Comments about SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3+ Dual Optical Sensor - 0.5 Lift-off Distance - Weight System - RGB Lighting

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3+ Dual Optical Sensor - 0.5 Lift-off Distance - Weight System - RGB Lighting

The Rival 600 introduces gamers to the world's most advanced dual sensor system, TrueMove3+. The TrueMove3 optical sensor delivers true 1 to 1 tracking, while a dedicated optical depth sensor achieves gaming's lowest and most accurate lift-off distance detection. The Rival 600 features an exclusive custom center-of-gravity tuning system with 256 weight configurations and a customizable range from 96g to 128g, ensuring the perfect weight and balance for everyone. Low-latency performance is delivered by the powerful 32-bit ARM processor and life-long durability is guaranteed by 60-million click mechanical switches and durable silicone side grips. The Rival 600 was engineered for professional esports athletes and a must-have for competitive gaming.


Sensor System

Sensor System: SteelSeries TrueMove3+ Dual Sensor System

Primary Sensor: TrueMove 3 Optical Gaming Sensor

Secondary Sensor: Depth Sensing Linear Optical Detection

CPI: 100–12000 in 100 CPI Increments

IPS: 350+, on SteelSeries QcK surfaces

Acceleration: 50G

Hardware Acceleration: None (Zero Hardware Acceleration)

Lift Off Distance: Customizable, 0.5–2 mm


Top Material: Black Soft Touch

Core Construction: Fiber-Reinforced Plastic

Shape: Ergonomic, Right-Handed

Grip Style: Universal

Number of Buttons: 7

Switch Type: SteelSeries Switch, rated for 60 million clicks

Illumination: 8 RGB Zones, Independently Controlled

Weight: 96 g/3.3 ounces without cable. Customizable up to 128 g/4.5 ounces

Length: 131 mm/5.2 inches

Width: 62 mm (front), 62 mm (middle), 69 mm (back)/ 2.4 inches (front), 2.4 inches (middle), 2.7 inches (back)

Height: 27 mm (front), 43 mm (back)/ 1.1 inches (front), 1.7 inches (back)

Cable Type: Detachable, Soft Rubber

Cable Length: 2 m/6.5 ft


OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux. USB port required

Software: SteelSeries Engine 3.11.10, for Windows (7 or newer) and Mac OSX (10.8 or newer)

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Rival 600 is the most fantastic mouse I have ever put my oversized hands on. It immediately felt great and it just molded to my hand so well. The sensors felt very snappy. And my aim is 10x more precise than with any corsair and razer mouse I've used. The rgb looks nice. The software wasn't difficult to navigate for me and hasn't seemed bloated or made computer sluggish. It's a near perfect mouse in every way and has immediately made me better at the games I love. The R+L clicks on the front are a separate piece of plastic from the body, meaning your fingers resting will be less likely to accidentally hold the buttons down. (had this problem with corsair glaive and m65.) scroll wheel is easiest scroll wheel click I've felt. The list just goes on. As long as the mouse lasts a long time, it's the best. Time will tell, but right now I'm gushing about it every day. Screaming my love for this mouse from the rooftops.


No braided cable, it's rubber and it sticks. (the cable detaches and you can connect braided micro USB, I've done it.)

Side buttons took a little getting used to over the corsair glaive.

The finish feels slippery but has not proven to be a problem in game.

This is my journey as a CSGO player with 19cm by 10.5cm hands.

