Reviews MSI Computer DS200 1 X Wheel USB Wired Mouse, Black/Red (S12-0401170-EB5)

MSI Computer DS200 1 X Wheel USB Wired Mouse, Black/Red (S12-0401170-EB5)

Gaming grade Optical sensor - High speed motion detection at 37IPS and acceleration up to 15G - resolution up to 1,600 - frame rate up to 4,000FPS ergonomic design DS B1 ergonomic design to enhance the comfort of the user while using mouse and to help prevent serious injury from long-term daily computer use. Anti-slip surface featuring side anti-slip grips, ensure the prefect grip and you never loss of mouse control again. DS501 weight system DS B1 comes with eight 2 gram weights to suit variety of games. Customize the perfect weight for a perfect feel. Gold-plated connector gold-plated USB connector with rubber sheathed cable.

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MSI is not exactly known in the gaming peripheral world, but I was willing to take the risk seeing as the price, looks, and features were too appealing to pass up. Now that I have it right here in front of me, I see that my initial judgement was spot on. The mouse is a well-built machine with an excellent fit and finish. The texture is a rubber-grip, matte type finish that feels solid and comfortable. The lights are the perfect brightness and the software included to change the color and assign buttons works well in tandem. The weight is adjustable, giving me the perfect amount of wiggle room in terms of picking my weight for FPS or MMO applications. The mouse is just solid and works like a great gaming mouse should. Speed, looks, bells and whistles: they're all there.
I would recommend this mouse to anyone not wanting to buy a Razer and save about $30-$40.
(Note: I have HUGE hands! This mouse is perfect for those not able to find gaming mice big enough for them to feel comfortable with. Those with small or normal hands may feel that this mouse is too big, You have been warned.)

This mouse is very sturdily built. I didn’t like the price range, but got it anyway and am very pleased. I’m going to have to turn up the sensitivity, the box says 18000 DPI. But I’m only experiencing around 4-7000. Once I adjust the mouse I’ll update my review if it doesn’t change.

Other than small DPI issues the mouse is fantastic, has a great ergonomic design, and has a great feel when using it. This only warning is that it is a very long mouse. So if you have small hands, unlike myself I would not Recommend this mouse.

I've purchased 4 of these over the last few years. My original build used this mouse, and after 5 years I finally replaced it. It still works at 95%, but the middle mouse button now clicks 2-6 times per press, which ruins my game bindings. I still have that as a backup and simply bought a new one. There are very few mice on the market that can provide this kind of quality and feel at this price point. The surface feels almost like powder-coated metal, and the buttons are all medium-effort and sturdy-sounding when clicked. Programmable button mapping, LED lighting, and DPI settings with included software make this little thing a powerhouse of a basic gaming mouse. It is great for people with average to small hands, and it's laid out in a way that prevents accidental activation of the side/top buttons.

If you want a mouse with 2-4 extra programmable buttons, nice back-lighting, and a really quality build for a good price, look no further. I rarely freak out over input devices, but this mouse has really held up to some brutal usage demands. As such, I will buy them until they stop making them (and will probably stock up when they do!).

Update 9-27-15. Still a great mouse , had a casting burr on the scroll wheel that caused the wheel to drag ever so slightly scrolling forward but I opened up the mouse and sanded down the spindle on the scroll wheel, and now it's perfect. Scroll wheel detents are a little light for my tastes, but it works. Everything else still applies.
Just got it yesterday. Comes with everything you need to customize the heck out of it. The colors are sweet. You can have all of your zones (3 of them) different colors, adjust brightness, and strobe speed. You can map various keys and commands to the multiple buttons. Tracking and dip are adjustable, button tension is great, and the software is easy to use. It looks good, feels good, and works well. I will follow up review in 6 months.

The mouse is amazing. Can adjust the sides and top. The second included top insert is for bigger hands with a higher bump at the end (I used this one because I have big hands). The battery life is decent (can last for about a week with a lot of use). The wireless dongle is really small basically a small USB insert. I use the mouse on a msi sistorm mousepad and on a msi gs73vr and it really completes the setup. Wish they made a wireless gaming keyboard to go with it. Works great for gaming and buttons can be reprogamed easily.

The only complaint I have is that the software is kinda funky but not to bad.

-Packs easily and neatly for a wired mouse.
-Looks great when plugged in, still looks neat when not plugged in.
-Feels nice with the addition of a thumb rest was able to adapt to it within a hour
-Doesn't overwhelm you with the addition buttons and said buttons don't get in the way when using the mouse
-Adjustable weight and adjustable DPI
-The mouse wheel started to squeak and sometimes becomes hard to scroll with when scrolling down within a month of use, don't know if its a problem with this mouse or if its a problem with all the mouses. Pretty annoying to deal with.
-If you like to rest your thumb on the thumb rest like I do, it can take a bit of time to reach three of the 4 additional buttons, and considering this is a gaming mouse, even the few seconds it takes for you to move your thumb up to click something can screw you over.

