UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse
Built with gamers in mind: up to 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed, and an Avago sensor. Omron micro switches provide crisp, firm clicks.
18 programmable buttons, 5 Savable memory profiles each with a distinct light color for quick identification, an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8), and over 16 million LED color options. The LED may be disabled as per your preference.
Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads and contour body for ultimate gaming control. High-end features including 18 buttons, power button, breathing light in 5 colors modes and 12 side buttons
Ergonomic Right Handed Design with Rubber Painting Surface that can keep your grip firm during gameplay. 6ft braided-fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector ensures greater durability.
Special Setting Switch Button on the back side of the mouse let you take command with maximum efficiency; 18-Month Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
To start, I've been using this product for over a year now. In the review, I'll be covering quick pros and cons, and then going more in depth with the build, its operations, and comparing it to products in similar design. I will not be going into all of the specs, you have this in the product description and do not need it repeated.

- Great Ergonomics
- Incredibly responsive Sensor, even at max DPI
- Braided Cable, and incredibly durable (it has been dropped from cat pushing it off 4ft desk)
- Decently responsive Thumb Grid (however not mechanical - but feels nicer than rubber domes)

Cons: (some that people might find)
- Bad for small or larger hands
- The LED lighting is not as superb as other higher end mice (to be expected)

The Build:
- Fits my medium sized hands very well.
- The thumb grid is easily accessible, and the buttons are all in reach of my thumb without readjusting.
- I am on the computer for a good portion of the day, my hand does not get tired while using this product.
- The buttons do not feel squish, they feel better than my razor 2012 non-mechanical switches. However, they are not mechanical so you should not expect the razer naga 2014 mechanical experience from this.
- LEDs are decent, you have several adjustments to these that you can make, but they are nothing superb and do not match up well. The scroll wheel is unchangeable from my experiences and remains yellow.
- The weight system is simplistic and easy to change around.
- The sliders on the mouse allow it to glide across my Razer mouse pad, and lasted me a year before I replaced them with the spares they provided me.

I run this mouse at full DPI (16,400) and it operates flawlessly in mmos, fps games, rts games, and basic functionality while browsing. I have had 0 issues with this mouse. The sensor, and the rest of the mouse is operating fully to this day after 14+ hours a day for a year.

The software is nothing on par with Razer's or Logitech's equipment; however, this is to be expected for the price of the mouse. The important thing is, that it does it's job incredibly well. You can make all your adjustments on this and it is easy to grasp.

Comparison: Note, I am not saying that this is a copy, or a direct comparison to these mice, however I thought it would be helpful to compare my experiences with other mice to this one, and ultimately show why I still use this mouse to this day.

Razer Naga 2014: Compared to the Razer Naga 2014, this mouse holds up well against it in every situation. From my experiences the laser is more reliable, and the added DPI is incredibly nice to have. The ergonomics fits hands better as well. However, the thumb grid does not trump Razer's mechanical switches. The software is also not as intuitive as Razer's but that is to be expected.

Razer Naga 2012: Utech's mouse beats the Naga 2012 in every way. The thumbgrid keys are much more responsive, and the sensor is far superior which is to be expected at this point.

Conclusion: I tried to keep this remotely short and tried not to cover too much of its technical specs because those are already readily available. If you have questions I'll answer them as quickly as possible!

I have never heard of UtechSmart, but I needed a new mouse and wanted an MMO-mouse. The cost of the mouse is what I saw first, so figured even if it was a bad mouse, it would not break the bank and I could try again.
Well, I was completely surprised by what I received after I bought the mouse. This thing is quality and feels great.
The texture on the mouse is like a soft rubberized super-fine grit "sand paper". It feels absolutely wonderful to my fingers and hand, my favorite mouse texture to-date.
The mouse comes with several small 2.4 gram weights in a simple and sleek container, and I found my comfortable weight. They are easy to install with a simple twist open/lock opening on the bottom of the mouse.
The mouse wheel has a nice soft "bump" feeling. When I scroll quickly, it is barely noticeable, but when I slow down it is easily felt. I like this kind of mouse wheel action, I find the heavy bump/clicks of other mouse wheels distracting at quick scroll movements.

The Wing and shelf on the left and right side respectively are fantastic. I had a Cyborg RAT 7 years ago, and while that mouse had its issues, the thing I absolutely loved about it was the wings on the left and right of the mouse to keep my thump and ring/pinky finger off the mouse pad/desk. The only thing I wish this mouse had was a wing on the right to keep my pinky off the mouse pad/desk instead of that shelf that only fits my ring finger. However, compared to other mice on the market, this is leaps and bounds better for my fingers than anything else I have found. Words cannot describe how annoying it is to have your fingers drag across your mouse pad or desk until you have had a mouse that prevents that completely and then you go back to a mouse that does have it. You notice it, all the time. I love this things thumb wing and finger shelf.

