Reviews Razer Mamba Rechargeable Wireless PC Gaming Mouse (2012)

Razer Mamba Rechargeable Wireless PC Gaming Mouse (2012)
It has up to 200 inches per second/ 50g acceleration
It has multi-color lighting
It has 4G Dual Sensor System
It has Gaming-Grade wireless technology
It has improved battery life and charging dock
Gaming-Grade Wireless Technology
4G Dual Sensor System

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I've been using a wired razer deathadder for the past 5-6 years and it's the most comfortable gaming mouse ever imo. I wanted to try going wireless, not that it's a big deal, the cable hardly ever gets in the way, but alas I thought I would try the mamba since it has good reviews. A quick summary of my experience and why I returned it


- good scroll wheel, similar design to deathadder which has the best scrollwheel ever imo

- nice charging stand


- for some reason razer added these strange sharp edges on both left and right sides of the mouse. you can feel them whenever you old the mouse. why they changed the smooth surface as found on the deathadder and went with this is design is strange, but if you're coming from a mouse that is smooth all around with curves, yo will instantly feel these edges.

- the 2 small buttons on the left mouse click were very flimsy and weren't flush with the rest of the mouse. meaning if you slide your index finger which sits on left mouse over them, you will feel the sharp edges of those small buttons because they stick out a little. Not something I expected from razer on a quality mouse

- a little on the heavy side but it's a wireless mouse with an internal battery so that's to be expected. I could live with the added weight if the above 2 problems didn't exist.

Overall, not a bad mouse, but mice are subjective as we all have different shaped hands so get whichever works best for you. 6 years on and I still haven't been able to find a replacement that is as comfortable and well made as the deathadder and I've tried some of the best mice like the mamba, g900, g502, etc.

warning the battery on some off the older Razers are defective and can explode or do what mine did blow up like a balloon and it got stuck in the mouse, I had to use a butter knife to get it out. Razer is awar of the problem. Other then the battery problem this is a great gaming mouse I have not had any problems with it except for the battery. works great both as a wireless and wired mouse. it fits comfortably in my handI do recommend this mouse great buy just keep an eye on the battery.

When I first got Razor's Mamba it had everything I wanted. Extra programmable buttons for gaming/Photoshop/Unity and it was wireless (because I'm not exactly the greatest at cable management outside of my pc build). The mouse feels great in the hand when using it for whatever task going on, the scroll wheel has a lot of surface and has a tactile motion that is perfect to me, not to stiff and not too lose. At the end of the day, I'm a big fan of this mouse.

However, after a couple weeks the battery went bad. The Li-ion battery started swelling, so I took the battery out and this mouse has been in corded mode since. Now I know that I could have easily gotten a replacement battery from Razer, but coming from a corded mouse prior it wasn't a big deal. Do I regret buy the mouse even though it's missing one feature I purchased it for? No, it's a great mouse and wired or not it works flawlessly.

I've tried a good deal of (wired and wireless) mice over the years and I keep going back to the 2012 Mamba. I am however about to try Logitech's MX Master wireless mouse and from what I've seen and heard about it; it's a pretty perfect wireless mouse, more so than it's predecessor the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX. I'll write a review on the MX Master once I get it in and spend some time with it.

I like the how it looks, and feels on the hand however, I wouldn't say this a true-wireless device.

YOU NEED TO HAVE THE CHARGING DOCK CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTER IN ORDER FOR IT TO FUNCTION AS A WIRELESS DEVICE. so basically the charging station is the "USB-dongle". Also even when it is "wireless", the battery is apparently short lasting, and makes for a unwanted experience. Not bad for primarily stationary/ home use, but for traveling I can see it being a slight burden. For traveling, you'd be better off just taking the USB connector to use as a plugged in mouse instead of having to bring along the dock on top of the USB cord.

I personally was not aware of it not being a bluetooth or usb-dongle operated unit prior to the purchase. Seeing how it was clearly marketed as "wireless" and especially with the $120 MSRP (I paid $50 smth) I thought it would be a simple connect dongle or Bluetooth, and go operation. just slightly disappointed in that regards, but I am going to keep the product.

