Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Up to 2500 DPI

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Up to 2500 DPI
Up to 250 hours of battery life
Power-saving, high-accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology. Try tracking on a different surface
Lag-free gaming-grade wireless, Performance and Endurance modes maximize battery life
Long-life buttons rated to 20 million clicks, 11 programmable buttons
For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher. For more details go through the "System Requirements" mentioned below

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Comments / reviews:
This is a great mouse for at this price point. It's pretty comfortable in the hand and has a good number of programmable buttons.

Now for the downside... As soon as you try to install this on a windows 8 (or higher) machine, windows will install it's own generic driver. This renders all of the extra modes and programmable buttons useless. I searched for hours for a solution. I tried different versions of the Logitech software. I read some people were doing fresh installs of windows, just to get the mouse to function, spending hours trying to find registry errors, etc... Don't bother with any of it. It's not going to work. Read on for instructions that work.

Go to the control panel>Device manager>[find your mouse]>right click>properties>update driver. When the dialog box pops up, choose "Browse My Computer For Driver Software." Then, click browse and navigate to to where the "Logitech Gamming Software" is located. In the case of a standard install, it will be located in C:Program FilesLogitech Gaming Software. Finally, click next. Done! It should now be listed as Logitech Gaming Receiver in the device manager. Open the Logitech Gaming Software. You should now be able to use all of the functions of the mouse.

I've owned this mouse for over three years and have never been gentle with it. It's gone overseas stuffed in a backpack, been used as a makeshift pillow (on those late night gaming sessions where the body quits before the will...), been stepped on, dropped, left in the sun, left in the cold, and has even had an accidental steam spa session in a hotel bathroom. Now it spends its days shoved in a backpack to and from my university.

Like I said, it's never been treated gently. And yet, it's going strong. It's as responsive as the day I got it (there is zero input lag and anybody who tells you differently needs to review the he response rate of the human nervous system, which is slower than this mouse), the lettering hasn't worn off at all, and everything is in perfect working order. This mouse was a good purchase.

Ergonomics: This mouse is comfortable and really holds your hand well. My girlfriend often attempts to The side buttons are easily distinguished from one another and are comfortable to use.

Adjustable DPI: The adjustable DPI buttons are often useful for gaming. As an example, when playing Overwatch I'll set my DPI rather high when using Junkrat but drop it nice and low for Widowmaker. Or, while playing the Witcher 3, I'll adjust my DPI on the fly if I'm fighting, going through conversation options, or navigating my inventory.

Battery Life: I change the batteries on this little guy a few times a year. I can't even tell you how long they last because it's too long to track; it's just not something I ever think about. Logitech bundles the mouse with optional software that will tell you when your battery life is low, as well. It's worth noting here that I [mostly] turn the mouse off when not in use. The mouse is equipped with an energy saving mode that I never use unless my battery begins to die.

Sensor: This mouse can be used on MOST surfaces, with very few exceptions. First, the surface must be flat. Dips or bumps will affect tracking. Second, it can't be wet. Moisture can affect the senor. Besides that, I've yet to find a surface the mouse struggles with. I've even used it on fabric furniture arms for gaming, which wasn't ideal due to drag... but the mouse tracked perfectly nonetheless. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has--if you've had issues, leave me a comment. I'm curious.

Performance: The mouse has a listed response rate of 2ms. Despite the assertions of many hardcore gamers, they cannot detect lag from a device like this; a wireless mouse is absolutely adequate for gaming. The average human brain has a response ceiling at around 12ms, so claiming one can detect input lag on a 2ms mouse is ludicrous.

CONCLUSION: If you want a SOLID gaming mouse that is comfortable, durable, and versatile, that combines outstanding battery life and game-ready performance, I recommend you consider this device. It has never let me down despite the abuse I've leveled against it and I continue to use it to this day. I've had several friends buy them after playing a bit on mine, even when the price ranged between $50-$70. Now at only $40 it's a no-brainer.

