Reviews GIGABYTE AORUS RGB 16000 dpi Optical Sensor Fully Programmable and Saved Onboard 16.7M Customizable Lighting Gaming Mouse - GM-AORUS M5

GIGABYTE AORUS RGB 16000 dpi Optical Sensor Fully Programmable and Saved Onboard 16.7M Customizable Lighting Gaming Mouse - GM-AORUS M5

Real 16000 dpi Optical Sensor (Pixart 3389)Up to 400ips and 50G acceleration Adjustable Weight and Balance 50-million-click Omron Switch RGB Fusion-16.7M Customizable Lighting On-the-Fly DPI adjustment Fully programmable and saved onboard Surface Lift-off Calibration Ergonomic right-handed design with rubber grips

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I bought this mouse to replace my old generic one. I have small hands, and it is difficult to find a mouse that fits well in my hands. I still have to use a weird diagonal palm grip with this mouse, but it feels more comfortable than my old one. The rubber grips on the sides are a nice touch, and it glides smoothly on my mouse pad. I would have liked to see a bit more RGB in this mouse, such as a light up scroll-wheel and/or i the DPS indicator lights on the side, as the Aorus logo will most often be hidden under the palm of one's hand during use. The RGB effects sync perfectly with my Gigabyte GTX 1060 card and K7 motherboard via the Aorus software.

So I've had some time to play around with my new Aorus M3 Gaming Mouse. It's got the quality feel and responsiveness of a $99 mouse! I must also say that this is a very ergonomic mouse. It feels like this mouse was made for my hand LOL. The on the fly dpi adjustment really helps too, especially when using on my 43" 4k monitor. It has a nonstick cord, I do prefer sleeved, but it's not flimsy. Worth it!

This 39$ mouse feels like a high end 100$+ mouse. Aorus(gigabyte) are bringing affordable high-end gaming peripherals to the masses. Thx Aorus

Must have for Aourus Builds Aourus Engine Sync all control all. Omron Switches feel solid. True Dpi 6400 sensor very accurated. Anti rubber grips solid and 2 more 1 white 1 black. Non dragged cable feel nice and work. Logo Rgb perfect.

Good prince for a Tier:1 mouse.

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AORUS M3 gaming mouse featured Real 6400 DPI Optical Engine. RGB Fusion-Per Key 16.8M customizable color.