Reviews Razer DeathAdder Elite - Chroma Enabled RGB Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - World's Most Precise Sensor - Comfortable Grip - The Esports Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite - Chroma Enabled RGB Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - World's Most Precise Sensor - Comfortable Grip - The Esports Gaming Mouse

Equipped with the new eSports-grade optical sensor that has true 16,000 DPI and true tracking at 450 Inches Per Second (IPS), the Razer DeathAdder Elite gives you the absolute advantage of having the fastest sensor in the world. Engineered to redefine the standards of accuracy and speed, this incredible mouse sensor crushes the competition with a Resolution Accuracy of 99.4%, so you can land more killing blows with pinpoint precision.

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-Super comfortable
-The buttons fit my fingers well and allow my fingers to rest in the grooves
-Two buttons near my thumbs
-Grips on the scroll make it easier to use
-Up and down buttons on the mouse so I don't have to go into the program to use it
-Plugging in brings up the program to install it, rather than having to find the install on the website
-Chord is braided rather than rubber/plastic
-Nice matte finish, doesn't get slippery, fairly nice texture

-Thumb button placement makes it hard to reach the first button because of the size of my hand; seems clearly made for larger hands/men
-DPI buttons seem to be in an inconvenient spot; have accidentally bumped during gaming

This is one of the best mice I've ever owned. Its got a great feel and super quick/crisp button clicks. The tracking is extremely smooth and precise. This is a fantastic gaming mouse. The software allows for excellent customization, especially the dpi button ranges. The color changing stuff is neat but that's about it. This mouse is on the larger side so I would consider it a "palm grip" style mouse. I use a "finger tip" style grip so my fingers sit a little further back and intended but it's still easy to use. The chord is coated in a braided type material and is very flexible and also has a tie on it so you can cinch up the extra. The scroll wheel has a satisfying feel and nice grip, its not a fly wheel so its great for selecting individual items not long scrolling.

I would recommend this to anyone willing to pay a little extra for the best.

I just love this mouse.

- Ergonomics. Fantastic shape for my hands. It literally made my arm feel better using it vs the logitech I was using before, this one lets my hand lay flatter vs the logitech which had a hump. Hand size matters, might be to big for people with smaller hands, but it's great for me. I threw out 2 other mice I had because this one is so great. Ergonomics-wise, this is the best mouse I've ever used.
- Clicks and movements are sharp and predictable. It's just feels really solid. It's not exactly a "problem" with other mice but this guy is really refined.
- Side buttons are fantastic as well, just the right size, shape, placement, etc.
- Scroll wheel feels great. I accidentally used an older mouse I had and remembered that it's easy to get them wrong. This guy has it right.

- It's hard to use as a work mouse, because while I can get the lights in the mouse to turn off while using it, when I lock the computer they come back on and it looks silly to be at work with a mouse rotating through pink, green, etc. Perhaps because of the lack of onboard memory?
- There's no wireless version that I could use at work. The Lancer is a different smaller mouse. The mamba is the same size and shape but it requires a large docking station for wireless functionality, whereas I need it to use a tiny usb wireless adapter instead.

Still gave it 5/5 stars because it's so great to have such a well functioning ergonomic mouse available, but I'm thinking of buying a logitech 903 for use at work because of the cons I mentioned above.

For anyone thinking about getting this mouse. Just do it already. The bigger mouse feet on the bottom vs a Deathadder Chroma is extremely noticeable on a nice Steelseries mat. It glides like being on an air hockey table, Which i am sure you've heard in the past and were and disappointed once you got the other mouse. It is for a bigger hand for sure, I rock a large/ XL glove size and my thumb with a palm flat grip still just reaches the mouse 5 button.

The smaller USB is really nice for laptop play if its on your lap, Its not a longer connection so it doesn't put much if any stress on the cord when laying on your lap or other uneven surfaces, which is a HUGE plus because mice in my experience get trashed via that spot easy. bright LED lights are a plus, even more so then the Chroma and Naga (Not speaking on the trinity tho).

