Comments about Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse W/Hero 16K Sensor, 140+ Hour with Rechargeable Battery and Lightsync RGB. PowerPlay Compatible, Ambidextrous, 107G+10G Optional, 16, 000 DPI

Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse W/Hero 16K Sensor, 140+ Hour with Rechargeable Battery and Lightsync RGB. PowerPlay Compatible, Ambidextrous, 107G+10G Optional, 16, 000 DPI

The flagship Logitech G903 light speed wireless gaming mouse with next-gen Hero 16K gaming sensor for incredibly precise game play and 10x the battery efficiency of previous generations. Complete with immersive 16. 8M Light Sync RGB, ambidextrous design, and up to 11 buttons. Play on with improved tracking, 10x the power efficiency of previous generation sensors, and up to 140 hours of game play.

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The package wasn’t rapped with any air-cap, thus, the mouse with box inside gets around. This mouse isn’t cheap. Even the mouse I got was fine, it would be much better to rapped with something so the rap can protect the mouse.

As a lefty gamer I was disappointed when Razer decided against making an updated Left Handed Naga MMO mouse, even more so when my original Left handed Naga started failing. Its been a journey finding a suitable replacement and i feel the 903 is just good enough to replace my OG Naga.

My original replacement was the Logitech G300s. Its ambidextrous design and button placement allowed both sets of side buttons to be easily accessible. With 8 buttons available it was “good enough” to replace the 14 buttons on the naga (as I didn’t usually use all of them). The fact that you can get a G300 for $20 was also great. The only real issue I had with G300 is that scroll wheel Doesn’t tilt which is a functionality I used frequently (as that’s equivalent to two more buttons). Between that and issues with the button mapping software and some noticeable lag between clicking a button and things happening on screen had me looking for something better.

The 903, unlike the G300, is pretty expensive. I Happen to find mine on sale 50% off but even $75 for a mouse isn’t exactly a bargain. That said I’ve been very happy with the 903 and consider it worth the money. The Main benefit to the 903 (aside from the nice perks of it being wireless) is that it addresses all of the criticisms of the G300, its scroll wheel has tilting, it still has a similar button layout, the left side buttons are a little harder to reach then the G300 but after some practice and muscle memory its workable. I haven’t noticed any of the lag I had with the G300 and the button mapping software (the same which gave me issues on the G300) has been working flawlessly on the 903.

Overall its not perfect, and certainly not cheap but until such time that Razer restarts production of a lefty Naga this is one of your best bets for a Left handed MMO gaming mouse.

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