Reviews Havit Programmable Gaming Mouse 4000DPI 7 Buttons RGB Backlit Wired Optical PC, Computer & Laptop (Black)

Havit Programmable Gaming Mouse 4000DPI 7 Buttons RGB Backlit Wired Optical PC, Computer & Laptop (Black)
гЂђ12 RGB Multi-color Backlit ModesгЂ‘Support 12 Kinds of Amazing Presetting RGB Backlit LED Light for the MOUSE EDGE (NOT for scroll wheel & logo), press "Forward Button + Scroll Wheel" to adjust
гЂђUP to 4000 Adjustable DPIгЂ‘500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000DPI, default DPI indicator (scroll wheel & brand logo) color Red/Blue/Green/Purple/Yellow/Cyan, provides perfect range of sensitivity and smooth cursor control
гЂђ7 Programmable Buttons & DPI Indicator Color CustomizableгЂ‘Macro setting or default DPI indicator color changing are available via the driver, set the buttons to perform particular actions in your games. Just download the driver from our offcial website []
гЂђProfessional Gaming ChipгЂ‘Adopts high quality AVAGO A3050 professional games chip, ensure quickly switch for different games
гЂђCompatible SystemгЂ‘Supports Windows 2000/ME/XP/7/8/10/Vista system for programmable using, Mac/Linux for usual using (NOTE: the programmable function Not support for Mac & Linux)

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I have had this mouse for a few days. It's really nice, especially for the money. It has a nice weight to it. Heavy enough to feel like quality but light enough that it feels nimble. The buttons have a good action to them. They have a positive and satisfying click when I press them. That may change over time as they wear but for the price its not hardship to replace.

The software download is pretty easy to manage. Simplistic controls that take a few moments to figure out but its pretty intuitive. The color customization aspect is fun to play with. Changing the colors around goes hand in hand with the DPI settings. There are preset speeds as which the cursor will respond and travel. Assigning colors to a speed is fun but unnecessary. I doubt I will use all of the speeds available.

I should mention that the colors are bright and surprisingly clear. The cloth wrapped wire has a nice feel to it. I have overpaid for various gaming mice with far less features than this that given a side by side I may have chosen this mouse and saved myself 70 dollar price difference. I must say that one expensive (razor) mouse was used all day, every day for nearly 10 years before wearing out and still not breaking. I do not expect Ill ever see that quality from any mouse ever again.

I have not really found anything to criticize yet.

To Summarize, I think this is a pretty good purchase for anyone that wants a high performance mouse.

Great gaming mouse with low price! It support my Mac book pro. I use it to play League of Legends with no problem.The most things than I like for this mouse is it can change color. Great quality and great deal!

I don't often write reviews unless something is really good or really bad. I have to say, this mouse is outstanding. I am an avid gamer and I previously owned a network installation company, so I've been through plenty of mice. This is one of the best. It's a comfortable weight, fits well in my hand, is very responsive and the LED's are excellent. The low price point just tops it off. I would take this mouse over many that are twice the price or more. The software allows for extensive customization of the buttons, although I admit to not using it other than playing with the colors. I can't even find anything to nitpick about.

This is a pretty good mouse; it matches my Havit keyboard, which is as good a typing experience I have ever had. ( I replaced a Daskeyboard with the Havit--and though I liked it very much and hated that it died, the Havit is just as nice to use and less expensive.... may not last as long though:) :). But I know I am supposed to be reviewing the mouse--it works really well, and it fits my hand like a glove, and I really like it. I am not a gamer, though, and so I am not in love with all the color movement patterns and so forth. I just keep my lighting stationary as much as possible, as I do use a darker environment for photo editing, etc. and the backlit keys help so much. I would give the mouse five stars if I could make the scroll wheel and logo on top stop fading in and out and remain stationary. But I am an old lady after all and I like practicality more than flashy lights (the colors are pretty, though:).

First of all, I'm owning Logitech G502 so I know how a good mouse could be like. This product is:
Solid in the hand
Great material
Great tactile feedback
Nice travelling
Software is decent

Only one complain is the side buttons are back right forward instead of PageUp and PageDown. In the software of the mouse, we have to program it using micro editor. There is no default option for that. Taking a few minutes but after that, this is a great gaming mouse. I can easily do flick shots in CS:GO

I highly recommend it

Comparable to the Razer Deathadder, which I also own. I got this because it seemed too good to be true. It isn't. It has a nice weight to it, which isn't often the case with cheap mice.The plastic is very nice, the clicks are also very satisfying. Overall the build quality is great. The side buttons are a slightly lower quality switches it feels like than, say, the main mouse buttons, but they work and it's not bad by any means. In fact, I find that the positioning of the 2 side buttons are much better than those on the Deathadder. On the Deathadder they are farther toward the tip of the mouse, so to his the front button I need to move my whole hand to hit it comfortably. On this mouse, however, they are basically centered on my thumb print, so to his either I can just rock my thumb forward or backward.

Quick Review: If the Razer Deathadder is a 10/10, this is a 9/10. The only difference is a sliiightly lower quality plastic on the side buttons and the grip. However, if the DPI buttons on top are a must-have for you, then this is probably even better than the Deathadder.

VERY IMPRESSED that this is only $15. Absolutely amazing value.

This thing performs very well. I bought this to use at work instead of buying a second Razer deathadder and I can say this thing does just as well. The deathadder is a very great mouse and you still can notice the difference between the two as the deathadder just glides. This mouse however does pretty well compared to that when considering price. I have gotten many compliments from other co-workers who use the mouse. I would definitely consider buying another if I needed a third mouse for somewhere. The color schemes are very nice and easy to change the DPI of the mouse. I am also happy it came with a braided cable as it just makes it easier to move around. I can't say I have any disappointments.

This mouse is an insane deal. The colors are amazing, and the software for it is so nice, didn't expect that for a $20 mouse. And then the feel is great too, I like a small mouse better, but I still love this. Don't forget to take off the protective layer on the mouse grips on the bottom, I hadn't noticed and the mouse felt really heavy. This will look real good with my LED keyboard soon.

Edit: The mouse wheel has entered the jumpy phase, so I guess this is where you get that price. It also is reallly heavy, so if you like light mice be aware. Still a great deal if that doesn't bother you though.

I recently lost my wireless mouse for my laptop so I figured I should stick with wired. I also play a lot of gta and shooters online. The mouse is really responsive, and the colors are cool. The instructions that came with the mouse wasn't too clear on programming the buttons, and no CD came for software installation. You have to download it online on your own, which is kind of annoying.

Works great as a mouse, and the LEDs are kinda cool (the kids wanted it). My kids especially like the sensitivity buttons which they crank way up when gaming and my wife and I crank back down when we want to use the computer, all without doing anything software wise.

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гЂђ12 RGB Multi-color Backlit ModesгЂ‘Support 12 Kinds of Amazing Presetting RGB Backlit LED Light for the MOUSE EDGE (NOT for scroll wheel & logo), press "Forward Button + Scroll Wheel" to adjust гЂђUP to 4000 Adjustable DPIгЂ‘500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000DPI, default DPI indicator (scroll wheel &