The main two buttons on the mouse have a nice "click" and are responsive. I do not have any issues with miss-clicks, but can easily click when I need. It is a comfortable level of pressure to activate the switch, and I have not had any issues with activating it when I did not mean to.
The side buttons are easily reachable with my thumb, and the pattern they are set at, the 1-3 and 4-6 dip inward towards each other so there is a little "valley" along the bottom of 1-3 and the top of 4-6. This is repeated with the 7-9 and 10-12 keys. The bottom of the 5 and top of the 8 also have a small bump on them, like the F and J key of a keyboard to further help identify where your thumb is.
It is easy to "feel" where you are, and the individual buttons along the valley, making them extremely easy to activate the correct button without ever looking away from your screen or having to shift your grip on the mouse.
The last button, the small "fire button" as they identify it in the product images, is easily reach by your index finger. I use this for my "Oh crap" button in MMOs or similar. It is positioned in a way that I do not accidentally activate it with my mouse grip, but can be activated by simply rolling my index finger slightly and applying a bit of pressure.

The software is easy to use, though the GUI is a bit "meh", which is not enough of an issue to take a star off. The interface is easy enough to navigate, set DPI marks for the DPI quick-change button on the mouse. You can change the lighting of the mouse using a color palette or a color "wheel" or by hex code. Brightness is controlled through an Off/Low/Med/High set of check boxes.

Wished for changes:
I wish it had a wing, or extended "finger shelf" on the right like it does on the left to keep my pinky off the mouse pad/desk.

I really dig this mouse and have recommend it highly to my gamer friends, I know two of them have actually picked one up and they love it as well.
If you are in the market for an MMO mouse, I cannot recommend this one more highly.

Got this mouse for Christmas from my mother-in-law. The Venus is the ultimate gaming mouse. I use it to play the game, Rift, and the 12 programmable side buttons have taken my game combat to a whole new level. The Venus looks great, with it's customizable lighting, and the software it comes with is easy to use. There is absolutely now mouse out there comparable to the Venus that is as amazing for the same price. You're not going to go wrong with this mouse. Next to my wife, this is the second best thing my mother-in-law ever gave me.

As someone who has been looking for a high-end gaming mouse for a reasonable price, this was a great buy. The customization factor is wonderful. I love the fact that you can change the color of the scroll wheel, logo, and the side buttons. I noticed that when choosing pink/purple colors, the scroll wheel takes on a slightly more pinkish hue than the buttons and logo. This also happens when choosing light blue colors; the scroll wheel is more of a sea green. This is not enough to detract a star, but is worth noting. Additionally, you can customize the brightness of the LEDs, set them to "breathe," and change the breathing speed.

The mouse comes pre-assembled with all eight weights inside. It feels heavy enough for me with all the weights installed, but this is a great way to customize the weight for those who prefer lighter mice.

I found the software fairly easy to understand and use. You can choose from five different profiles, each with different settings for the buttons, DPI, and LEDs. All mouse buttons are fully customizable to perform many different functions, for example:

Change between profiles
Press any key on the keyboard
Execute macros set up in a built-in macro editor
Perform basic PC functions such as copy/paste, select all, and print
Perform advanced functions such as switch window, run, and lock PC
Perform media functions such as pause, next track, volume, and mute microphone
DPI Settings

There is also a DPI screen in the software that allows you to adjust each of the five DPI settings to your liking, anywhere from 1000 to 16400.

The mouse has nice, rough texture that allows for excellent grip. It also came with extra cushion pads for the bottom, I assume for just in case the others get worn out. I have small hands, but most of the buttons are easy to reach. The 10, 11, and 12 buttons on the side are not easy for me, but I don't think I'll plan on using them anyway. Those with average sized hands should have no trouble accessing those buttons.

I honestly can't say enough good things about this mouse. It is easily as good as other name brand gaming mice with similar functionality, going for twice as much or more. The only thing I can't rate is how long it will last. I will update this review if I encounter any issues with that.

This is a gorgeous mouse in term of both price and performance. I am using it right now, and I like it a lot. It is extremely responsive, and very comfortable to grip. I have been using it on a few of my favorite games including Dota and Call of Duty, this mouse is a kill. The programmable buttons are also a big plus in the games. Moreover, I found out that the mouse light can be changed as what I like and comes with the breathing effect which makes it full of fun. I bought this mouse with their own gaming keyboard(Gaming Keyboard, UtechSmart Mercury Full Color RGB Backlit Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard). They work marvelously well together for both working and gaming, and I have to say they are the perfect match. I would highly recommend the mouse with their keyboard if you are a gamer or just someone wants a comfortable and responsive typing and clicking experience.