I came from using the Logitech G403 for over a year. I liked everything about the G403, especially the feel of the clicks and its light weight. However, over time, I noticed I kept placing my ring finger slightly on the top right edge of the right button. I was most proficient gripping the mouse in a two-finger fingertip-palm hybrid, but after extended gaming sessions, I often would give my hand relief by placing all three of my fingers on top of the mouse, using my middle finger for the scroll wheel and my ring finger for the right button. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the front of the mouse was too wide for me

As much as I liked G403's technical performance, I decided I needed to find a more comfortable mouse. After a lot of research, I decided to try the Rival 310 specifically because of its narrower front dimensions. Overall, I was probably 95% satisfied with the Rival 310. Given its overall comfort and narrower front end, I noticed I did aim better with it than the G403. However, after a couple of weeks of use, I came to three conclusions. First, although I liked the shape, it was difficult dealing with its drastic variation in dimensions depending on just where each finger rested on the mouse; I had to be thoughtful and careful when holding the mouse in order to feel consistent. Second, I felt like its top buttons were a tad too resistant, leading my fingers to feel sore after a normal night of gaming. Third, its idiosyncratic shape, with the hump further back, felt great for claw or palm grip, but didn't feel as good for my fingertip-palm hybrid compared to mice with the hump in the more conventional center area of the mouse.

I hesitated quite a bit with the Rival 600. Its slightly heavier overall weight, RGB ridiculousness, pointless removable cable, needless weight system, and superfluous second sensor for liftoff distance (which Razer and Logitech mice have been able to tune with *gasp* just a single sensor for LITERALLY years, which decades in mouse-years) all turned me off. I probably placed an order and cancelled it 20 times before I finally pulled the trigger.

Well, I am very happy I did. Immediately noticeable is that the plastic and silicone both have a silky, premium feel. The feel of the top clicks greatly exceeded my expectations as well; they feel almost equal to that of the G403. Most importantly, the mouse shape is exactly what I was looking for. While the 600 and the 310 are both Rival mice, the 600 is a new revision of the shape. The hump is more forward compared to the 310, and the mouse buttons rest slightly higher and flatter compared to the 310's extreme downward top slope. This all came together to mean a much more comfortable shape for my grip. It really fits my hand like a glove, and I'm very happy with it. With some tuning, lift off distance is better than the 310 but not better or worse than the G403, which one could also tune. The only relative weakness of the 600 compared to the 310 is that the side buttons are smaller and slightly less user friendly.

Hope this comparison was helpful!


EDIT (3/25/2018): Having tried this out for just under a month, I've decided to exchange it for another mouse. There are three reasons for this:

1. I have large hands, and my most comfortable grip position makes my thumb rest on the non-standard furthest mouse button. Yet, I keep wanting to keep my thumb on the smooth silicone part just behind it even though bending my thumb back like that isn't as comfortable. This discomfort, though minor, is present every day, every time I use the mouse.

2. The silicone material on both sides and on the primary top mouse buttons feels super premium and smooth. However, I think they also trap more heat. My hands get SUPER SWEATY when gaming with this mouse. The silver lining here is that there appears to never be any grime build-up on this mouse. However, this heat issue is a deal breaker for me.

3. The right and left sides of the mouse, due to the silicone, is super smooth, but both sides are tapered upwards, resulting in a slippery, difficult time whenever I try to lift the mouse. I have to pinch it harder than I'd like to, and over a session of gaming, my hands get really tired. This is further is exacerbated by reason 2.

I recently had to fix some stuff on my wife's computer, to which I had hooked up my Deathadder more than a year ago. Griping that mouse again felt sublime and reminded me of my 20s gaming with that mouse and, besides the double-click button issue that plagued the first couple generations of Deathadders, I had always felt that Deathadder shape was super comfortable. This is also when I knew the Rival 600 and I weren't working out as I had hoped.

My gaming mouse journey enters the next chapter. From Deathadder 3G (button issue) -> whole bunch of mice -> G403 -> Rival 310 -> Rival 600 -> Deathadder Elite.

If Steelseries every makes a lighter, more straight forward version of the Rival 600 without the unnecessary third mouse button, removable sides, extra weight system, etc. I'd go to that in a heartbeat.

I purchased the Rival 600 a few days ago, I've had it for a couple of days now and wow. I am using this mouse to play Overwatch, CSGO and Battle Field One -- My in game accuracy has in-fact improved, (from 45% hit average to 52%) is an understatement. The tracking is smooth and accurate and the lift off distance sensor works great for me because I don't have the desk space needed to play so I often have to lift my mouse to reposition.

