Comments about Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad: Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Soft, Cloth Material - Balanced Control & Speed - Non-Slip Rubber Base - Mercury White

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad: Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Soft, Cloth Material - Balanced Control & Speed - Non-Slip Rubber Base - Mercury White

The Razer Goliathus extended Chroma soft gaming mouse Mat is now powered by RAZER Chroma. Featuring multi-color lighting with inter-device color synchronization, the bestselling mat has an optimized supersized micro-textured cloth surface to allow for both speed and control playstyles—providing ultimate precision no matter what game you play. Optimized for all sensors, playstyles and sensitivity settings, you get total tracking responsiveness and performance.

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Even though I bought this by accident, I still decided to try it out. Here's what you might wanna know before buying it, and some pros and cons of it.

From the get-go, you will notice that the mat itself is quality and is perfect if you are using any type of mouse, especially if you plan on using an optical mouse. It has a nice, thick, luxurious feel to it and it even has a little extra flair to with the added Chroma effect that is neatly stitched on the outside of the mousepad. It has (what I would consider) the perfect weight to make it feel light enough to move it when you need too, but not light enough to have it move around when you are using your mouse. The mouse pad itself even offers a cable management feature at the top left where the USB cord starts. For the brief time I had it, the chord posed no real issue and did not interfere with my mouse cord. I could see this mousepad being perfect for anyone who uses a wireless mouse since it would create a wonderful aesthetic. Pairing this with any Razer mouse will give you a feeling of fulfillment. (Wireless or not, It works well.) For $40 USD, you are getting what you pay for, and trust me, when the lights are out in your room, you will understand. However, how does it match up to the Firefly which is roughly $20 more?

I would give this mousepad a 5-star rating if it wasn't for the fact that the Razer Chroma Firefly Mousepad existed. There is a difference between the two, and some argue that the Goliathus Chroma can be better. I mean, if you look, it is $20 less than the Firefly. But Razer is good at two things, one is that it delivers premium products at a slightly more expensive price point that rarely disappoints, and second, it is good at making things that are truly aesthetically pleasing and has a certain "Awe Factor" when someone sees it. The Razer Goliathus Chroma falls short on a few things when compared. One of those things I noticed immediately is that it does not work as well as the Firefly does with synapse. (Program for customizing the lighting effects to your preference) Some effects when used on the Goliathus just don't work well with it at all, whereas the Firefly can almost copy other Razer products perfect for a unison look (Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Hue, Etc.) And don't get me wrong, I would be happy with either, they are both AMAZING looking, but when you compare the lights on the Firefly vs the Goliathus, the Firefly wins. One other con I could think of that doesn't apply to me (More of a pro to me) is that it is a very large mousepad, and if you have a small desk, it might not fit well with your setup.

Here's my conclusion.
Look both mousepads are going to be better than any other just plain mousepad. If you are more a technical person that isn't really interested in having that much flair, get the Goliathus. But if you are trying to make your setup look aesthetic as possible, get the firefly. But keep in mind, both are going to look great, and your not going to be disappointed.

Let's say you want the firefly, but you don't wanna pay $60 for a mousepad. (I get it, I really do.)
I ordered my Firefly used and refurbished for exactly (wait for it) $40! That's the same amount for the Goliathus and you're getting the more expensive version. And I don't know about you, but used mousepads are just pads, you don't have to worry about them just ripping apart.
I would recommend buying a used Firefly or a new Goliathus.

I hope this review helps. ;)

This mousepad is worth every penny. It may be slightly expensive at $60, but you really are getting what you paid for. I got the extended version, which is absoloutley massive. It has room for a full size keyboard and a mouse with room to spare. The mat is made of a nice soft material with the chroma lighting around the sides. My main skepticism was that the threads holding the chroma lighting would be weak, but they are strong and hold the lighting tight against the pad. If you read reviews saying that the pad doesn't lay down flat, please ingore them. The instructions in the box clearly states that you need to give the pad some time to settle and adapt to a flat surface (it comes rolled on a cardboard tube so that it doesn't have creaces). Mine started with a few small spots where it wouldn't lay down, but after a day of sitting they were gone. Other reviews state that the pads soft top is easily torn, but mine is very sturdy and won't come up even if you try to remove it. This mousepad is a great product, with the typical Razer quality that is expected. If you see a bad review, chances are that any problems were caused by peoples own error and inability to read the instructions. This mousepad adds flair to your setup that you really wouldn't expect a simple lighted mat to add. When paired with an RGB keyboard and mouse, it makes for a brilliant light show.