Off the bat, let me just say this is one of the best wireless mice out there with a few minor drawbacks, but if you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse for less than $50 dollars, this is a no brainer.
First, this mouse is wireless and requires AA batteries to operate. HOWEVER, you DO NOT have to use TWO AA Batteries, you can use a SINGLE AA battery. When playing FPS, a single AA is better suited and cut the weight down by about 25 gram from 130 or so to 107 grams, much better for fast action. When playing other games like RTS or MMOA, I think two AA is okay, but you should judge for yourself. 107 grams is pretty much inline with some of the other wired gaming mouse other including the cord weight.
The Logitech Gaming Software is pretty awesome and you can actually customize all the buttons, you can read up on that. I will just give me some quick pro and cons from a user perspective after using it for about six months playing Overwatch:
Wireless, skip the cord and the bungee holder (I can't go back to wired mice any more)
Customizable buttons make melee, reload, and using abilities easy and quick
Decent tactile feedback on the LMB and RMB, not mechanical but good enough.
Shape is pretty comfortable.

Weight quite a bit for FPS with both batteries
Mouse is a bit on the larger side and make not be comfortable for some
Middle click seems to be a common problem, mine seem to have that issue now.
Polling is at 500Hz instead of 1000Hz like some other top end wireless mouse out there.

Conclusion, if you want a wireless mouse and don't want to spend top dollars for the Logitech G403, G900, or G903, I think this will suit your needs.

I am updating this review and eating crow. After browsing for a replacement that could do all the things that I use this mouse for on a daily basis, I simply couldn't find one. I ordered what is my second G602 and am so happy I did.

I work 40-60 hour weeks as a game developer, so my mouse (regardless of the model) gets a ton of use. When the left mouse button on my old G602 started to fail, I was getting ghost clicks and finding it incredibly difficult to keep the left mouse button down. Since my replacement arrived I a bit surprised at the difference vs. the old one. Somewhere along the line I had forgotten what this gem was like when I first ordered it.

I love the weight. I love the programmable buttons on the side, which allow me to play/pause/build games with a quick flick of the thumb. Apparently the bottom of the old one had seen better days as well, as the new one glides along my mouse pad effortlessly.

This mouse pairs perfectly with my G710+ keyboard, and apologies to Logitech (a company whose products I have used for as long as I can remember) for leaving a 3-star review previously. Did the mouse last as long as I'd hoped; not really. But for the price, I got my money's worth and then some... and then some, and then some. To the point I am tempted to stock-pile some of these for the future.

Save yourself some embarrassment when you first change batteries. First, take careful note that both AA's go in the same way. I did notice that because I'm used to 2-battery devices requiring the + and - being opposed (between the two); these have both + and one end and both - at the other. Second - and this is the one I did not know - when you replace the batteries and turn on the mouse using the switch on the bottom, do not expect the laser to light up and, when you see it NOT light up, conclude that the mouse is broken. Yes, I did contact Logitech. Yes, they were polite. Yes, I did feel like a twit. So I'm posting this here to save you possible embarrassment. The mouse is GREAT. My son thinks the side buttons are too close to one another (he uses a Celotes C-12), but I like the buttons close. If you do as well, you'll love the buttons and the mouse. All the buttons work fine, reprogramming is easy, and the mouse shape, size and feel are just right for me. Logitech's Customer Service contacted me promptly. Can't ask for better.

Purposely waited for over a month to see if I could find any fault to the mouse. I really tried, but I couldn't. I am a bit biased towards functionality over aesthetics, but this looks refined and solid on the work desk. Initially I was worried about the weight and size, but the sensor and its responsiveness is spot on. I didn't realize competitive gaming was really possible on a wireless mouse until I started using the G602.

Friends say it is pretty much the best mouse out there.. but for the price, there is nothing that can beat this one. Sure, G900 should be better in terms of specs, but this mouse really has everything you need. Save the 100 dollars and use it on something other than the maybe 5-10% improvement in your gaming mouse experience.

Its a hit or miss. Beware the middle click is faulty. I am not the only one who encounter such issue. After 2 months of usage, the middle click suddenly became less responsive. I will need to apply a lot more force in order to click it.