I specifically bought this mouse because I have been using the Razer Naga for years now for all my gaming needs. Lately, I've been really into OW and playing Widow and McCree often -- in most matches I did fine but when I faced other GOOD Widows I noticed I'd get beat to a shot by mere milliseconds and my ping is fairly low (30ms on average) and play on a 144hz monitor. I was beginning to think my reflexes just weren't good enough.. Then a friend of mine suggested I get a mouse for FPS games -- (like wth is the difference is what I thought) he teased me about using a MOBA mouse for FPS -- long story short I figured I'd give it a shot. I looked at a ton of reviews on gaming mice and the Rival 600 caught my attention, so I bought. It is worth every cent -- it just feels much more accurate. To be fair if you suck at FPS it won't make you good via magic but it can help you improve a bit if you know what you are doing already, that is MY OPINION.

The only issues I've had with the mouse is that the lift off sensor is TOO sensitive. After calibrating the mouse to my pad, I simply set the liftoff sensor to the lowest lift distance possible -- and low behold there are dips and bumps on my pad that I hadn't even noticed before. When the sensor would hit these dips and bumps the mouse would stop responding. At first I thought the mouse was defective and was about to return it but after reading thru a few forum posts on this issue I simply increased the lift off distance a bit and the problem went way.

This is the the third product every I buy from SteelSeries, the first product was a wired USB headset that sounded prettty decent, was cheap and broke within a few weeks. I tossed that and carried on. However, recently I found a review for their Artic PRO + DAC headset -- I was sold by the aluminum design (as my previous headset was plastic and broke really easily). Plus I am a bit of an audiophile, meaning I can appreciate good sound equipment (like I hate hate sound bars) and this headset is one of the first HIFI certified "gaming" headset. So I bought it.. and feel in love with it -- it was a bit pricey but I am enjoying it. And now the Rival 600 is my new favorite mouse for FPS (I still like the NAGA for FFXIV).

SteelSeries is on a roll with me atm with their products, if only they made a competitor to the Razer Tartarus.. I'd buy that in a heart beat -- I recently purchased the Razer Tartarus v2 (I own two others) and it's so buggy and their software sucks -- problem is very few companies make these keypads and most of them are terrible. So SteelSeries make one.. please :P

This is a pretty sweet little mouse. I'm really enjoying using it so far. I almost returned it because of the mouse scroll wheel kind of being a little weird on mine, but it doesnt affect anything and it was just something I noticed. I currently have an Alienware Aw558, Logitech G502 spectrum, Steel Series Rival 500 and an Evga Torx carbon 10. They all have their pros and cons. None of them have as enjoyable side buttons as the Evga. The Rival 600 probably has the worst side buttons, but they are well placed and work well.. they're just a little small and recessed. I think the Rival 600 is the most comfortable to actually use with the soft gel like material on the side. The left and right click aren't as good as the Logitech G502, but still very good. All in all it's an amazing mouse. The RGB looks AMAZING and it's a joy to game with. I'm becoming a big fan of Steel Series.

I've owned a ton of mice over the years, including a number of gaming mice from Razr and Logitech. I've never found wireless mice to be worth the hassle (too much interference), and this mouse fit the bill- great shape, adjustable weights (I like a heavier mouse), tons of configuration options (DPI, polling rate, color scheme), and have been impressed by the "lift-off" sensor, which you can tweak, which accounts for the minute amounts of vertical play that a gaming mouse might see in the heat of virtual battle.

At the end of the day, I forget about the mouse- which is the highest compliment I can give, because a mouse should feel like an extension of your hand, not a clunky, gaudy piece of kit.

