Lenovo Legion Precision Gaming Mouse, for Lenovo Legion Y720, Y520, Y530 Gaming Laptops, GX30J34225

Lenovo Legion Precision Gaming Mouse, for Lenovo Legion Y720, Y520, Y530 Gaming Laptops, GX30J34225
8 programmable buttons
4 adjustable weight tuning cartridges (5g each)
1.8 meter braided cable; USB connection
Pulsing backlight; Texturized finish for grip and comfort
Adjustable dpi of up to 8200 dpi
1000Hz polling rate for ultra fast responsiveness
Easy to use software change settings and preferences
Designed for 20 million cycle clicks

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Comments / reviews:
I like the mouse. I bought this together with the backpack and the mouse pad. It is bulkier than a regular mouse.
So be warned. If you have tiny hands, I would not recommend this. But it's your preference. I got medium hands and it kind of feels big. But I got used to it and it feels pretty comfy.

While I do say that this is probably one of my favorite mice. I am a little biased towards lenovo. The only fault on this is the red plastic on the bottom and by the wheel looks a bit cheap. Other than that, I love the big size of it. I have long fingers and this fits perfectly. I also like that it works aesthetically with my keyboard.

Very nice! You have to download a driver to make it work and the website they give you in the package is wrong but if you just google "lenovo gaming mouse download" it should be the first link! Feels great in your hand and you can customize what the buttons do!

I love this mouse a lot it was a little bigger than my other one and i have tiny hands so it took a bit to get used to. The mouse is great for games that require accuracy like Overwatch CS:GO stuff like that I wish the DPI Settings could go higher but I can live with it and i would recommend this mouse to anyone that is looking for a good gaming mouse its well made and i have the same keyboard as the mouse so i recommend that to anyone as well.

Great mouse for the price, very ergonomic for large handed folks. The weight add some heft and make the mouse feel even more high end.

very comfortable fitting hand well. Back button is somewhat troublesome with my large thumbs.

This is a BIG mouse so don't get mad whenever your order. I think I am gonna just keep it and let my hand grow into it because I am only 15 lol
And the scroll wheel is really high up, I can barely reach it, But all in all I think it is still a great mouse.

this is a good starter gaming mouse. the buttons are placed intuitively, and it contains adjustable weights.

good product, I love ...

It's a larger mouse that tracks well. Works both on PC and Mac but better on PC.

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