when you play games, then you have to manually select the mouse profile. This gets annoying. Logitech does this right. Logitech gets the right. Can possibly find an open source program to do this. Logitech 1 vs M601 1.

Logitech mouse feel erogonomic. This one feels ergonomic and built for more sensitive button pressed. Logitech 2 vs M601 2.

Higher DPI makes the mouse more sensitive. The mouse acceleration is needed when you have a 4K+ display. Logitech 2 vs M601 3.

It may sound stupid but I like the braided cord. The cord doesn't tangle into a mess anymore. It's easy to untangle the wires. Logitech 2 vs M601 4.

Have bought 3x M601. For all the faults of the software, this mouse is still pretty good. The mouse is pretty decent and value is great for the price. Logitech 2 vs M601 5.

The mouse is light. The weights provided are a joke. You're not going to feel anything different. Light is actually fine because my hands never feel tired.

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