This mouse is beautiful. I purchased the gold version. The stock photo doesn't do it justice. I actually wasn't sure about this color when I bought it, but it was cheaper than the other options and was Prime eligible, so I went for it. Not disappointed. It has a shiny, mirror-like finish, and is a more yellow/gold color than the advertised picture. I like it a lot. It looks really nice with yellow lights. I'll add some pictures when I get my camera back, but trust me it looks good.

This is my first gaming mouse. I've had it for two days, and so far I like it. It works for what I need it for, however it has a few flaws that I feel should be mentioned.

When I installed the driver that came with this mouse, I was completely unable to change the color of the mouse wheel. All of the other colors changed just fine, but the mouse wheel remained red. I think this is a software glitch and not an issue with the mouse, so an update on the software may fix this issue. It's also possible that the software just conflicts with my hardware, so you might not come across this at all. I was able to work around this problem by changing to profile 2, which changed all the colors green, and when I switched back to profile 1, they all changed yellow. I like how the yellow looks, so I am fine with this. You might not be. If anyone knows how to fix this, or if I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. (If I am able to fix this issue, I will change my review to five stars!)

The buttons on the side panel are, as another reviewer mentioned, a bit hard to press. I had problems with this at first, but the more I played, the less I noticed it. This will probably be a non-issue once you get used to the mouse.

Another reviewer stated that this mouse feels gross. It does. At first. My old mouse had a softer finish, and switching to this one was weird. It felt clammy and nasty, and I didn't like it at all. However, after two days of use, I just don't notice it anymore. It's another thing that just takes getting used to. This mouse will also have to be cleaned every once in a while. It has a very smooth, easily smudge-able surface, so it'll need to be wiped off to keep it looking nice. I've dealt with grime buildup on other mouses (mice?), so it's nothing new.

One last problem I read from a reviewer, which had me more concerned than anything else, was that the side buttons are just repeats of the number keys. This is true, until you change it. The buttons are programmable to any keys on the keyboard. It's a minor drawback that it doesn't come with it's own, separate from anything on the keyboard, but I just changed mine to the keypad numbers. They are completely different keys than the number at the top, so this worked for me. As I said before, this is my first gaming mouse, and if anyone knows a way to create separate buttons just for the mouse, let me know in the comments.

Overall, I like this mouse a lot. It fit my budget, it's gorgeous, and I'm able to do things that I wasn't before. I'm a better WoW player after only two days. If you're okay with everything mentioned, I'd recommend it.

Firstly I would like to say that this is an amazing mouse and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with or without a budget.

The mouse has an incredible conformity to your hand. It feels natural, it fits all of the curves of your hand nicely and has good resting areas for all fingers. It's design fits in the palm nicely, and handles easily.

It's absolutely beautiful. It provides that nice amount of color that isn't incredibly flashy but just enough to make it look cool. It's breathing lights look incredible in the dark, and the color customization is quite mind blowing.

The DPI is shown by 4 red lights on the top of the mouse, next to up and down buttons. It's very easy to change and easy to determine what DPI setting you are on. The DPI is quite insane, though, as the highest level will take you to the other side of the screen with a slight twitch of the hand. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like it could be too responsive. I generally use it on the first level, with one light on.

It's a bit confusing, the profiles are a bit weird, but it's generally okay and just takes some messing around with.

Changing Profiles:
To change between 5 different possible profiles, there is a button on the bottom of the mouse that you push to change the coding for the buttons. This will also change the colors you have set for the profiles. I wish it was a bit easier to change profiles, but it's not that big a deal.

Weights + Extra Pads:
Weights were incredibly useful in determining the right feel and weight for the mouse, and is definitely a good customization feature of the mouse. It comes with 8 weights, already inside of the mouse, and a case for the weights so you don't lose them. The company has also put in extra pads for the bottom of the mouse, when the current ones get worn out.

Buttons: Not including the regular clicking buttons, the DPI settings, and the profile button, there are 13 other programmable buttons on this mouse. One of them is right next to the left click, on the outside/top of the mouse, and it is preset as a double click. The other buttons are on the side, numbered 1-12 and preset to 1-12. So if you're a Minecraft player such as me, this is a wonderful mouse. You can program these buttons with the program downloaded with the mouse, and store them in the profiles.

