Reviews Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse PMW 3360 for Windows & Mac OS, Rubberized Black

Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse PMW 3360 for Windows & Mac OS, Rubberized Black

Designed with feedback from enthusiasts - the Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse is the world's first gaming mouse with a Pixart PWM 3360 Optical Sensor and 8 preset DPI settings. It's durable lightweight design and enthusiasts grade features allow for competitive PC gamers to perform more consistent and longer at their highest levels.

Enthusiasts Grade Components & Features:

PixArt 3360 Optical Sensor - At the heart of the Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse is the world's newest and most advance optical gaming mouse sensor. The PixArt 3360 Sensor is the most trusted and in demand by enthusiasts enabling the Nixeus Revel Mouse to have zero hardware acceleration, flawless 1:1 tracking accuracy and ability to accurately track on multiple surface types.

Omron Switches - The left and right mouse buttons integrate durable Omron switches that lasts up to 20 million clicks.

Designed for eSports Professionals, Enthusiasts and Competitive Gamers:

Light Weight Design - Similar to pro athletes requiring durable lightweight equipment to be able to perform consistently at an elite level - professional and competitive Gamers also need reliable lightweight gaming mice due to the fact that they may make hundreds to thousands of mouse movements per gaming session. The Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse's durable compact body weighs at just 85 grams to help minimize fatigue and improve consistency during competitive gaming sessions.

Low Lift Off Distance - The Nixeus Revel Mouse is designed with a low lift off distance that stops tracking once the mouse is lifted a few millimeters (under 2.0 mm) off from its tracking surface to fully support PC gamers using low mouse sensitivity settings.

8 DPI Settings - Preset DPI settings of 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 3200, 5000, 12000 allows you to instantly adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly for your gaming preferences without the need for additional software or drivers.


Main Features:

·      Optical Sensor: PixArt PMW3360

·      DPI Settings: 400/800/1200/1600/2000/3200/5000/12000

·      Omron Switch Durability: 20 million clicks (Primary Left/Right Buttons)

·      USB Polling Rate: 1000Hz (1 ms)

·      Programmable Buttons: 5

·      Approximate Size: 125.7mm (4.95") x 67.5mm (2.66") x 39mm (1.54")

·      Approximate Weight: 85 grams (Without Cable)

·      USB Cable Length: 1.8 meters (6 feet)

·      Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 & Mac OS

·      Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty by Nixeus


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Let me start by saying this is my new favorite mouse and has since replaced my EC2A, but it definitely not perfect. I am EXTREMELY picky about what mice I will use and have tested many mice, as I will list at the end, but never found one that was perfect and probably never will, but this mouse comes the closest to me personally. Let me start by comparing it to the DM1 Pro S, which is even closer to a Sensei than this mouse.

Dm1 Pro S
+ Practically the same shell as the Sensei, excluding buttons
+ Smoother mouse feet than the Revel
+ 3360 sensor is well implemented
+ Includes replacement feet in box and are only $3 on website if you need more

- Shape was bulky for my hand (18cm L x 9cm W)
- Braided cable dragged more on my QCK Heavy
- Left and right click required different amounts of force
- Left click on release had a double click feeling
- Side buttons felt cheap and awkward to use
- Scroll wheel undefined steps and hard to press

Nixeus Revel
+ Smaller feeling as it is less filling in your palm
+ 3360 well implemented
+ Rubber cable almost as good as Zowie
+ Clicks are loud but feel great
+ Side buttons feel good but not amazing
+ Nicely defined scroll wheel that is easy to press

- Mouse can drag near bottom if pressed down hard or on uneven surface, although it works fine on my Qck Heavy
- Not as comfortable when simply browsing as less palm support
- No replacement mouse feet available if these wear out

Overall I prefer the Nixeus as it feels better in game and had far less issues in build, although your mileage may vary. My issues on the DM1 Pro made it annoying for me, but I'm sure many people wouldnt care, especially if they loved the Sensei. Hopefully this can give you a rough idea of which to try and which is best for you.

