Reviews Gaming Mouse MARVO 7 Color LED Backlit Laptop Mouse 2400 DPI 6 Button USB Wired Computer PC Mouse Gamer Mouse LED Backlight USB Mice Fit PC/Laptops/Computer, Ergonomic Design

Gaming Mouse MARVO 7 Color LED Backlit Laptop Mouse 2400 DPI 6 Button USB Wired Computer PC Mouse Gamer Mouse LED Backlight USB Mice Fit PC/Laptops/Computer, Ergonomic Design
Gaming Mouse: Wired gaming mouse, 7 colors backlight with breathing effect, Unique backlit tribal design is perfectly for any working/gaming place especially at night time.
4-step DPI Adjustment Gamer Mouse: Press DPI key to adjust DPI, 4 different DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400; give you the perfect range of sensitivity and smooth cursor control for different use scenarios. Bring impressive visual impact. Optical computer mouse with 6 buttons and on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment.
Ergonomic Design Mouse: Comfortable and stable grip mice, reduce fatigue from long time playing; Right handed ergonomic mouse shape, comfortable to operate. No-driver needed.
Simple to Use the Computer Gaming Mouse–just “plug and play”. No additional software or firmware required; Fit for Windows 7 or newer.
Warranty of Gaming Mice: We offer 12 months manufacturer warranty, so please kindly contact us if you have any quality issue, it is free to resend new one to you.

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I decided to try this mouse after having tons of trouble with my old mouse. My overall opinion is very high for this mouse, it only cost a fraction of what name brands cost. The tracking is smooth, no annoying drivers that fail, simple "plug-and-play". For the price, you can't beat it. It looks really cool with the spectrum LEDs. Keep reading to see my breakdown.

The Mouse:
It's very well built and light weight. It has a soft touch feel on the top and it is perfect size for larger adult hands. It has braided nylon cable so there's no worry about the cable breaking. It has a 7 color LED backlight that has a spectrum effect and changes. You can dim the lighting by holding the DPI button down.

There's 6 buttons total, right click, left click, middle mouse button, DPI switch, thumb forward, thumb backwards, and of course the scroll wheel. Each button is extremely responsive, especially the DPI switch. I mostly play Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, and I have no issues. Switching from 800DPI to 1600DPI is super easy so when I need to change for using a sniper. The DPI settings are 800-1200-1600-2400 which gives you good range for whatever gaming you might be into.

The mouse comes in a retail package, no spelling errors on the box or any indication that this is some poor quality aftermarket mouse. The mouse was wrapped in plastic and came with direction (although you don't need them) and a warrant card.

I've never owned a gaming mouse. Up until I bought this one I was just going through cheap wireless mice I'd get at Five Below. I've only been using this new one for about an hour and I can already feel the difference. It's ergonomic so my hands molds on top of it, maximizing comfort and ease of movement. The buttons are all ideally placed the wheel scrolls smoothly. One of the things I really like about the M215 is the 7 color backlight. I was already digging the tribal design of the mouse and liked it even more once I plugged it in and it started rotating through the colors. Who doesn't like a color changing mouse? The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the fact that it is a wired mouse as I prefer wireless ones. But so far I I like everything else about it!
**I was provided a discounted product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed as my own.

I want to start off by saying that I tried this mouse as part of a promotional review, which almost makes me feel bad because I would have paid more than the <$20 price tag. We are a gamer household and have purchased some high-end mouses (ex. Razor Naga) in our day. This mouse can definitely hang with it’s more expensive competitors but at 1/5 the cost. It’s ergonomically designed with a good hand-feel. The mouse feels substantial and looks really cool with the LED lights. It also has a braided cord for added cable protection, which is pretty standard among the higher-end options. I highly recommend this mouse, promo or not.

Decent mouse for the price.
It gradually changes colors over time at all times (unsure if this can be adjusted or not).
Definitely lighter than some other mouses. I prefer mine with a little weight to it.
Forward and back buttons on the side have a cheap clicky feeling to them. Work well and no accidental clicks so far.
4 different dpi settings is nice for on the fly changes.
Shaped like your basic mouse, some small grooves for thumb and pinky to grip but nothing too special

I was in the market for a new mouse after buying one on wish and being extremely disappointed. I found this one online and really liked the design. It's light, slides well, and is quite responsive. Ive had a lot of love and one think that always irks me is nice that have short cables. This one has food length and does not get caught but not too heavy where it weighs down the mouse. 10/10.

 Used it to play a quick game of Fortnite and already felt like I was playing better. It's rare to find a mouse that fits in your hand and feels this comfortable to use. I use the second dpi setting and think it's perfect to play twitch shooters.

I think this is a cool mouse and it’s super cheap personally I have a gaming mouse that was$80 and it is way better without the key pad on the side I don’t see this as a gaming mouse still cool and cheap works for what it is

I love this mouse, I’ve used countless mouses for gaming and cad, this one is easily the most comfortable to use and the programmable buttons are super useful!

So I saw this mouse and thought this would be cool for my wife who plays world of warcraft. Plug and play, cool light changing, and sensitive. So far, highly recommended

The mouse came in less than a day. It does the job better than my old mouse. The mouse feels responsive and looks good. Thanks

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High Precision

-3325ICпјЊup to 5000DPI,5 DPI Adjustable Level allows you a perfect sensitivity, adjustable from 1000 to 5000 DPI. Perfect responsiveness, even if it is 0.1mm mobile, the IVSO gaming mouse can quickly respond.
-Also, the mouse driver can be adjusted to 10000 and supports
Dual-Mode Mouse Wired mode for super high-resolution gaming use. Wireless mode for convenient office use. You can easily switch to gaming/office mode in seconds,more freedom and convenience than a wired mouse ever could! Great Feeling Cool look and Fancy colors with 6 breathing LED lights.
Any game fans will want a real nice Wireless Optical Gaming Mice, right?

5 Adjustable DPI Switch

You can set the 800,1000-1600-2000-2400 DPI speed sensitivity

How to set DPI:

Press DPI button, if the red indicator light flashes once, its DPI is
Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse 9 Programmable Buttons Optical PC Gaming Mouse 6 DPI 800-1200-1600-2400-3200-4000.Polling Rate 125HZ,250HZ,500HZ,1000HZ.6000FPS,15G Adjusted DPI The gaming mouse has 6 DPI:800 (yellow),1200 (blue),1600 (rose),2400 (green),3200 (red),4000 (white).This DPI allows RGB to
Package Content: 1PC 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse (without retail package) 1PC Receiver
Specifications: DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400 Button Number: 6D Working distance: 10M Bluetooth V3.0 Feature:Ergonomic Material: ABS Dimension: about 10X6.5X4CM Weight:56g Buttons: Left, Right, Scroll wheel, DPI button, Forward, Backward Button lifespan: 8 million times Connection method: Bluetooth
Specific:В  Tracking systems: Optical.В  Ajustable DPI Switch: 1000DPI(Red Light)/1600DPI(Green Light)/2400DPI(Blue Light)/3200DPI(White Light)/5500DPI(Orange Light);В  Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel.В  Optical technology works on most surfaces.В  Ergonomically designed, long-term use without
Descriptions: Product Descriptionпјљ Model Number: 102 Interface Type: USB Application: Desktop, Laptop Tracking Method: Optical Type: Wireless 3 DPI Switch: 1000/1600/2000 DPI Buttons: 6 Keys Choose Color: White Size: 4.72*2.83*1.37 in Compatible Systems: Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8,