Aside from that, the battery life is as good as they have mentioned it. Lasted almost 1 month from daily usage. Side buttons work perfectly too. Another problem I have with this mouse was the wireless feature, some time it gets cut off when my computer or phone is detecting some other wireless device nearby.

[3 June 2017]Edit: After using it for 1.5 years. Its still alive!! What about the middle click problem? I had to struggle with it during the first 1-2 months, after the button been "seasoned" it works fine (even though you do need a little more pressure in pressing). Aside from that there seems to be some wireless connection inconsistency. Some times the mouse feels laggy, maybe its due to my internet router sits right in front of it... But that aside, I don't game much with in PC, mainly use it for daily usage and for adobe softwares so this mouse does what it needs to do almost perfectly.

I've had this mouse for about 9 months now and I have to say it's awesome. It's grippy, the buttons are easy to reach and the batteries last a long time.

I also have the G700s mouse, which I like. But the G700s' batteries only last a few hours; this one lasts for months. The first Duracell batteries I used lasted about 6 months with the "green" setting (saves battery). I am using rechargeable batteries now and I'm going on 3 months without a charge so far. With the G700s I have to have spare rechargeable batteries and constantly charging and swapping batteries or just run it connected to USB to avoid draining the batteries. I'm not sure why the G700s only has one battery (I suppose due to weight), being as power-hungry as it is. This G602 has two AA batteries.

This mouse also has two more side buttons than the G700s, so it's more convenient for gaming. I find the buttons are easy to reach and I don't constantly click the wrong buttons as I did with the 12-button G600 mouse I tried.

I do miss the super-fast scroll wheel on the G700s, but this mouse is definitely more convenient. I use it with my laptop and I'm always on the go, so it would be difficult to keep charging batteries throughout the day.

As a programmer, I don't skimp on my tools. I've had less expensive mice, but typicaly more expensive ones. Last month my Logitech M705 which I liked crapped out after a couple years of hard use. I tried buying several new ones including both wired and wireless because although I prefer wireless freedom, I like programmable macro buttons not often found on wireless mice and most gaming mice are wired to sport a bunch of led bling which I don't really care about. After a ton of research and comparing many wireless devices from YouTube and manufacturer specs, this wasn't the first one I bought but was the best! Inexpensive for all that it offers, excellent ergonomics for my big hands, hyper-scroll, good weight, grip and thumb rest. I'm very happy with this purchase and it's worth every penny! The only reason for 4 out of 5 stars is I wish it had at least 4,000 DPI but the 2400 is still nice. I just like to work quickly and would like to see Logitech offer this model with a 4,000 DPI.

I love having this mouse. I do moderate gaming (casual FPS, lots of Minecraft) and A LOT of photo editing. It's nice on a 4k monitor to change sensitivity quickly. All buttons are easy to press without any wiggle. Battery life is amazing, I stick in rechargeable and they last for months.

The Thumb buttons stick out, which makes hitting multiple buttons by mistake rare. It's also easy to use the side of your thumb. I like to put things that would normally be done just with the mouse. I think they're a little too low. I occasionally will grip the mouse too hard and accidentally hit a bottom button.

For games:
* I highly recommend creating some custom profiles and macros for the additional buttons.
* Switch to another weapon (rocket launcher, claymore, etc.); Use it; Immediately switch back to what you were using.
* Mining and come across some lava? Have a macro to switch to your water bucket, place the water on an adjacent block (which will turn the lava to obsidian), pick the water back up (so fast it doesn't flow everywhere), and then switch back to your pick. It's my lava-killing button.
* Switch to bow, use mouse down action with a delay for maximum draw before releasing.

For Lightroom or Photoshop:
* Clicking through presets and you want see them on the main image, not just preview. After you've checked out the first preset; Undo (so the presets don't stack), Click, Enter (you should have you mouse over the next preset to try)
* One of the thumbkeys to ctrl, another for alt. Easy one handed switching to alternate modes on brushes and sliders.
* Toggle color. This allows me to keep my left hand next to other commonly used keys, like changing brush size and hardness ( '[' and ']' )

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