Cord is very sturdy and is less temperamental then its previous version, which paired to a bungee and on a nice smooth mat.. this thing is like running butter on a hot skillet.

I have been using Steel Series, Logitech, and other mice for the last 20 years. I had convinced myself that they were perfect, all I ever needed, they got the job done just fine.
As soon as I rested my hand on this mouse something clicked in the back of my mind. The button placement, the tactile feel, the responsiveness, all of these things are things I never knew I was missing before.
The braided USB cord, the fatness of the thumb buttons that sit semi flush and aren't accidentally clicked, even the main mouse buttons are designed in a way that you never have to feel around for them, even the gap between them in front of the mouse wheel has improved my mouse using abilities. The weight is just right as well. That mouse wheel though, oh man. It is inferior to none and raises the bar very high for what other companies should be doing. It has a raised sprocket like rubber pad around it that lets you easily use it for page scrolling.
All and all, this may be the best PC peripheral purchase I have ever made.
Cons: Absolutely Zero

The weapon of choice by default has to be the Deathadder Elite. The movement on the screen is smooth and Its so responsive with its 5G sensor its hard to beat. The ergonomics on this thing is great. I have the Rival 600 and its a good mouse but every time I find myself returning to the Deathadder Elite. The grip is so comfy I just love the way it feels in my hand. The 2 buttons on the side doesn't break my grip and unlike the Rival 600, it doesn't slip. My pinky and ring finger feel comfortable. I use it with my Razer Destructor 2 mouse pad and its like ice. The mouse itself doesn't feel light or heavy, its just right there. When I make a lift move, it feels balanced as well and I know that for a fact because when I pick it up with my thumb and pinky as a balance test, the mouse is balanced. Forget about the reviews that are saying it has a cheap construction. It has a smooth plastic and textured rubber. The right and left buttons are quick with little pressure unlike my Rival 600 where I have to put a little bit more of muscle. The only thing the Razer Deathadder is missing is a sniper button. But you can shift quickly the DPI buttons on top. Get it. Thank me later.

This mouse is a great balance of a gaming and production mouse. The programmable options allow the additional buttons to function specifically for each app. For gaming, the gimmicks of multi button applications is absent here giving you only what you need to maximize your roll outs. For FPS shooters, the thumb buttons are programmed for primary and secondary weapons giving me optimal performance in weapon switching. For production, the thumb buttons are programmed to execute programs I often use in specific software minimizing the need to toggle button combos. The cable for the mouse is long enough to give me mouse travels that I need for different applications without interfering with the mouse travel.

Even though this is a gaming mouse the noise produced does not vary from traditional mouses. Sounds produced by the mouse are acceptable and will not irritate people within the area.

The only "con" would be the sensitivity of the left and right mouse button. All too often I will accidentally click the mouse buttons when my fingers sit lazy on their respective button. In games, I will often fire off a random shot which warns nearby enemies or in production software I will accidentally hit a command. Mouse button discipline is something I learned within the first week of use so the problem is no longer an issue. This is obviously a direct result of using the cheap logitech hardware which requires harder button pushes.

Beautiful mouse. I love the colors. I upgraded from the regular Death Adder (2 button) and it feels great. It's light. The grip pad is noticeably different (in a good way) and the middle mouse buttons are easy to use and find intuitively. This scroll wheel compared to the previous Death Adder has a much more noticeable grip pad and puts an end to over scrolling, while still being able to maintain control.

The middle buttons (6&7) are used for quickly altering your DPI sensitivity out of the gate, but you can keybind to them in a 'hacky' way, just not directly through in-game settings as an actual mouse button, like buttons 4&5. Kind of a bummer, but that is absolutely user error (my fault) that I didn't read thoroughly about the product before I bought. Even so, I like the changes and scroll action difference enough to keep it and not send it back.


FYI, keybind workaround, all you have to do to make them keybind is simply go to the Synapse app and click on the button and change it from a sensativity button to a keyboard function, then type in whatever keyboard button you want. Naturally, it's best to use keys you normally don't use for games, for example, I used (Backquote (`) for button 6 and Number pad period (.) for number 7) and all is well with the world.

