Ajazz GTX Wired Gaming Mouse, Adjustable Wrist Support Counterweight, 7 Programmable Buttons, Special Gaming Side Button, Aluminum Framework, RGB Backlit Ergonomic Mechanical Computer Mic, Black

Ajazz GTX Wired Gaming Mouse, Adjustable Wrist Support Counterweight, 7 Programmable Buttons, Special Gaming Side Button, Aluminum Framework, RGB Backlit Ergonomic Mechanical Computer Mic, Black
гЂђMODULAR STRUCTUREгЂ‘Adjustable ergonomic wrist support and two different shapes replaceable, choose the most suitable position to fit your hand perfectly. External counterweight slot with 4 weights, can change the weight and center of gravity of the mouse to a certain extent. To achieve the best hand feeling for you in game, work and daily use.
гЂђALUMINUM FRAMEWORKгЂ‘Aluminum framework, not only looks more fashionable, but also ensures the stability of the mouse, can provide a long-term stable performance. 1.6m anti-interference braided PVC cable and the special cable fixing module like a muzzle, ensure stable data transmission, and can effectively solve the problem of wire wear.
гЂђSPECIAL GAMING BUTTONгЂ‘ Special gaming button on the left side of the mouse, default three click function, you can set different function via software to achieve some special effects. One step ahead, one final victory.
гЂђPROFESSIONAL SOFTWAREгЂ‘Adjustable 4 level DPI, Polling Rate 125/250/500/1000Hz, Mouse Sensitivity, Scrolling Speed, Double-click Speed can be changed via software. Support macro editing, and 7 buttons can be customized, which make mouse more intelligent and meet more needs for games. Choose the backlight color from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors and different modes freely.
гЂђBROAD COMPATIBILITY & HASSLE-FREE WARRANTYгЂ‘Plug and play, compatible with Windows 10/8/7 XP Vista Mac Linux etc. (Note: No program for Mac OS.) Ajazz is committed to providing the best products, and the best after-sales service with 1-Years Manufacturer's Warranty and Unconditional 30 days Money-back Guarantee.

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Comments / reviews:
I am very impressed with this mouse. I work in IT so I use a lot of mice but I think this one is one of my favorites. It is weighted and has a nice feel to it. The back rest can be adjusted as well so it can be configured to perfectly fit your hand. The mouse is made of high quality material and has a metal skeleton.

My favorite aspect of this mouse is that it is programmable and the software for programming the mouse is actually GOOD. You can download the drivers from the company's website and the software is simple to install and use. I programmed the mouse so that the middle DPI button no longer scrolls through DPI but acts as the Window key. I also set it so that the bottom thumb button is now Ctrl+S. I use this is some software where I constantly need to be saving.

Overall I am impressed with the accuracy and feel of this mouse and happy that it can be programmed.

 Having this mouse has been great when gaming on my computer. It feels comfortable and not over bulky like others. The counterweights are a huge plus for me. Along with the wrist support it helps you to customize the mouse to your standards. I would recommend this product over the several other mouses I’ve had in the past years.

I was really impressed by the level of customizability on this mouse. Digitally you can modify the DPI on the mouse with a click of the button which also changes the LED coloring. There are several extra buttons on the mouse that makes gaming a lot more enjoyable. I prefer to use the closest thumb button as a free look on games like PUBG and Fortnite. As far as the mouse itself, it is very comforatble. It has two different back peices that can be adjusted in height to allow for a higher or lower wrist position. It also has removeable weights so you can adjust how heavy it is.

this mouse is something different as this is my second mouse i bought by ajzz its not perfect but it works as designed it does have software just have to find it or maybe ask the seller the weighted feel helps me with my aim in games due to the fact i have heavy movements between my wrist and hands but that being said you are getting what you pay for in terms of quality i think the one thing i didn't like was the way it felt in my hands it just feels weird as im used to having a mouse with a totally smooth backing the cable is braided so it helps from getting cut

Sorry for the long review ^

Note: i went from another mouse by ajazz which is the Ajazz Watcher

This mouse isnt perfect by all means but it worked out well due to my play style being more of a heavy type

Note: i guess you cant buy two items from the same seller without issues from amazon

its simply just a good mouse and for this price you cant beat it. i def reccomend. only issue is the colors indicate the dpi so red is slowest blue is 2nd fastest purple fastest unless you get the software online and reprogram the colors for the speed and at which point you can even change what the buttons will do when you hit them.

Got some getting used to, but after using it for a while I prefer the style of this mouse. Would recommend.

the mouse itself feels well made and look great, but the plastic palm cover feels weird.

my exchange student wanted this because his gamer mouse died. he absolutely loves this one!

Very satisfied with this low cost mouse. I already have a Razer mouse for home but this mouse will be for the office. I work for a multi billion dollar company but all they can seem to afford to give me is $2 mouses to do very technical CAD and 3D softwares. Came across this mouse and similar ones on Amazon and figured it might be worth a shot to replace my office mouse. I wear size large or XL gloves so my hands are pretty average size and this mouse feels very good size wise. I put in all the weights to give the mouse more feel. Seems like either of the 2 supplied backrests will work and its adjustable to fit your hand. Material and build quality seems decent. The anodized orange metal contrasts with the black finish along with the breathing LED to give it a more expensive look. It has 4 different LED colors and can stay on solid or breath or blink. Since this is for work I really am not concerned about the DPI..

I downloaded the programmable software on my home pc to try it out and it works fine..There are a some usuable settings in it that would make this a ok gaming mouse. I dont know how durable this mouse it going to be for work but I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't hold up them I'm not out much money. Very pleased about the cost and didn't want to spend much on a mouse for work. But its already worlds above the mouse I presently use for work so I'll toss that old POS into a drawer and be happy using this one!.

Overall its amazing that they can build a mouse like this for this little money. I would recommend this as a low budget mouse. After all not everybody is in the market to spend $100 on a gaming mouse so this hits a nice segment of buyers.

Awesome mouse for the price! Program is easy to use; however, the manual was not in English, but instructions are detailed and clear in pictures in how to use the mouse.

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