Comments about Corsair Nightsword RGB, Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 18000 DPI, Optical

Corsair Nightsword RGB, Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 18000 DPI, Optical

The Corsair nightsword RGB performance tunable gaming mouse is equipped with a cutting-edge 18, 000 DPI optical sensor, sophisticated weight CALIBRATION and a real-time center of gravity detection system. A comfortable contoured design, ten programmable buttons, and ultra-durable Omron switches deliver first-rate gaming performance. Two sets of weights and six mounting locations allow you to adjust weight between 115G and 137G With over 100 different configurations. Use Corsair CUE software to enable real-time Smart weight tuning, control dynamic four-zone RGB lighting, create custom macros, and calibrate your mouse to your playing surface. And with onboard profile storage to take your settings with you, nightsword RGB makes for perfectly calibrated gaming anywhere, anytime. Tech Support # 1-888-222-4346 opt #1

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I collect mouses; in particular, Corsair mouses. It absolutely deserves five stars across the board. The negative views are merely petulant, and of the most carping ranks of customer satisfactions - sullen both in outlook and examination.

I mostly play RPG and strategy games, and over an extended period of time it's very comfortable. Good for people who like to palm their mouse, and the way the buttons curve hold your fingers in place helps your hand feel planted. However it is not all that easy to claw like I typically would in FPS games.

The movement is smooth and the lighting looks fantastic. Moving to this mouse from the Dark Core was worth it. If deciding between the two, the dark core may be better if all you do is FPS, but if you do anything else the nightsword is an excellent mouse.

Good palm grip mouse. Button placement is reachable without having to move my hand or adjust my grip to much. RGB lights are customized in 4 zones, and also the dpi lights can be adjusted so really you get 5 areas of lighting adjustment. I haven't used the weights yet so can't comment on that. My only complaint would be the forward back thumb buttons. They have a mushy feel to them which is odd since all the other buttons have a solid feel and click. In comparison I have a razer basilisk mouse and it's forward back thumb buttons have a snappy click to them unlike the Nightsword.

The bottom line is that for a precision mouse, the Nightsword allows one to customize weights such that idiosyncrasies in your hand movement for quick precision adjustment (usually in the context of first-person shooters) can be detected and physically corrected with weight adjustment for better control without compromising good ergonomics with a textured top that especially suits palm grips. If that sort of precision control is not what you are looking for, Corsair markets other mice for different use cases that may appeal more to your tastes.

Corsair markets several mice in their high-tier list: Ironclaw, Glaive, Scimitar, Darkcore, and now the Nightsword. With the exception of the Scimitar, all of these share the same premium end Pixart PMW3391, the company that makes arguably the best mouse sensors on the market and the PMW3391 is one if not the current best for the Pixart gaming line. Between these mice, they have different physical configuration options for different purposes. For those who just need a generic multiuse high-end mouse, you probably want the Glaive for ergonomic reasons or the Darkcore for the wireless charging. For those who need to use a bunch of buttons for macros or system functions, try the Scimitar. But for its use case of dedicated experience perfectionists, the Nightsword paired with the Cue software allows for much more customization for aiming precision while retaining the standard set of normal and macro buttons that are standard in high-end gaming mice. The Nightsword is geared toward those who really want consistent aim adjustment accuracy and are willing to take the time to calibrate the mouse and study the data repeatedly.

My general take on what you should do with this mouse for FPS excellence:
1. Download CUE, install, and run the Nightsword exercises to get the weights down for initial calibration.
2. Go on Steam and download AimLab (Early Access and free for now).
3. Do a couple of the drills. Pay particular attention to the results of Precision and Tracking first.
4. Make weight adjustments to the Nightsword. Consider putting weights to even out your aim, then in opposing pairs.
5. Keep on practicing in Aimbot and making adjustments until you're satisfied with an initial calibration.
6. Then, go frag in your FPS of choice. Come back and redo the exercises every so often to see if your settings need further calibration again.

The Nightsword is not a mouse that I would just plug and play, there are other mice in Corsair's lineup that would suit that style better as mentioned above. The amount of time you spend working out what settings work for you will make the difference between having a personalized profile tailored to your habits or a heavy mouse with pretty lights. But unlike all the others in Corsair's line, this one allows weight customization and better tracking for the best aiming solution that you can make.

I've used several Corsair mice in the past but I've always gone back to my trusty Logitech G900 or G403, even though those are old models now. This mouse has a lot more options than the standard gaming mouse with 2 side buttons and it's really nice if you prefer to use your mouse for special abilities in FPS games. I don't play a lot of MOBAs so I can't provide a lot of feedback on how the buttons work for those, but I can give my opinion on how the mouse feels and what I think of the various options.