Apparently the Razer Orochi, which is a bluetooth/ slightly smaller verison of the Mamba is even worse based on some feedback from a number of forums I dug through. (freezes every 3 secs to conserve battery...clearly not for gaming) So after having read a number of comments as such, I think I made the better decision.

Hopefully my review helps someone looking to purchase this product. It'd be better if my words reached the reader prior to their purchase of this device so that one may make a better decision based on the facts.

Caught this when it was 93$ Price goes up and down who knows why. I'll list pros and cons.

- Cool factor, lights up nice, docking station and mouse wheel
- You can change colors to any color you like and the brightness
- Wireless and Wired capabilities
- Feels great
- 7 programmable buttons which can be useful

- Not sure if I'm doing it right, but whenever I go from wired to wireless or vice versa, I need to turn the mouse off/on? for it to register and work? Not sure but it happened once and couldnt get it to sync so had to use wired mode. Maybe my fault in my end, just reboot pc and it was fine after that.
- Not really a con but I would have liked the razer logo to glow as well on the mouse, other editions such as the deathadder and abyss do why not this top tier MORE Expensive mouse?!
- Heres the biggest con for me of all, while I'm really not mouse savey or all about sensitivity DPI, I can calibrate that with my liking but its the input that I felt from this mouse was lacking. Now I'm not talking about mouse movement thats fantastic, but I mean the input from pressing down the buttons and mouse wheel. While the main left and right clicks are easily pushed down with a statisfying click, the mouse wheel is a bit harder to click down.

Let me explain, I usually test my mouse in a game called Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast online, which calls for fast mouse clicks and precision. The movement I get is fine in this game but input from mouse wheel button is slow, lacking, and doesnt register fast enough to click down several times over. I noticed a huge slowdown from this mouse from my previous logitech mouse(nothing fancy, stock wireless logitech mouse) Because this game requires you to push down several buttons at once to perform attacks and switching to do combos i feel my mouse cant keep up with me. Like I am faster than what my mouse can output. (Again not movement sensitivty just button registry from mouse). Keep in mind I'm pairing this with a black widow ultimate keyboard, and razer goliath mouse pad which is ideal ;)

Perhaps I need to just break this mouse in a bit more, and the wheel click so I will keep an eye on how it does.

Definitely not as easy/fast/fluid mwheel click down though.

I chose this mouse because razer makes top quality gaming mice and I know what to look for in quality mice. I originally bought this for gaming and to be honest the 6400 dpi is a huge fancy number to make you think its amazing and super necessary. You won't ever have the sensitivity up that high, I max mine at 3000 at the very max.

That being said I use it for gaming, I use it for graphic design with adobe illustrator and here are some of the best things I like about it followed by some (very few) cons.

- Wireless capabilities
- Comfortable
- Razers drivers are some of the best and easiest to use
- You don't need a mousepad. This mouse works on virtually every surface (don't be dumb it won't work on carpets effectively), I use it on a semi-reflective desk, haven't once thought "I need a mouse pad"
- Changes colors (OOOOOoooOO Pretty)
- Convenient charging station

- If you have your main setup in your room, then you might not want to charge it over night. I first started using it wirelessly and let it charge over night the chances are high that it will illuminate your room due to the light indicating that it's charging being so bright. Literally, I was unable to sleep with it charging and I have not figured out a way to turn the light off while its charging.
- 6400 DPI is just a big fancy number. DPI means Dots Per Inch, basically at such a high dpi it makes the mouse virtually unusable due to it being overly sensitive. You can change what you want the sensitivity and pulling rate to be in the drivers but don't buy it because it says 6400!
- Color Wheel lighting settings. You can choose the color to illuminate your mouse, but honestly you won't get more in depth other than the basic colors you expect regardless of the color wheel.