I have very few of these, and I may have touched on some earlier. First off, the scroll wheel. Personally I like a mouse to have very clear notches in the wheel for gaming, so I can tell how many times I need to scroll to get to the certain weapon or tool I need. The scroll wheel for this mouse feels pretty loose, with no hugely defined notches. They're still there, but they aren't quite as sharp as I like them to be.

The next problem is one I've mentioned, changing profiles. It's a bit tedious to have to turn over the mouse every time I want to change a profile, so an easier method would be nice, though it's not a huge deal.

Third: Sometimes when I jitter click (click very fast), the mouse squeaks a bit. It's just a bit annoying to hear.

Lastly, the scroll wheel isn't fully customizable with colors like the other parts. It only has 5 presets of red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

This mouse is meant for Windows, at least the program is. If you use it for a Mac, the buttons on the sides are still preset to 1-12, but you cannot program them without an external program, and you cannot get the full customization of colors. I believe other methods have been suggested like program the mouse and profiles on a Windows computer and then transfer the mouse to the Mac, but I'm not sure how well that works or if it works at all.

This is an excellent mouse, and I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for something incredible that's under $80.

EDIT: It's been over 2 years since I've had this mouse, and it's finally starting to degrade a bit software wise. However, the only issue I'm having right now is that it becomes a bit unresponsive with a couple buttons and tracking for a few seconds.

I received this mouse about a week ago and have been using it every day since then. Here are my thoughts on this very budget-friendly device:

Honestly, I see people making up excuses that this mouse is good "for the price." Even if this mouse was worth 50 dollars, it'd still be a fair price.

The mouse came in simple, straight-forward packaging. A picture of the product on the front, accompanied by flames surrounding the mouse. I honestly thought it was cute, how they still tried to make a good impression while still spending most of the money on the mouse and not the packaging(you throw that away, anyway). The package has a door-like opening, so you remove the little circle tape and open it. There, you see the mouse behind a sheet of plastic. I forgot how, but I think you then slide out the bottom cardboard and remove the mouse and everything else. The braided cable comes tied up with a velcro strap, a nice touch in case you needed to keep it tied up on-the-go. Just a little something I wanted to add: it was cute how they taped the magnets into the box to keep the little "door" closed. Nothing wrong about saving money, and it was a little funny tbh.

Okay, let me just say that the mouse is amazing. The 16400 DPI is obviously overkill unless you like to get freaky at low sensitivity in games. The mouse is, I think, designed for people with a palm grip, which was no problem for me since that's my regular grip. Either way, the shape of the mouse could get anyone used to the palm grip quite easily. If you do stick with the claw grip, though, I'm afraid you're going to be a little more uncomfortable using the rapid-fire button. Speaking of which, this button is more useful than I first thought it would be. You can set it to click as many times as you want, and it's got a few speed options. I've used it a lot more than I thought I would, and it's very easy to click. However, if you're not used to mouses like these, you'll get confused at first. When I started using the mouse, I would position my finger over the quick-fire on purpose, but for some reason this led me to trying to click the very much appreciated index finger rest, which is very comfortable. Of course, this was just me defeating old habits and in 3 days' time, the mouse buttons' positions came naturally to me. Still waiting for a good opportunity to use the side buttons but they're not a nuisance if you don't use them. The rest at the bottom is appreciated and I actually rest my thumb against the buttons thanks to their angling(which fits the thumb's own form). Also, the mouse has a nice texture to it. Almost like rubberized plastic. It feels nice :) In the packaging, they also included replacement TEFLON pads from 3M, which is appreciated. Or maybe they're the actual TEFLON pads, who knows. The mouse is fine so, yeah.

