Reviews HIRALIY Gaming Mouse Wired,7 Programmable Buttons [ PMW3325 Professional Gaming Chip], 12 Chroma RGB Backlight Modes,7200 DPI Adjustable,Ergonomic Optical USB Computer Desktop Laptop PC Game Mice

HIRALIY Gaming Mouse Wired,7 Programmable Buttons [ PMW3325 Professional Gaming Chip], 12 Chroma RGB Backlight Modes,7200 DPI Adjustable,Ergonomic Optical USB Computer Desktop Laptop PC Game Mice

PMW3325 Professional Gaming Sensor
6000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 50G acceleration and up to 100 inches per second (IPS) with 99.2% resolution accuracy,PMW3325 is the mainstream gaming engine for capturing more accurate and faster movement. High performance gaming sensor with a decent budget for your game mouse

7 Programmable Buttons
7 mouse buttons canbe programmed by installing software which makes this game mouse more intelligent and meets more demands for different games. Also support macro editing with 5 memory profiles. Perfect for FPS,MMO,RTS and MOBA right hand player

1000Hz High Precision
4 polling rate is adjustable: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz, polling rate ensures smooth and high-speed movement, enjoy games more freely. Best PC Laptop gaming mouse with good value.

7200 DPI Adjustable & 4 Polling Rate
Default 6 DPI levels- 1200(Red)/2400(Green)/3600(Blue)/4800(Yellow)/6000(Purple)/7200(Cyan)DPI. Easily adjust the DPI to get high accuracy and consistent responsiveness at any speed with DPI buttons or the software

12 Backlight Modes Adjustable
HIRALIY wired game mouse equipped with dynamic RGB effects and 12 backlight modes to match every computer setup, game, mood and occasion. Easily change the color mode or shut on and off the backlight with the LED button on the bottom or in the software

Apple computers (Mac OS) don't support mouse's customized (programmable) function as some functions of Mac OS are not open to public. But the mouse's normal function can still be used in the Apple computers or Mac OS

Product Specifications
Key number:8
Type: programmable RGB wired gaming mouse
Product Size: 123*74*41mm
Default DPI :1200-2400-3600-4800-6000-7200
Cable length:About 1.8 meter/ 5.9ft

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Just love this mouse. The resolution steps just seem to suit my gaming grove, so this inexpensive mouse is one I use for gaming when I have several hundred dollars worth of other mice at myour disposal. It fits my hand just right to so I love it.

Great product. I was honestly expecting a cheap, little mouse, but received a great quality, perfect sized mouse. Was not a cheap plastic. Nice weight to it. Feels great. Would pay 30 bucks for this kind of mouse. Definitely a great buy at $8.00. 10/10 would buy from this company again. Even the package was quality.

So far, this mouse has been very responsive and comfortable. It puts itself to sleep to save batteries, which I love. Very happy with this, will be buying one for my husband as well! The only problem with it is that the manual that comes in the box with it is very vague, and it seems like you have to program the buttons to get them to work. The buttons come with standard functions, which are fine. I ordered the mouse to play video games, so I am able to keybind within the game UI. I still have not really figured out how to tell what DPI the mouse is set to currently... but it hasn't caused a problem for me.

Works extremely well and is a pretty good mouse to get for a beginner gamer.

Update: The mouse is still working amazing as it had when I bought it two years ago. The only con I have with it is that it's kinda small. My hands are small so I don't have a problem with the mouse being small, however people with big hands may or may not have difficulty.

I have small hands, so I always have a problem with my gaming mouse being too big. This mouse is awesome. I have no problems with connectivty or lag, it's comfortable, and I like the colors. I'll probably buy a new one of these whenever my current one gives out, someday.

Excellent mouse. Bought 2 for my sons for Christmas to use for gaming and so far, they have been happy with them.

The mouse is very comfortable even with their smaller hands. The clicking sound is a little loud but so are most of the mouse. For the price, it is definitely a good buy. I am considering getting the same mouse (the upgraded version) for my older son. Very happy with the quality and the brand.

Got this to use with my laptop at work. It works very well once you wake it up (goes into standby mode after a certain amount of time), but I do notice there is a little lag sometimes. Can't comment on the battery life so far, as I've only had it about two months, but overall I'd definitely recommend this mouse for everyday use, just not if you're going to use it for gaming.

Bought two, one was perfect, one had a burr on it's optical surface. Couple of minutes with ultra fine sandpaper, and no problem. Mouse(s) are comfortable to the hand sand fluid in motion. We are pleased.

This mouse is pretty good. As far as CS:GO goes its just fine. Very accurate, pretty light weight, smoothe tracking, it works as advertised. BUT this mouse is pretty small. Im not a giant person, im about 5'6 and 130lb and even for me this is kind of small. On other mice my hand sits across the whole top, but my pinky doesnt have quite enough room on this mouse.

It's a good mouse but not great. I had to score the sides with a knife point to make it easy to reposition on the mouse pad without having to use considerable pressure.

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5 DPI OPTIONS & CUSTOMIZED FUNCTION- HIRALIY programmable mouse is designed with up to 10,000 DPI, 5 adjustable DPI levels each with a dedicated light color for quick identification (500/1000/2000/3500/5000 DPI) meet your multiple needs, either for daily work or gaming. DPI can be adjusted freely
【PMW3325 Professional Gaming Sensor】This programmable mouse with PMW3325 professional gaming sensor is the upgraded version of HIRALIY F300 mouse. Search and learn more about PMW3325. Compared with 3320, 3050, 3090, 3305 sensors, PMW3325 capturre more accurate and faster movement with 6000 FPS,
9 programmable buttons to configure macros for games (the programmable function Not support for Mac OS); Up to 5 memory profiles for storing different groups of the button settings RGB multi-color gradient breathing lights while in use, offering soothing ambient lighting. Light switch and 4
9 Programmable Buttons 9 buttons (including”Scroll up”and “Scroll down”)can be set for different functions after installing the software. You can also customize your mouse to fit you special needs with the macro editing function. Gradient RGB Breathing Lights Providing multi-color
No extra driver needed Just plug and play,no any software required.This simple mouse is designed with reliability, ease-of-use and user comfort in mind Ergonomic Comfort This cordless gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to fit snugly under your palm, providing you an incredibly comfortable
Multiple adjustable backlit mode Pressing ” FN+ESC” for choosing backlit mode as you like in 5 backlit modes cycle; Easy-to-reach multimedia keys Fn + F1-F12, provides Windows Key lock for gaming, multimedia controls for entertainment, email and website Rollover mode switch