I love this mouse mat. It's huge which is great. It does take up a lot of space so if you only have a small desk then you're going to find this a pain to find a place for.

My biggest annoyance with this mouse mat is the fact it's not compatible with synapse 2.0 so now I have to run 2 programmes for all my Razer products because 2 of my Razer products (headphones and gamepad aren't yet compatible with 3.0) I know this is a minor thing but the chroma colors aren't in sync among all my devices because 2 different programmes are responsible for them. So if you're like me and you want the lighting to be in sync with all your products then you may find this annoying. Of course, once 3.0 is out of beta testing then this will be a none issue as all your Razer products should be compatible... so if you're a razer fan and have several of their products just keep this in mind.

I haven't had the best of luck with razer. After having some not so great experiences with Alienware I decided to try the competition. I've purchased quite a few items from razer and this one is up near the top. The mouse cable loop should be standard on these things. I also have the razer firefly and although I like the form better on the firefly, the function is better on this one. Add a mouse cable loop and a usb port to the firefly and then we can talk.

Love this mouse pad. The soft surface is great and the back side of the pad with it's rubber gripping holds onto the counter surface really well. The lighting is great and being fully programmable is real plus. I saw this pad on UrAvgConsumer YouTube page recommending it and that drove me to make the purchase which I'm glad I did.

Before I address the headline, let me say that this is a very fine, very large mouse mat that is excellent in all respects. The surface material is smooth and well suited to gaming, no problems with aiming whatsoever, the lights work as advertised, there seems to have been an issue with programming the lights before, but in my more recent experience, all it takes is downloading the Razer Synapse software, continuing as a guest (no more login needed), setting it to your preferred configuration, and enjoying the light show.

On to the headline.

The reason that you do NOT want to buy this used is because of the way that the mouse mat is made. The portion of the mat that lights up is similar in material to a glowstick. If it is bended in any sort of unsightly manner, It will be very hard to form it back to a shape that will look appealing on a flat surface. I am in the process of returning my previous purchase.

When it is new, it is carefully rolled up into the box, wrapped around a cardboard cylinder, with a thin film wrapped on top of that so that you don't get a mat that is crinkled up at various points.

When it is used, it's highly likely to have been handled by a dude getting paid minimum who will pass off all those crinkles as acceptable.

Can't blame them, either. I've been there. You may have been, too.

But I can't stand such an aesthetically pleasing mat being marred with edges that will not lie flat, instead having raised bumps all around the borders. Do yourself a favour, and just get this thing brand new. It's a beautiful compliment to any desktop setup. Make sure you have the room for it, too!

This thing is pretty big. Takes up a lot of my desk, but is very nice with my mouse.

My only issue is that the options within Synapse 3 for it are pretty limited to static or breathing or spectrum. Wave would be a great option but it looks like I would have to program that or find someone who already has, which is pretty annoying.

Still, for an extra large desk pad with lights, it's pretty cool. Very little branding on it, which confused me at first.

I wanted to get an extended mousepad to cover the scratchmarks made on my desk over the years, and stumbled upon Razer's Goliathus after purchasing a keyboard and mouse. I'm incredibly impressed by the RGB coloring, and also appreciated the way it was packaged (hard cardboard tube on the inside and surrounded by a plastic adhesive sheath). I was expecting the corners and edges to be a bit flared from the shipment and packaging process, but it rolled completely flat out of the box, and set up was incredibly easy with the Razer Synapse Software. A must buy for anyone who wants to make their work/gaming station just a bit more pleasing to the eyes.

Being a Razer RGB fan boy I had to buy this to complete my Razer setup. Oh boy does this think look and feel awesome. If you have other Razer Chroma items go ahead and spend the money. If you don’t have other Chroma stuff you should probably buy a cheaper option.

My only complaint is this mouse pad is way thinner then my older non-RGB version. So it feels a little cheaper and is much more susceptible to curling/wrinkling. Mine came out of the box with a bad wrinkle on the keyboard side that took 2-3 months to flatten out.

I got my fiance the whole Razer set for Christmas. Mouse, headset, keyboard and headset stand. I will say that this mat is awesome, I am thinking of getting one for myself. Also in case you didn't know if you plug in all three of those things together, they sync their colors. It is pretty cool actually. The mat he says is amazing and he plays a lot of FPS and games where things like to kill you, he said the handling is great and he gets eaten by zombies way less, which is always a good thing right?

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