Setup is easy, you will need to use iCUE to change colors and set macros and other profiles for the mouse. The program is fine, I don't love it but I really don't love any of the manufacturer apps from Logitech, Razer, or NZXT either. They usually get the job done and I try not to use them too much. Once you get your mouse colors, DPI, and buttons configured, it's ready to go although you can just plug it in and start using it with the preset DPI settings if you want.

The mouse is comfortable to grip, and has a nice coating on the palm area. The mouse wheel also has a rubberized coating and is easy to spin. The side buttons are the main difference on this mouse from the standard gaming mouse. There are 3 additional buttons for your thumb including a larger one towards the bottom. It took me a little while to get used to using the extra buttons, and I kept forgetting they were there at first, still using my keyboard for those actions. It took me maybe a day to get used to them and I do like the added functionality but I'm not sure if I like it. I'll need to keep using this mouse and see if it lures me away from my precious G900. I do like how ergonomic this mouse is, it's very comfortable and I noticed that immediately.

Another feature I wanted to point out are the adjustable weights. You can mix and match weights for up to 120 different combinations which seems excessive but it's nice to have options. Weight can be adjusted from 119g to 141g so there's a weight for almost anyone. If you want an ultralight mouse, this probably isn't the one for you. My daily driver wireless mouse is 107g and you can get a wired final mouse that's just 58g. I do like my mouse a bit on the lighter side, so I put in the 3 lighter weights and it seems fine for me. Even though no weights is heavier than my normal mouse, it felt "right" to add just a little weight, maybe it's the way it's balanced. I do like that this is an option, and it's not just one or 2 weights but 6 different spots for weights and it's a big part of the design of the bottom part of the mouse. Weights are easy to change and come in their own little case.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this mouse and will keep using it to see if I can really start getting into the extra side buttons. I like how it feels, I like the overall quality, and the 18,000 DPI is way more than I need. The optical sensor is very accurate and the overall "feel" of the mouse is nicer than I expected. This isn't a cheap mouse and I think Corsair did a pretty good job creating their own unique style without feeling too different from other gaming mice in the same size and price range.

I ordered this because I was looking for another mouse that I could use for an MMORPG and FPS gaming; and as a current user of a Corsair Glaive Pro and I love it. What drew me to this mouse if the 7 programmable buttons, and I figured that this would be a great option because of all the options.

Function & Design:
I really liked that this mouse was lightweight compared to other mouses that I used, and it also comes with a little case that holds the weights if chosen to install then. Right off the bat I noticed that it was very light, and as a female with medium sized hands I loved the slant that this mouse has. Compared to my glaive pro it does have a deeper slant and it is a little more comfortable. The right and left mouse click buttons I noticed that they are a little more difficult and take more resistance to depress- but that might change with repeated use. I also noticed that these buttons sound a bit more mechanical and clicky than my Glaive pro. The scroll wheel is very tactile and I actually really love it, it is smooth and I like that I can feel the slight clicks as I rotate it. For me personally I like that I am able to feel how many times I am scrolling up or down. I really love the thumb test, it makes it super comfortable to use long term.

While gaming after setting up everything in iCue I noticed that the buttons on the underside of the mouse are a little hard to use, and would most likely be best used for adjusting DPI as most mouses use these keys for. When playing an MMORPG, I personally did not like using buttons 8-9-10. The reason for this is that compared to my Glaive pro, they are softer to click, and for some they may enjoy this but for me they were not distinguishable enough for me to know if i was actually depressing the button and they have a soft click. The other buttons have the same issue and for me I wasn’t a huge fan of this so I ended up going back to my Glaive.

I would say that this would be a fantastic mouse to use for FPS games, but for an MMO where you are really utilizing the buttons I personally did not like this mouse and would go back to my Glaive Pro. It is a great mouse, but some of the small details made it not a great fit for me. I am rating it 4 stars because for MMORPG I don’t like using it. For Fortnite i would rate this 5 stars, because I do actually think that this is more comfortable, lightweight, and fast to use for battles. Overall I would recommend this mouse for FPS games.

I am not a gamer but I have taken to using gaming mice for intense business computer work. My daily mouse is a Logitech G500s which is overall very very good to the point where I have gotten similar Logitech mice for my other PCs and have developed a brand loyalty to logitech for this. However, I was always aware of the Corsair competition and was grateful that Amazon has given me the chance to review this.

