Reviews SteelSeries Rival 300, Optical Gaming Mouse - Gunmetal Grey

SteelSeries Rival 300, Optical Gaming Mouse - Gunmetal Grey

The Rival 300 brings together unmatched performance, an all-new design, and high levels of customization to make it the ultimate professional-grade, right-handed mouse. This mouse offers cutting-edge features including an optical sensor with zero acceleration, new long-lasting SteelSeries switches (> 30 million clicks), and ideal ergonomics for enhanced comfort. The ergonomic grip is accentuated by the injection molded rubber side grips and intuitive, ergonomic button placement. Rival can be customized through a host of features including response time, adjustable buttons, dual lighting zones, our ExactTech settings, and a 3D printable nameplate. Rival surpasses the competition in performance, features and value.

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Long story short: the Rival 700 I bought prior to this had its left click crap out on me. I went back to the original, 1st Edition Rival (which is now called Rival 300, and the main difference is that the side rubbers are actually not peeling off unlike the 1st Edition) while I searched for something not of the SteelSeries brand because I thought I've had enough and I didn't want to deal with the problems they seem to have with all of their hardware.
Call me naive, call me impulsive, call me an idiot, anything you want! but, upon seeing how my beat-up 1st Edition Rival was still performing great after over 2 years of use and almost no side rubbers left on it, I thought to myself: "if the Rival 300 is a rebranded Rival, which I'm currently using, I can probably expect the same sturdiness to it than what I have now. And *maybe* even better rubber. Why not give SteelSeries another chance?"
A few days later, the 300 arrives. 2 months later, I write this review as a sort of acknowledgement that I completely lost to myself. This mouse really is everything I thought it would be and my naive, impulsive idiot self was right.

This an amazing minimalist gaming mouse. Perfect for people with big palms and long fingers. For a hardcore gamer of 14 years this mouse is beyond adequate for high level performance.

I have found the only mouse close enough to this is the razer Deatheradder but without the weight that this mouse carries.

I have used the following gaming mice:
-Corsair M60
CONS: wide but not long enough. Not enough dpi control.
PROS: Wide base allows for comfortable finger position.

-Razer Deathadder
PROS: Perfect size, solid Dpi control,
CONS: Not heavy enough

-Steelseries Rival 500
CONS: fingertips in claw position sit past the mouse clicks and thumb is too long for side button positioning. Dpi settings only accept whole round numbers I. E. 500 dpi not 550dpi.
PROS: Has lots of buttons and solid weight.

The Rival 300 is by far the most comfortable mouse of all I have tried in the past.

PICTURE: Rival 500 (Left) Rival 300 (center) and my. Huge hand for comparison.

I use this mouse along with a logitech MX master which I use for more productive tasks such as excel and adobe-word documents. The steelseries mouse is great for games with accurate clicking and motion tracking while being very light. It's great for casual browsing and computer usage as well due to it's lightness and ergonomic shape which reduces fatigue. I was developing ulnar tunnel but have since solved my problems after investing in ergonomic mice and an extended mouse mat that I use as an arm rest on my L desk.

Phenomenal mouse,great build, and the software is super simple without any of the signing in crap that Razer has been pushing. Plus it stores all the settings into memory on the mouse if you want to use it on another computer!

My only complaint is the LEDs don't allow low brightness. They can be very bright, bright, or off, but nothing less. Ended up turning off the logo off and just leaving the wheel light.

Bought as a refurbished mouse and it was practically new and came in a like 3 days with no issues. As for the mouse it is exactly what I want but my only complaint was the fact that with default settings it is pre-programmed with 2 cpi modes, unfortunately i dont know what CPI exactly but the stock is normal/high-ish and the second is extremely slow. Overall an amazing mouse for those with large hands and want a heavier mouse. ALSO EXTREMLY CUSTOMIZABLE FOR yourself also the hyper beast in particular contracts the lowest amount of dust and grease thankfully.

Simple, sturdy and has better drivers for Windows and Mac than Razer and certainly better drivers than Corsair (their drivers are so bad I can't believe they've been involved with PC hardware manufacture for so long!). SteelSeries has solid mice and drivers that just work. I don't think I'll be getting anything from Razer again any time soon–their last really good mouse with that Boomslang.

Love this as it is traditional mouse shape but with advanced tracking of a gaming style mouse. This is my 3rd Steel Series. I recommend this as a good value for a professional quality mouse.

I was a little concerned at first because it was significantly larger than I was expecting; I have fairly small hands, and was concerned that this would be a mistake. However, the shape of the mouse was perfect, extremely comfortable, and it played very smoothly (though it took some getting used to and some settings adjustment to deal with having so much more dpi than I was used to). The only thing I might change if I were to buy it again would be to get black instead of gunmetal. The gunmetal doesn't have quite the clean look I would have liked.

Ability to Change Colors and cycle colors (even at very fast speeds)
Very Little (if any) Mouse Lag
Button to toggle CPI/DPI between two presets— Ranges from 50 to 6500
Adjustable Acceleration/Deceleration
Adjustable Hertz Rate
The Ability to set multiple Configs, including ones that change based on the App/Game you're in
Comes with a Macro editor
8 Bindable Buttons

You get what you pay for...would buy again

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The Rival 300 brings together unmatched performance, an all-new design, and high levels of customization to make it the ultimate professional-grade, right-handed mouse. This mouse offers cutting-edge features including an optical sensor with zero acceleration, new long-lasting SteelSeries switches
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