Purchased this mouse to go with MSI laptop. Already have a G400s (which is awesome) that goes with a desktop. I have to say the DS100 is not too shabby in comparison, definitely in line with where it should be for 60% of the price. I have to say that one of the primary reasons I gave this mouse a look was because of the attention to detail that apparently went into my MSI GP60 laptop. Everything on the laptop works very well and is very cost effective. In particular I liked the SteelSeries tactile feedback keyboard on it. If MSI built a mouse that had the same practical/sporty feel, I knew I'd be sold, and so I was. My initial impression was that it was a rather cheap mouse, and I didn't get much of a deal, but that eventually changed with use.

-Textured coating on the top surfaces of mouse have a nice feel.
-Pleasant color options (Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Teal/Purple) all look good.
-Good tracking with none of the lag issues some other users have run into.
-Good software (had a slight hiccup on install, showed "program not responding" but installed correctly after a couple minutes)
-Looks nice next to an MSI laptop :) A touch of sexy without crossing the line into embarrassing gamey gaudiness.
-Braided cord is a good length and stays out of the way better than the standard rubber cord on the G400s.
-Lift off distance (how far you have to pick the mouse up before it stops tracking) is excellent. I'd say it is somewhere in the range of 1.5 CD widths, roughly half of the G400s.
-The mouse wheel is grooved with a rubber coating and there is a very subtle click with each notch as you scroll. This is the attention to the little things I was hoping for.

On the Fence:
-The low profile of the mouse feels sporty but I find the bottom of my thumb just grazing the mousepad because there simply isn't much room below the thumb buttons.
-Ergonomics. Both buttons are slightly grooved instead of flat. I think I'd actually prefer slightly convex to concave, but it's fine. No crampy issues or anything like that, but the mouse doesn't scream "comfort" so much as "sporty" and I think it favors palm grippers over fingertip grippers like myself.
-There is minimal texture on the sides of the mouse. No issues gripping/picking up mouse, but some will want more.

-It is a laser mouse which means there is supposedly a little more interpolation/inaccuracy relative to a good optical mouse. Having used the G400s, I can say that internet connection and fatigue are far larger factors. I haven't noticed much if any difference.
-If you leave the LED on, the mouse surface heats up slightly, causing sweaty palms. Leaving the LED off fixes issue.
-The mouse is surprisingly heavy for such average-sized mouse and quite tail-heavy. When I purchased I was hoping the 130+gram weight included the cord...not so. If this mouse were about 80g (like a G100s) and kept all its features, I would probably rate it over the G400s. As it is it is this is still a very minor gripe.

In Summary:
I don't foresee having any issues with this mouse after a few weeks of heavy use. While there is a TON of competition at the $25-30 range, I have no regrets with this purchase.

Excellent build quality. Has a rubberized finish, so you don't get that sweaty feeling you get with a cheap plastic finish. Customization options in the included software are robust, and you don't have to keep the software running in the background for the customizations to continue working (big plus for me). Even with the weights, it's still a light mouse with all plastic construction, but I find this a good thing. With a few weights in the mouse, it's heavy enough to not slide around too easily, yet light enough for feathery movement. The style is a bit gamer-ish, but not so gaudy that I'm confusing it with a Transformer. You can also turn the lights off to have more of a normal looking mouse.

Do take note, however -- this is a pretty beefy mouse. Recommended for medium to large hands. The design of the mouse is also preferred for palm grippers, not claw grippers. All in all, excellent mouse with a couple of extra buttons than normal for mapping in games.

One last note -- some people are complaining that the colors on the scroll wheel are permanently set, and don't jive with the color of the computer system they built. This is half-true. However, out of the 5 colors offered, you can adjust the DPI settings of that particular profile. So, for me personally, the DPI settings the red profile were too high for me to use it efficiently, and lowering to a different color profile with a lower DPI, like a blue profile, doesn't jive with my system. So I adjusted the DPI settings on the red profile, and viola.

So far so good. Feels good in my hand. Very lightweight and the DPI switch works very well. Although I would've liked some software to tweak those DPI adjustments myself. The scroll wheel is good and has a nice resistance to it. The left and right clicks are a bit "lighter" feeling than my G602, but I've grown accustomed to it. The grips on the side are not rubber panels, but rather a part of the body with a glossy black finish and "dragon scale" texturing. So that immediately gets rid of my annoyance with certain mice having rubber panels that eventually peel off with normal use. Overall, if you need a basic, inexpensive optical gaming mouse, why not give the Clutch GM10 a try.

Before I had used other mouse like Microsoft and logitech so I try to maintain that good habit of using quality hardware. But being honest I bought the mouse to match my laptop.
I like that you can configure the porpoises with the functions that you like. (Many options to choose from to assign a button)
You can also set the intensity of the mouse illumination, or choose between effects like respite or things like that.
Very aggressive design, comfortable and with the typical characteristics of the brand.
It is optional to use the weights inside the mouse, I personally use them all. It seems more comfortable to me.
In short, very satisfied with the purchase and with the seller, quite fast delivery.

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