Seriously... BEST MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Microsoft Comfort 6000 mouse stopped working and I was initially distraught that it was discontinued with no full size mouse replacement available.

This DeathAdder Elite is quite the worthy replacement! I didn't install the Razer mouse software and just using Windows 10 built-in capabilities. The forward/back buttons work as expected. Very nice to have the increase/decrease resolution buttons for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments.

While I love everything about it, the click wheel may be the best part of this mouse! Nubbed texture guarantees grip and it's got a satisfying click wheel- it's not a free flowing annoying wheel like on other mice I've used. The nubs make it easy to do a middle-button click without losing scroll position.

I had been using a Deathadder 3.5G for about six years so my opinions are mostly going to be based around the comparison between the two (for anyone thinking of upgrading). As far as I have heard, the Deathadder 2013 was the first iteration to change the texture of the mouse's plastic and added rubber grips where your thumb and pinky finger would rest. I believe every version older than that was made up a rubberized plastic on the top and glossy plastic on the sides and mouse 4/5. While the ergonomics have not really changed (that's a good thing) the biggest improvement is that the entire mouse now has the textured plastic rather than the slick and glossy plastic finish on the sides of the pre-2013 Deathadders.

As for the mouse, in general, it is extremely comfortable to use although it does feel a tad bit long (which is the only problem I have with the Deathadder mice). I use this mouse on a Razer Vespula pad and find there is not much room to move vertically with length of the mouse as it is without the back of it hitting the wrist rest. Not too much of a problem seeing as how most people won't need to move their mouse too much but if you plan on utilizing the lower DPI settings, you may want to use this mouse on a larger pad or surface area so you don't have to keep picking your mouse up to adjust it so that it doesn't go off of your pad. A small complaint, but something to be aware of if you use a small pad.

I don't have the biggest hands. I would say mine are on the higher end of small to about medium size but this mouse fits my hand perfectly although my ring and pinky finger tend to cramp up after hours of use. This likely won't be an issue for anyone that doesn't use their mouse almost all day every day and it is likely just my own problem but I think it's important I recognize even the slightest things about a product you will spend about 60-70 dollars on.

The lighting is par for the course with Razer products. I don't see any issue with any off colors in the lighting although that shouldn't matter too much seeing as how your hand will cover all lighting on the mouse anyway when you use it.

Each mouse button feels good to the press. My right click has a noticeably softer right click, although it still has a nice tactile feedback. Left click feels much more "clicky" in comparison to the more mushy clicking sound of the right click. The scroll wheel has a nice bumpy feel to it and has nice grip. Clicking it does not feel as though you need to really push down hard to click it but has enough resistance to not accidentally click.

Overall, this is a great mouse in comparison to the older Deathadder mice. While you will likely never utilize the insane 16,000 DPI (not sure why companies keep trying to raise the DPI any further than 4,000 or 5,000 since most gamers will usually stay below 2400) and the sensitivity changing buttons below the scroll wheel are rarely used (by me) but those remain out of the way and you hardly notice they are there most of the time, although if you were to use them, it may be a bit uncomfortable to have to adjust your grip and curl your finger in considerably to hit them. This mouse feels incredible to use and the placement of each button makes sense. You shouldn't have to use the sensitivity buttons constantly and the mouse 4 and 5 are large, easy to press and have a nice texture. If you are thinking of getting this mouse, I don't see any serious reason to decide against this choice unless you are tight on cash.

Update: After about two months with this mouse, I found the grip on the thumb rest came loose, likely from me gripping it tightly and it sliding off over time. It's strange to think it would come off that easily but I thought I'd try and just fix it myself by putting super glue under it to hold it for sure. I screwed that up though and the grip seemed to suddenly be too big to fit in the space it was meant for so I had to buy a new one since it would have been void for warranty. I'm not sure if the adhesive is really bad or I just fiddled with it too much on my previous one but I wouldn't suggest keeping a very tight grip on it to ensure the grip stays on longer.

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