I bought this to replace my wired Razer Mamba, which wasn’t a bad mouse but it had a broken side button out of the box and was a lazer mouse. So I decided to go back to optical with the same LED scheme because I like my aesthetics. The mouse comes with 8 4gram weights so you can weigh the mouse how you need, they go into the sides of the mouse which are detachable by magnets. The mouse has a really nice quality feel to it, like durable plastic but with rubbery coating. The buttons on the side feel good to press as well as the clicking it. The LEDs are nice and have different sections you can color through the Steelseries Engine app. It has a very precise censor, as well as a liftoff sensor to reduce shake or stutter of the cursor after lifting it and putting it down. I really love this mouse and everything it has to offer, even the shape (which I recommend for claw grip or palm tbh)

I have the Rival 300 and I must say this is vastly superior. The scroll wheel feels much more solid with a bit more heft to it - instead of feeling like one is going to click the scroll wheel accidentally while scrolling it. The left and right click buttons require just the right amount of force so that I can lift up the mouse in palm grip with my fingers resting firmly on it. Customizeable weights are a nice touch, as well as the detachable cable for easier transport.

My favorite thing about this mouse however, aside from the superior ergonomics, is the overall construction. On my old Rival 300, the rubber pads on the sides will frequently peel off when my hand (and mouse) gets warm. This causes the unstable adhesive to get all over my hand, mouse, and metal mousepad. No bueno. It looks like the silicone pads on the sides of the Rival 600 will not have the same issue!

As another note of comparison to the Rival 300, I am an average sized person with slightly larger than average hands. Most mice are simply too small to fill my large palm. There are a few Logitech mice which are large enough, but they are heavy and not suitable for gaming. As a result, I tend to get a bit of light cramping in my palm when gaming for more than an hour because of the gap between the mouse and my palm. This mouse fills the gap almost perfectly!

I cannot recommend this mouse more highly than five stars, but I would give it six stars if I could!

Coming from a 120+ gram Roccat Nyth (great mouse with modular thumb buttons, and I used it in the wide setup for ring finger support), this is a light, joyful experience in the hand. I am using no additional weights. After watching Rocket Jump Ninja's excellent reviews, I decided this was the proper fit for my hands (over the Logitech g403 and SteelSeries Rival 310). It's easy enough to setup with the software (SteelSeries Engine 3), and the automatic recognition of games/programs works quickly. I have used both Roccat and Logitech software for programming mice, and they're all somewhat opaque at first. I think each need some UI work when it comes to selecting profiles to be edited. They all work well enough.

The first Rival 600 I orderd was an Amazon Warehouse deal for a used mouse. It was like new and seemed to work flawlessly...but it had an issue that others have reported elsewhere online: the firmware would not load. Indeed, the software periodically became unresponsive, and the mouse sometimes failed to swap profiles. Additionally, when waking my PC from sleep or booting up, the mouse would not respond besides lighting up the LEDs (although the two middle strips were flickering noticeably). So after interacting with SteelSeries customer support through their website, they decided I ought to RMA it. In the interest of time, I returned the defective unit to Amazon directly and purchased a new one. It came with up-to-date firmware already installed. Now the software works great in concert.

I really would have been okay with a $10 Walmart mouse, but I am a fan of SteelSeries products, and I heard great things about this mouse. Now that I've been using it for a few weeks, I am extremely impressed. It's extremely precise, and it can be made incredibly sensitive, and it's still deadly accurate at high sensitivity. In addition, the liftoff sensor is incredibly cool. If you lift just the front or the back of the mouse maybe a quarter of an inch, the mouse will completely cease all movement on screen. This would be great for not backtracking when you lift the mouse. Overall, it's an impressive mouse. Oh, and RGB is always cool.

I replaced my razor death-adder moue which was 4 years old. the buttons were slowing down so I decided to try a steel series mouse. I'm so glad I did, I love everything about the Rival 600 mouse. I used it without the enclosed weights the first time and it felt great then put all the weights in and I like the feel even better. I'm still trying other aspects of the Rval 600. I would recommend this mouse to everyone.

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