Other mice I have used
*Razer Deathadder 3.5G
*Razer Deathadder 2013
*Razer Deathadder Chroma
*Razer Naga 2014
*Razer Naga Hex
*Razer Mamba 2012
*Logitech g400s
*Logitech g402
*Zowie EC2A
*Zowie ZA13
*Zowie FK2
*Dream Machine DM1 Pro S
*Nixeus Revel

It seems like Nixeus has been paying attention to the community as the mouse I received addresses the common complaints I've previously seen. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they now include an extra set of feet! Previously they did not and it seemed like every review mentioned this. This is no longer the case! All the buttons on my mouse feel crisp and secure. Mouse wheel feels solid and tactical. Weight of the mouse is just right and the appearance of the glossy white is more impressive than I expected and I usually am a fan of the matte rubberized finishes. I have no issues with grip despite the gloss finish. It looks like a much more expensive piece and the LED lighting looks excellent too. The cable now feels more flexible and identical to the Zowie brand we love. Still no CeesA Paracord cable but it's great, leagues above Logitech's braided cords. This an the EC1A (with added gun grip on the side), are my two favorite mice. I really like the sensor positioning of this mouse as well and no need to mention the performance of the 3360, but their implementation is great.

After my 3rd copy, finally, I got the cherry mouse! Top that with the beta software (serious Mr. Nixeus, you really need to make the software to customize this mouse more available - it's still in beta and I had to go through gaming forums to access it) and you can customize the mouse to not have all the unneccessary DPI settings that you won't likely need anyways and cater your most favorite DPI setting to your color scheme. For example, my rig is all on a red colored scheme yet I game at 800 DPI religiously (by default, that is Green). But the beta sofware (that Nixeus really should make more available) changed all that. Here is what I went through quality controlwise prior.

1st Copy
-The Left Mouse Button kept sticking!
-The mouse skates were scraping my cloth mouse pad!

2nd Copy
-The DPI button was stuck (yes, it was lodged in pretty tight)
-By the time I got the DPI dislodged, the button was wrecked and useless

-Finally, everything is perfect
-Crisp M1/M2 buttons
-No lens/sensor rattle
-3360 Sensor implementation is a lot snappier than my Logitech G403 and G900
-If it weren't for FinalMouse's disaster of a release of their 'premium' mouse (The Scream One, stay away from it!) I would've never attempted to buy this mouse one more time.
-This is my new main mouse for gaming.

Note: Almost every mouse I've bought has had its fair share of quality control issues. Before the Revel, the Logitech G403 was my main but it had the reputation for an atrocious scroll wheel (my 2nd copy was a charm). Thanks to Amazon's return/exchange policy, you can either return the Revel or exchange it for one that doesn't have a faulty issue with it.

Does everything it sets out to do, be a good to the point mouse. The responsiveness and tracking accuracy is definitely something you can feel especially if you're coming from a Steelseries Sensei, it definitely feels more like an extension of my hand in a virtual space then the laser did on the sensei. When playing CS-Source, and Titanfall 2 the improvement over laser was almost night and day. Making micro adjustments was effortless. In general use/MMO(by extension mobas) the mouse glided smoothly across the screen and while pixel perfect accuracy is not really required for those situations the responsiveness made the experience more comfortable.

The plastic shell on this mouse is very grippy, and feels nice on the skin of your hand. (For those of us that find rubberized mice to be more slippery, and bad for hands that stay dry) The size of the mouse is the same as the sensei, with a little less length resulting in a very slight but more comfortable grip. For those with short thumbs the side buttons are placed closer to the butt giving you more comfort when tapping them. If you have a fairly large hand then you might hand a difficult time pressing the closest side button.

The side buttons have a tactile bump and feel about average. Not the highest of quality feel but also not something that will get in the way of gameplay. Middle mouse button has a medium weighty feel to it, it feels fairly similar to the sensei's MMB. The scroll wheel is notched and offers enough resistance to prevent accidents from occurring, compared to the sensei there is less resistance which I am sure can be adjusted by plying the clamping force a bit tighter if you ever opened the mouse. The LMB has a nice feel to it, slightly more force is required then the sensei but nothing that has affected me. There is a tactile bump that lets you feel the action which is something I need when wearing headphones.(I find having no feedback to be terrible). RMB like most of the reviews have stated feels a bit weaker and the vibration of air inside of the mouse feels slightly stronger. while its something that you can get used to its something I definitely had trouble with when doing multiple camera changes in an MMO with loosing activation due to its different feeling.

TLDR: Great all around mouse for small to average hands, with a kickass sensor.

This review was done with the latest firmware which removes sleep mode on the mouse~ Problems associated with cloth pads and rubbing were also noted with my model, replacement mouse feet are on the way(free of charge).