After a week of use/evaluation, these are my conclusions.

Basically, i've had no real problems with the mouse. I've found it to track well on the large green hobbymat that i use as a mouse pad and track essentially equally well on the wooden table undeneath. It's comfortable to hand with a nice rounded shape to fit my adult hand well and i like the rubberized scrollwheel which has a nice quality tactile feel when used. The blue corsair light is attractive and does not distract. The secondary button placement is almost identical to that on my G500 though the buttons on the corsair unit are overall larger. For many people (especially gamers) this will be a plus - as I don't use the secondary buttons much, it's not an important consideration for me.

The mouse comes with a weight system. I've had mice before which use similar weight systems. Basically, you put in heavier or lighter weights as you like and then ignore it. The weight thing is mostly a gimmick beyond this, but you do get some neat looking weights to play with on your desk before you forget about the whole thing forever.

To emphasize - this is a largish mouse for an adult hand. But a good one as far as I can see. I'd personally still stick with my logitechs since i've gotten used to them, but if I had started with this first I'm sure I'd be equally happy.

I have become a fan of Corsair's peripherals as of late. I previously used and loved the Corsair Harpoon Gaming Mouse. I got the Nightsword as upgrade to the Harpoon's basic functions. The Nightsword mouse has a total of 10 programmable buttons that can be customized using the the iCue software.

This mouse's main selling points are that it comes with 6 weights that you can use to adjust the weighting and balance of the mouse. I tried every combination of the weights and I was not able to find something comfortable. The iCue software also comes with software that is supposed to help you tune and calibrate the weight of the mouse, but I find the way that it feels out of the box to be the most comfortable.

Configuring the buttons using the iCue software is easy enough. I wish the support website would give clearer instructions, but it is not something that is hard to figure out. The buttons are all placed well enough, but I find that the back and forward thumb buttons could have more of a distinct clicking action. Also I wish the two buttons to the left of the left-mouse button could be just a bit closer to the back of the mouse so that my finger can click them a bit easier. That is a little complaint though. Most people may find those buttons placed well.

The lighting on this mouse is more substantial than the Harpoon. The only part that lights up on the Harpoon is the Corsair logo. On the Nightsword, there are 8 individual lighted areas around the mouse that you can customize via the iCue software.

The mouse also moves around very well. It comes with calibration software in iCue that will optimize the movement of the mouse for whatever surface you normally use. I was surprised to find that the surface calibration is easy to perform and does improve the movement of the mouse. If you find that the mouse is not responding as you like, make sure to give the surface calibration a try.

I like this mouse. I have configured profiles in it for productivity and for gaming, and I find that it works more than well for the games and programs that I use. It is comfortable and customizable in more ways than one.

Most good gaming mice are wired unfortunately, and this is no exception. When it arrived I thought it came with a bunch of cell batteries, the they turned out to be weights. It does not use batteries, so the feature ratings here I left the battery life one blank. All control buttons can be programmed, but although you can switch the mouse click buttons, the design makes this a right handed mouse only. Maybe that's a good thing, my other gaming mouse is symmetrical in design so you can make it a right or a left handed mouse. This is not there is only one definitive thumb position, so it would be a crude hack to try for a left handed control with it. The weight center of gravity thing, I'm not totally sure what the value is over a small speed gain. I do like the weights though, I used a roller mouse for many years for both my PC and Amiga computers, and I like the feeling of weight in my hands.

My big test for this was to use keyboard shortcuts for playing a RTS game type. I was getting a pinched nerve type feeling in my left arm over using it to activate some keys to build structures. In that I used a laptop in a recliner chair, and a wireless mouse. This enabled me to do all with my right hand, and save my left arm from contorting to hit the keyboard combos. The main ones were the escape keys to move the fighting character, and the ones to build structures during battle for defense. It allowed me to play at a higher level of difficulty, and still win. Buttons have a decent feel to them, and the DPI is accurate enough to precisely place the mouse pointer when building or attacking. I like this a lot, maybe one day they will be able to make this quality work with wireless technology as well. Recommended.

Corsair nightsword RGB is excellent as it is very accurate and lightweight. The Corsair nightsword RGB performance tunable gaming mouse is equipped with a cutting-edge 18, 000 DPI optical sensor, sophisticated weight CALIBRATION and a real-time center of gravity detection system. A comfortable design, ten programmable buttons, and ultra-durable Omron switches deliver first-rate gaming performance. Two sets of weights and six mounting locations allow for accurate and a great way to handle the mouse so that it does not hurt the wrist. A great product!

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