The weight tuning is pretty straight forward. You flip the mouse over, turn the little compartment, and then pop the tray out. I have to say, I'm a heavy mouse guy, but I still thought that having all the weights in was a little too much. On the other hand, removing all the weights made the mouse very, very light. You also get a nice storage tray for the weights you're not using, so that's always a plus. Your macros and everything are saved onto the mouse itself, and you can switch through 5 different profiles, each with its own light color, macro setup, and DPI levels, via a button at the bottom of the mouse. This means you won't be needing software to use the mouse on a new computer unless you want to edit these profiles. The DPI buttons are very accessible to the point where you can switch mid-game. Lighting was pretty straight-forward. You can pick out preset colors or choose your own via a hex color thing. I've seen people have a different color for the scroll wheel than for the rest of the mouse, but I'm not interested in knowing how this works. The lighting isn't a nuisance. You can set to breathing or static, and neither gets annoying(you have your hands covering them the whole time, anyway). The mouse was made to impress, though, hence the cool little lights at the front. They're definitely made to be shown off in LAN parties or anywhere where other people can see your mouse. Otherwise you'd have to stick your face in front of your mouse to see it. They do light up very nicely and there's no crappy lighting.
Installation was fairly easy and fast. They included a little installation disc but I just downloaded the software from their website. It was pretty easy to find. I see people saying the software is clunky, but honestly, it's just like the majority of peripheral software out there minus the over-the-top design schemes. I mean, the software is pretty basic so you can edit your settings faster. You click on the profile you want to edit(the profiles are all at the bottom, numbered), and the settings instantly change to that profile. You have three useful tabs at the top. General, DPI, and Lighting. Both are very straight forward and simple to use. General contains button settings. Macros, quick-fire, right and left clicks, scroll wheel. All of that is edited through there. You can change your scroll speed, polling rate, double-click speed, pointer speed, and acceleration if you're into that. In the DPI section you'll find, surprisingly, the DPI settings. It's very straight forward. It lists each DPI level, from 1-5. You can adjust both the X and Y axis of each DPI level, in case you want to move faster sideways than vertically or the other way around. However, it brings the option to keep X and Y locked so they move parallel to each other. You can set your DPI to a minimum of 50, in case you want to use an entire desk to scroll through half your screen(I just tested this and now idk what my old DPI setting was ffs). Anyway, I attached a screenshot so you can see what this looks like. Now, the lighting section looks pretty straight forward. You can choose the breathing speed(or don't), brightness, and lighting color. Each profile can have a different color.

I forgot to add this up by the mouse section, but I saw people complaining about Avago sensors and Omron switches. The Avago sensor in this thing is perfectly fine, with no acceleration(unless you set it up yourself in the software). It doesn't move on its own and if it does, run your anti-virus because that's not the mouse. I also don't see why people complain about Omron switches. They're used in almost every mouse you'll ever own, and there's nothing wrong with them. They're not loud, but they're not quiet so you still get some feedback. Someone also said that even if they rest their finger on the mouse, they'll accidentally click? I asked someone with very, very big and thick hands to use the mouse and they laid their hands on the mouse to test this, and they didn't click. I also saw in another review that the scroll wheel apparently was too loose? The scroll wheel has some arrow heads and is made out of rubber(with plastic on the sides for the lighting). It's tactile enough to let you know that you scrolled it, and if you want to scroll little by little, the resistance is more than enough to stop you.

Welp, I think that's all. If I don't update this anymore after a while, it means it's still working perfectly fine.

I've owned almost every MMO mouse since the first Razer Naga. Every one has had pros and cons, and the UtechSmart Venus is no different. So far it is probably my favorite MMO mouse; I like it even more than my Razer Naga Chroma.
The textured surface makes the mouse really easy to grip. Some may not like it, but I do.
The thumb keys are situated so they are all very easy to reach and angled to make them easy to actuate without mis-clicking.
Any software changes you make seem to be stored locally on the mouse, rather than in the cloud (unlike Razer and their buggy, bloated Synapse).
The mouse is as sensitive as you want.
Braided cable with gold or gold plated USB connector. The cable is plenty long.
The shape of the mouse fits my medium sized hand really well.

The buttons are not mechanical, so they feel a bit mushy when compared to the Naga Chroma or Roccat Nyth.
There isn't any physical customization of the mouse, so it either fits your hand, or it doesn't.
The scroll wheel is a bit sloppy. It feels like it can click left or right, but it cannot.
Actuating the click function of the scroll wheel can be difficult. I sometimes find myself missing abilities in PvP when I try to use the scroll wheel '3rd button'.

Overall this is a fantastic mouse, especially when you factor in how much less it costs than the competition. In many ways it is my favorite MMO mouse. My only major complaint is the keys not being mechanical. Great job Utech!

Bought both this along with the G600 to compare with, and keep which one I liked best. Compared to the G600, the UtechSmart's side buttons are a little harder to press than the G600's. Might cause some cramping in weaker thumb muscles. Also, the G600's buttons are a little easier to distinguish between each other by touch than the UtechSmart's. The UtechSmart's buttons do have a nice clicky feel to them. The thumb rest on the UtechSmart also makes the bottom row of buttons slightly less accessible than the G600 where no thumb rest exists.

Another slight "con" I have is that the lights are just a bit too bright on the UtechSmart, even on the lowest setting. Which could be a problem for some in darker conditions.

If you want the best of the two and can afford the few extra dollars, the G600 is the clear winner. But, if you're on a budget, the UtechSmart is the best runner-up behind the G600.

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