This mouse is great and is a good replacement for a Wheel Mouse Optical, Intellimouse Optical 1.1a, Sensei/Kana/Kinzu. Their customer service is also very fast and they are helpful. I contacted Nixeus and they told me that Amazon has both old and new batches. So if people are experiencing build quality problems they probably got unlucky and Amazon gave them one of the older batches.

This mouse has a good shape and has a nice sensor. The clicks feel great and the scroll wheel is nice, but it rattles a little. Not a huge problem to me, but the scroll is louder than my G203. The side buttons also have a short travel and are very light to click. I like that the side buttons are further back. Nixeus also has a firmware updater and they are working on software to customize the mouse. I like that the shape of the mouse is more rounded and smooth unlike the DM1 Pro S or the Sensei. The curve on the Sensei/DM1 is more rigid and sharp. The Revel also feels slightly less bulky and not as wide. It is the closes you will get to a replacement for one of the older Ambidextrous Microsoft Mice.

I got unlucky and got one of the older batches and Nixeus support told me that they have used different switches for the middle mouse wheel in their newest batch. The MMB on mine was not very tactile, but more a more mushy feeling, and the click was very quiet. My friend who has a REVEL had their middle mouse more tactile and a louder click. I am sending mine back to Nixeus instead of Amazon so that I can make sure to get one from the newest batch.

If you have problems with your REVEL, their customer support will gladly help you fast and easy.

Overall I love this mouse and it is the perfect shape.

Out of the box, this is one of the best budget gaming mice I've ever used, and I've collected quite a few. The mouse is a clone somewhat of the original Sensei so it's a very safe ambidextrous shape that will accommodate most grip styles. I play with a palm/claw grip (20 cm x 10.5 cm) and this mouse works great for me. It is a bit low on the top hump compared to my current daily driver, the Logitech G403, but at half the cost this would be my go to option if I couldn't afford the G403.

The mouse is extremely light at only 84g, which is a huge bonus in competitive gaming. The fact that you can also operate this mouse without having to download any software was also a great plus in my book as all of the DPI settings can be accessed on the mouse itself. It cycles through different colors for the DPI settings, which are found in the tiny user manual that comes in the box in very small print. Also, this mouse probably has the best feeling standard mouse feet I've ever used, and mine came with replacement feet as well. It really does glide across any mousepad I use, whether its the QcK+, Nixeus Type-R, or even the Roccat Taito. On the G403 I had to replace the mouse feet for aftermarket products because they were pretty bad. So another plus for the Revel there.

My only gripe so far is that the mouse cable, although nice and thin and not braided, is still quite stiff for a rubber cable. It may have to do with the way that they package it. Points here to Logitech who never tie their cables tightly but instead wrap them around the edges of the box and thus allow them to straighten out more naturally. On the Revel, I've tried to straighten the cable out but it's very stubborn. That being said, I am glad they did not go with a braided mouse cable though because those add weight and can be even more stiff if they are tied up in the same way withing the package. Even on my G403 I replaced by braided cable with a paracord cable.

All in all, a great budget mouse with a safe, familiar shape, extreme lightness, and a really smooth glide. This may very well become your favorite mouse and it deserves it.

Ambidextrous mouse that copies the SteelSeries Sensei/Kana/Kinzu shape and sticks the latest sensor on the market in it, the public version of the same sensor found in the Logitech G Pro. It has no firmware and runs at increments of 400 DPI (400, 800, 1200, 1600...).

I ordered one for $45 to replace my SS Kana v2. The box arrived slightly damaged, but the mouse was perfectly fine.
The mouse has 2 side buttons, a DPI button with LED light indicating its current DPI. It is relatively large and weighs ~84g.
As of this review I've been using this mouse for ~1 month.

- Matte finish has good grip, doesn't collect excessive dust
- Cheap plastic for sides/bottom of mouse
- Non-braided cord; bends well, protects wiring adequately and doesn't drag on cloth mousepad
- Average mouse feet
- LOD is just right

- LMB/RMB are Omron switches; feel very tactile but not too hard to press like Zowie FK mice
- Scroll wheel isn't too "loose"
- Side buttons use cheap switches + plastic caps but is adequate; no issues so far

- PixArt 3360
- Tracks perfectly
- No skipping, accel, etc.

Some individual units might have poorer build quality or issues with mice feet dragging, but Nixeus support is extremely helpful are willing to help once you contact them.