That being said I've had this mouse for 2-3 years, it has not failed me once. I see a lot of people giving it a 1 star saying theres seriously problems with the mouse. I will always give honest reviews because I want to find out if its worth spending the money. I can say with 100% certainty that I have NEVER once had an issue with this mouse.

I enjoy the precision of Razer gaming mice, but for my current desk setup I really wanted a clean, cordless look. The issue in the past has been that wireless mice are heavy because of the batteries, and speaking of batteries you have to mess around with them dying and buying new ones etc. What a pain.

With this new mouse it has a lightweight, slim battery and the mouse can be charged using a stylish base station.It seems that there are no compromises in performance either, it glides effortlessly across the desk and is as responsive as its corded version.

If you use the mouse about 8 hours a day you'll want to throw it on the charger after you're done so that you aren't interrupted halfway through the next day.

I bought this for my husband, he was struggling playing games with just a small wireless 2 button mouse. It comes in a case that makes it look like a museum piece, very cool. He is happy with how it fits in his hand and is very pleased with the amount of side buttons. You can leave it charge on the little charger and use it as a wireless mouse or plug the charger into the mouse and use it as a corded mouse. The charger and the roller cycle through colors as it charges. He is very pleased.

I bought this 'new, open box', so I got a good price on it. It is a good mouse, but not perfect, and definitely overpriced if you pay full.

The mouse is pretty comfortable, but does not feel very solid. You have to use a USB attached wireless receiver and charging stand as this mouse doesn't have Bluetooth. Why couldn't they use a tiny wireless device like Logitech's Unity??? I find it annoying to have to use the wireless receiver stand, so I just use this mouse wired all the time. As a wired mouse it works but then becomes even more overpriced. It is comfortable, but not as comfortable as most of the Logitech mice available. This mouse does not come with a pouch like many of Razer's mice, you have to buy a pouch for something like $35 off the Razer site, which is like paying to get raped. I really want a pouch too, as this mouse feels rather flimsy and light. The battery life is a let down, if you play for several hours on a weekend you can easily kill the battery. You can turn off the light and change some other options to squeeze more hours of operation out of it, but it shouldn't be necessary. My other Logitech wireless mouse has a battery that lasts OVER THREE YEARS of everyday use (but its not a gaming mouse, but still great), this mouse lasts 7-10 hours on a charge...

If I could go back in time I would prolly buy Logitech's wireless gaming mouse as it is more mobile and comfortable than this one, and has much better battery life.

Just my opinion...

Just to list some quick downsides to the mouse:
The battery only lasts around 7-8 hours constant use, which means on weekends when I have a long gaming session I have to use the cord, which is kind of stiff and annoying to have attached.
The lighting on both stand and mouse are great with some colors, but horrible with others like yellow.
You need a separate software from the normal Synapse to use with this mouse.
The DPI will reset to a preset value when you restart the computer, so if you're like me and tweak the DPI in the software to something that isn't a preset, you'll have to either redo the setting every bootup or change the settings whenever you decide you like X DPI better.
The slick plastic areas on the sides show grime very easily and I have to wipe them down every other week.
I've heard that the non-slick plastic on top of the mouse starts to wear off pretty badly later, so we'll see what happens.
When you go from wired to wireless configs sometimes the stand won't connect to the mouse and you'll have to unplug/replug the stand in.
And of course there are lot's of nightmare stories about getting defect products or quick failing products and Razer consumer service being bad/slow. I've never had to use CS despite owning a blackwidow for almost 2 years and now this for 2 months.

None of those are big dealbreakers, however, and this is a very slick looking mouse with great DPI range, great wireless mode, and responsive buttons. This is also one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used. I switched to this from my RAT7, which was having trouble every now and then with responsiveness. I've only had it for a couple months but love it so far. Will update if any huge issues crop up, otherwise I recommend this product. You are paying mostly for the looks, but it is also a great gaming product.

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Become the most lethal competitor in the tournament with the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition (RZ01-01370100). The ergonomically designed gaming mouse features 50 G acceleration, 1 ms response timing and nine independently programmable buttons with a tilt-click scroll wheel. Complete with Razer's
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