Overall the Revel is just the perfect mouse for me. It combines the best of both worlds from Zowie and SteelSeries at a fraction of the cost of the overpriced Zowie mice. I'd buy this mouse in a heartbeat again.

If you're here, it's because you scouted out many different mice through reviewers like Rocket Jump Ninja and JoshTechBytes on YouTube, read through or /r/MouseReview threads, or just peeked into Amazon's mouse market and stumbled on this. This is an excellent mouse - but there are a few details to be aware of that can make or break your decision to purchase this or another competitive mouse.

The PMW3360 is pretty much the best sensor on the market at the time of writing. The implementation is great. Lift off distance is low, and I can't find any issue with how the sensor is, especially after updating the firmware. There are preset DPI steps that may be changed with software in increments of 100. Both firmware and software are available on Nixeus's website and are optional, since this mouse is meant to work out of the box.

I have 18.7 x 10.4 cm hands. The shape, balance, and weight is a HUGE step up from the Deathadder 3G I had played on for 8 years. The slope is very gradual, and the sides give my 1-2-2 grip a lot of space and a slight ledge to assist in picking up without any slipping. I can palm or claw it, but the hump doesn't really fill out the palm fully - it makes contact and provides support, but it is not a full feeling. I am totally fine with this, but others may prefer a full fill, or a lower profile (see: Zowie ZA/Ninox Venator, or FK for the respective hump profiles). My preferred grip style is now fingertip, surprisingly. The mouse is lightweight and precise enough for it, and the shape allows for that sort of versatility.

The clicks and buttons are very tactile and tight. No issues on my matte white copy. The cord is light and flexible.

The scroll wheel is tactile and bumpy, which may take getting used to. There is different tension between the scroll up and down. I personally prefer smoother scrolling, so this irritated me a little. It's workable, but I hope that Nixeus considers a different approach to scroll wheels in the future.

I'm not a mouse enthusiast, and I wasn't expecting my socks to be blown off by this mouse - but it is a very solid choice, and conveniently less pricey than other solid choices.

Other mice to consider include the Steelseries Sensei, Ninox Venator, Zowie ZA/FK series, and maybe the Logitech G Pro/102/203. Those all have ambidextrous form factors, but different pros and cons to them.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this mouse, and have no issue using this as a replacement for my Deathadder.

This mouse is a good mouse for its price. It has a great sensor and has a great size. My hands aren't very big, but this mouse feels just fine. I can aim well with this mouse. If you have usually sweaty hands, I would recommend the black rubberized one. My hands almost always sweat and can grip it very well. The weird thing is if my hands are dry (rarely happens), I can't grip it at all and can't even pick it up since it will slide out of my hand. That is not a problem for me since my hands almost always sweat. If you have dry hands, you should probably get the glossy white one.

I took off a star because of the buttons. The left click is noticeably harder to press than the right click. the left click is harder than a lot of other mice I have used. The scroll wheel is also loud and hard to press compared to other mice. It is not too bad though. If you don't mind this, I would recommend this mouse.

Great mouse. Shape, coating, sensor, mouse feet, clicks, and dpi button all solid. No issues. Side buttons are slightly too far back for my liking (19.5cm by 11cm hands) and also feel sort of hollow. I took one star off because I had to order two of these to get the perfect one. The first one I ordered had a crunchy left click. New one has no problems. I have tried many mice before and I believe that this is the best mouse I have ever used. I have used the Steel Series Sensei 310, rival 310, every Zowie mouse including ec2-b, corsair m65 pro, Logitech g903, 403, gpro, and more. This mouse is very comfortable, coating is awesome and does not slip after hands get sweaty, shape is fantastic (sensei shape), cord is ok, I mean it's a steal for the current price. RGB lighting is a nice addition and can be adjusted using Nixeus software which you need to download from their website. This mouse is also very light at 85 grams. If your hands are larger than mine I would be careful because this mouse may be too small for you, but that is personal preference. Through all of the mice I have tried, this mouse and the Zowie fk1 are my favorites. Great job Nixeus, thanks for this awesome mouse!

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Designed with feedback from enthusiasts - the Nixeus revel gaming mouse is the world's first gaming mouse with a Pixart PWM 3360 Optical sensor and 8 preset DPI settings. It's durable lightweight design and enthusiasts grade features allow for competitive PC gamers to perform more consistent and